The Hierophant

The Hierophant tarot card combinations

The traditional meanings of Hierophant are faith, traditions, rituals, and ceremony. While the Emperor speaks about the structure holding our society together; the Hierophant speaks of our spirituality keeping us ethically and morally together.

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The Hierophant in the Grand Tableau

Hierophant in Fool position: Baptism, renewal of faith, a new religion or community with shared beliefs. Students.

Hierophant in Magician position: A preacher, selling a spiritual belief, a celebrant.

Hierophant in High Priestess position: A female priest, a nun.

Hierophant in Empress position: An abundant and happy tradition.

Hierophant in Emperor position: A powerful church. A very powerful and stable organisation.

Hierophant in Hierophant position: Schools and institutions, churches within a church, sub-religions.

Hierophant in Lovers position: Getting married, a married couple.

Hierophant in Chariot position: Missionaries, expansion of religion/tradition.

Hierophant in Strength: A charity, a courageous and passionate organisation.

Hierophant in Hermit: A spiritual teacher. Guru.

Hierophant in Wheel of Fortune: Rescued by faith. Reborn.

Hierophant in Justice: Ethical legal system. Youth workers, social workers, parole officer.

Hierophant in Hanged Man: Traditional psychology.

Hierophant in Death: Funeral directors, A funeral, transformation of tradition. Taxes.

Hierophant in Temperance: Anthropology.

Hierophant in Devil: Traditions corrupted.

Hierophant in Tower: Traditions and organisations falling apart due to lies and corruption.

Hierophant in Star: A star spiritual leader, a motivational teacher.

Hierophant in Moon: Psychiatric institution. Hiding in an organisation.

Hierophant in Sun: Successful organisation working with people.

Hierophant in Judgement: Bringing salvation, a political organisation.

Hierophant in World: Worldwide organisation.

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