Thanksgiving Tarot Spread

Thanksgiving/Gratitude Tarot Spread

Shuffle the cards and ask the cards about your Gratitude. When you are ready, cut the deck and lay out the cards using the Thanksgiving/Gratitude spread.

Card 1. How grateful do I feel?

Card 2. In what area of my life do I need more Gratitude?

Card 3. How will Gratitude best serve my life?

Card 4. What will I be grateful for in the near Future?

Card 5. Which of my wishes will soon be granted?

Card 6. What will I be grateful for in the distant Future?

Card 7. What will I wish for in my distant Future?

Card 8. How can I best make my deepest wish come true?

The Wish-Coming true tarot spread

This spread is Inspired by Thanksgiving, however, it is a gratitude spread that also looks at how to create more things, situations, and events in your life to be Grateful for.

An alternative to the Thanksgiving/Gratitude spread is the Wish-Coming true spread.

Card 1. What do I wish for?

Card 2. Why do I want it?

Card 3. How can I make it a reality?

Card 4. What do I need to change in my life to have more of what I want?

Card 5. What do I need to change in my lief to have less of what I don’t want?

Card 6. Conclusion.

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