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The Lovers Tarot card and declaring your love

Do it now: Declare your love!

lovers tarot card meanings

6. Lovers: Love

Valentine’s day is here and no other card describes this day better than the Lovers tarot card. The Lovers tarot card speaks of love that makes us whole and complete. The whole universe comes out of the union of bliss and love, and therefore it is important that we have love in our lives as well. Even the cosmos is in love, from atoms to galaxies. When you connect with your Twin flame, your inner and outer being will be filled, and you take your perfect place in the Universe.

Make this Valentine’s day count — Tell the person you love how you feel! Shower your spouse with love and affection, spoil your partner on this special day, and if you are secretly in love with someone, this is the day when you should let them know how you truly feel.

If you are harbouring love for someone, and they don’t know about it, be more than a secret admirer — shout it out! Let them know how you feel because you never know, they might feel the same way about you!

Put the Lovers card in a bouquet of flowers or in a box of chocolates. Write them a poem. Sing them a song! Rap them a rap! Follow your heart this Valentine’s day!

If this blog has inspired you and your declaration of love has led to romance in your life, please comment below! :)

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