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The Ultimate Soulmate Tarot Spread ~ Who is your Highest and Best, Divine Soulmate

This spread is used in the Popular ‘Linking Soulmates’ Course as it acts as a Call Out to your Soulmate and looks at every aspect of your soulmate Journey. In the Soulmate Course, you also learn to remove any blocks you might have in your soulmate journey, using a separate spread called the ‘What is blocking me’ Spread. When I guide my students of the Soulmate course, I look at their cards in the blocking me spread with the cards they get in the Ultimate soulmate spread. The Students learn to remove their blocks using Command prayers and Meditation. Below this spread, is the Command prayer to attract in your Divine Soulmate.

Card 1: Situation.
Card 2 : How can I best attract a soulmate.
Card 3: What the seeker really desires (what they want in a relationship).
Card 4: What is blocking me and how do I overcome it.
Card 5: Family and friend connection with Soulmate. Look for court cards. Major Arcana cards denote you will meet through destiny rather than through other people.
Card 6: How will we meet.
Card 7: How will I recognise my soulmate.
Card 8: Where is my Soulmate.
Card 9: When will we meet.
Card 10: Who is my Soulmate, this is the most revealing card.
Card 11: Destiny of relationship. If you get a negative card here you can change your destiny by changing beliefs and thoughts about yourself and about your relationship.

Command prayer to meet your highest and best, most compatible, divine soulmate.

Repeat this command prayer at least 3 times. This is for your subconscious to accept that you have made this command prayer and it will then accept the manifestations as real which is very important when Manifesting.

It is my intent and my command to meet and connect with my highest and best, most compatible, divine soul mate, and in a way that promotes a lifelong commitment filled with joy and happiness, now, forever, and always, in the highest and best way, thank you, it is done, it is done, it is done.