Tarot Wisdom in Queen of Swords and Knight of Wands

Tarot Wisdom in Queen of Swords and Knight of Wands

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Tarot wisdom in Queen of swords and Knight of wands

Tonight I practiced some tarot intuition using my Runes to get more wisdom out of some of the mysterious court cards.

queen of swords tarot card meaningsThe first card I chose was Queen of Swords. The wisdom she shared today is that when she shows up in your reading, it could be to tell you that there has been some injustice in your life, however, you have taken all that has happened to you, and polished yourself and made something out of yourself. There is still some fears around personal relationships as you don’t want to get wounded, disappointed or let down again. You have seen what people are capable of, and there could be an underlying fear of getting attacked again. There could also be a fear around the unexpected and unpredictable energy, which can lead to some issues around control. Often the Queen of swords represents situations we feel have already been pre-determined and we are merely doing the best we can, but we feel we cannot manifest too much of our own desires. The lesson in the Queen of swords is to begin letting go of what you think you need and begin to think about what you actually want. The next step then is to manifest and create your life from the heart. This is the wisdom and lesson in the Queen of swords. The trick to master manifestations in the Queen of swords energy is to plan and visualise, then back to planning again. Planning, researching, visualisation are the magical elements when the Queen of swords shows up, because she is super intelligent, and at times obsessed with Success. One of the most wonderful things for the Queen of swords is freedom, and she loves to take time off her busy schedule to explore the world around her, but her obsession with winning and achieving often stops her from doing the things she loves. She needs balance between work and fun and she needs to stop being so self-conscious. She often carries the world on her shoulders, especially all of the world’s problem. Queen of swords could learn a lot from Queen of cups.

knight of wandsThe next card I picked is Knight of wands. The wisdom he shared with me today is that when he shows up in your reading, you could have experienced a spontaneous awakening that you probably were not ready for. Some might be overwhelmed when they realised something important which was up until now of no concern. There might be an increase in empathy and sensitivity which collides with the usual fiery Knight of wands. Knight of wands can also denote a situation which starts out very benign but ends in conflict and personality clashes. It can be hard to handle all the fire that wants to continue to expand. The Seeker might suddenly feel they have completely outgrown a place, a situation, a career, even a relationship. Perhaps they feel they belong somewhere entirely different from where they currently live and they want to move away as far as possible. There is a sudden urgency when Knight of wands is showing up and the Seeker often also feels extra sensitive, and they could even become outright nasty while they are dealing with their overwhelming emotions. There is often a strong connection to a deeper life purpose when Knight of wands is showing up and they could feel they are running out of time. Past wounds and hurts often also begin to play itself on repeat which makes the Knight of wands person even more restless. They want to succeed on the material plane and they must be careful not to cut corners to reach their goals. They need to both avoid the liar and be careful not to become the liar. There are many temptations at the moment. When the Knight of wands shows up in your life, you are ready for the next phase in your life. You are ready for success and you are ready to put your roots down once you found the magical place of your dreams. The key to success is to remind yourself to keep your communications at a respectable level as you could easily end up in regrettable arguments and confrontations. Knight of wands could learn a lot from King of Pentacles.

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