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The Big Astrology Spread ~ Who am I

astrology tarot spreadThis tarot spread is a bit like the Zodiac Spread, just more Grand! Shuffle and cut the deck as normal (no right or wrong way, do it the way you feel is right for you), and lay one card per card position. If you want to lay the cards out the 2nd round, I suggest you prepare a separate deck. This way, the cards have a better chance of helping you.

Card 1. Sun position ~ Your Personality.

Card 2. Moon position ~ Your Emotions at this time.

Card 3. Rising Sign position ~ Your looks.

Card 4. Mercury position ~ Your thoughts.

Card 5. Venus position ~Your Love life.

Card 6. Mars position ~ Your current status in life.

Card 7. Jupiter position ~ Your luck.

Card 8. Saturn position ~ Your responsibilities.

Card 9. Uranus position ~ Your Uniqueness (how are you different from the rest).

Card 10. Neptune position ~ Your imagination (also reveals creative talents).

Card 11. Pluto position ~ How you are changing.

Card 12. Chiron position ~ Your wounds.

Card 13. Ceres position ~ Your self-love.

Card 14. Pallas position ~ Your relationships.

Card 15. Juno position ~ Your influence.

Card 16. Vesta position ~ Your potential.

Card 17. North Node position ~ Your life direction.

Card 18. South Node position ~  Your past life.

Card 19. Midheaven position ~ Your career.

Card 20. Lillith position ~ Your secrets and hidden emotions.

How to read using the Big Astrology spread?

It can be a good idea to connect some of these card positions together to get the fuller picture, for example, Moon position can be connected to Neptune position as well as Venus position and Pallas position. Mercury position can be read together with Mars position and North Node Position. You can also read the Vesta position and your Midheaven situation. Uranus position can be read together with Pluto position. Chiron position can be read with both Ceres and Lillith position.

Take your time when doing this spread and write down the cards you get. Later on, you can redo this spread and see how you are evolving :).