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The Lovers tarot card

The traditional meaning of the Lovers tarot card is love, devotion and doing what makes us whole.

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The Lovers in the Grand Tableau

Lovers in Fool position: New love. First love. Falling in love for the first time.

Lovers in Magician position: Your perfect match, an ideal partner.

Lovers in High Priestess position: A mistress, an emotional love affair, being secretly in love.

Lovers in Empress position: Pregnant couple, abundant love.

Lovers in Emperor position: A power couple, a strong relationship.

Lovers in Hierophant position: A married couple. Getting married.

Lovers in Lovers position: Having many choices in love.

Lovers in Chariot position: Love conquers all. Victory in love.

Lovers in Strength: Passionate love.

Lovers in Hermit: Love letter, learning about love, relationship counselling.

Lovers in Wheel of Fortune: Destined to meet, love at first sight.

Lovers in Justice: Fairness in love, boundaries within the relationship.

Lovers in Hanged Man: Falling out of love, being complaisant in a relationship.

Lovers in Death: Old love, growing old together, an ending in love.

Lovers in Temperance: Opposites attract. Two opposites complementing each other.

Lovers in Devil: Love turns into obsession, sexual attraction. Dangerous love.

Lovers in Tower: Arguments and conflicts in love.

Lovers in Star: New beginnings in a relationship. Optimistic love.

Lovers in Moon: Romance. Love of animals. Creative love.

Lovers in Sun: Successful love. A very sociable love relationship.

Lovers in Judgement: Stepping up to love. Responsible love. Renewal of vowels.

Lovers in World: World wide romance.