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The Star Tarot Spread

Find out how to make your dreams come true.

The Star tarot card is all about hope and making your dreams come true. Make your dreams your goals and never stop dreaming of good things to come. If you have experienced ill-health, it is even more important to make plans for the future.

This tarot spread will tell you if you are on the right path to make your dreams come true.

Shuffle and cut the deck. Lay out the cards in an eight-pointed star. Keep laying the cards out until the Star tarot card shows up in a card position. Read all the cards in the card position together.

Card 1.  Chariot Position. If the star falls here it means you will reach your goals after some twists and turns, starting and stopping. You learn from all the unexpected turn of events and grow quickly into your successful role. Nothing can stop you.

Card 2. Fool Position. If the Star Falls here, it can mean you could face some problems with authoritative. Your lesson could be to take advice from someone and to look before you leap. You are most likely a very spontaneous person who acts on your impulses. You will need to re-evaluate a situation and create a structured plan. On the positive, you are full of hope and enthusiasm and combine that with structure, and you have the recipe for success.

Card 3. Temperance Position. If the Star falls here, your lesson is to work in a team for desired success. You will combine several elements of your life to reach your goal. You are leading the way for people who lack the confidence for themselves. They could be leaning on you as you guide them.

Card 4. Four of Cups Position. If the Star falls here, you must work on your motivation. You could be over-worrying and care too much what others think. Someone could have said hurtful things to you to stop you in your track. A wise person will enter your life and give you much needed support. Be around supportive people and ignore the bullies and the haters.

Card 5. King of Swords Position. If the Star falls here, you are the expert and you can handle whatever is thrown your way. You could be making some changes to your plans that will make reaching your goals a lot easier. Don’t drop your standards and work with people who share your vision for the future.

Card 6. Five of Swords Position. If the Star falls here, you will have to learn to fight back. Don’t be knocked down so easily. You could have a lot to defend and the vultures could be circulating. Strong boundaries are needed and trust no one at this stage.

Card 7. Queen of Cups Position. If the Star falls here, your heart will guide you to your goal and it can be wise to keep your plans to yourself at this stage. Your family is the most important thing and you will make a good decision that benefits yourself and your family.

Card 8. Two of Pentacles Position. If the Star falls here, you could be feeling overwhelmed by the demands of life at this stage. Focus on what you want and don’t procrastinate so much. Don’t let your emotions rule your decisions so much, and make decisions that will benefit your security. You can become very abundant, especially when you begin to heal your emotions.