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Tarot Therapy with the Moon

The Moon is a tarot card that speaks of our connection to the Subconscious. It reminds us to work our beliefs, programs, and patterns, and to investigate our own minds. When we get healthy in our minds, our creativity and imagination have room to grow in our lives, thus we have more magic in our lives.

tarot therapy

This tarot spread is designed to give the Seeker a key to unlock what is stopping them from moving forward in the best way. In card position 1, the limiting belief is identified. Read the card in a way that it will limit you. If you get a very positive card here it is still limiting you if it falls in position 1. For example, let say you get Ten of cups in position 1. It is a positive card, but on a flip side, this card denotes the Seeker is working hard to make everything perfect all the time, and this can be exhausting. This spread will teach you to read programs and beliefs seen in the cards. When you identify a limiting belief you can change it. In card position 2, it is revealed how well your boundaries hold up. Resentment issues and old grudges, as well as old anger, show up here. The mask you show the world will also show up here. In this position, you will see the effect the belief seen in position 1 has had on your life. In position 3, it is revealed how the belief is serving  you. Our limiting beliefs and toxic emotions are kept to keep us safe. How your mind is keeping you safe is shown here. When you see how a limiting belief/program/pattern is serving you, you can find a way to keep how it is serving you, and let go of the limiting belief. For example, you can stay safe without holding on to resentment. In position 4, it is revealed the best way forward.  Read this card position in the most positive way possible. Now you will be practicing reading the cards in a positive way, even if the card here is negative. Let’s say you get Five of swords here. The way forward would be to stand up for yourself and to not let anyone walk all over you. Negative cards as a way forward often show up when the Seeker has been too nice and too timid, thus letting people and situations taking advantage of them.

To get more information, and to get clarification, you can double up each card position with another card. You can also do Celtic Cross spread per card position to get as much information as possible. 

Positive Affirmation

Find positive Affirmations to re-program your mind away from negativity towards positivity. It is recommended to do Affirmations for 15 minutes a day.