The Fool Tarot Spread

fool tarot card meaning
1. Beginnings

The Fool’s New Beginning Tarot Spread

The Fool tarot spread is a great spread to use when you want to supercharge your life in a new direction.

Learn the general meaning of the Fool tarot card here. 

Shuffle and cut the deck. 

Card 1. What direction is my life taking.

Card 2. How can I best improve my life.

Card 3. What brings me joy that I am aware of.

Card 4. What would bring me joy that I am currently unaware of. (In this position, new interests and activities will show up).

Card 5. What is outdated in my life.

Card 6. What should I spend less time doing (you can read positions 5 and 6 together).

Card 7. What should I spend more time doing.

Card 9. My most likely future.


  1. I am so happy you posted this!! I spent all night pulling the fool and saw the email, followed… I got exiting stuff!

    I pulled the fool out to sort of focus on it, then I got:

    1. The Empress
    2. 9 of Swords
    3. 7 of Cups
    4. 3 of Wands
    5. 7 of Swords
    6. Page of Wands
    7. 9 of Cups
    8. The Magician

    !! -T

  2. Hi, Tawny. You actually get what I call an arrow of communication in your cards, and since the Magician is the final card, it could mean you have a real talent in sales, writing, and business, and this I believe, will bring you a lot of joy 🙂

  3. Chariot is a seven in numerology, which gives your reading the energy of triple 7. Triple 7s show up when there is strong spiritual love available to us in our lives that motivates us to aim high at everything we do 🙂


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