Three of cups

three of cups tarot card meanings

Three of Cups tarot card

The traditional meaning of Three of cups tarot card is celebration. Three of cups can denote an engagement, a wedding or a reunion.

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Three of Cups in the grand tableau

Three of cups in Ace of cups: A happy reunion.

Three of cups in Two of cups:A wedding, engagement. Deepening in commitment.

Three of cups in Three of cups: Many weddings, many celebrations.

Three of cups in Four of cups: Contemplating marriage.

Three of cups in Five of cups: Moving on from sadness. Escaping.

Three of cups in Six of cups: Spending time with past friends and loved ones. Pleasure.

Three of cups in Seven of cups: Online invitations.

Three of cups in Eight of cups: Spiritual gatherings. Meaningful experiences.

Three of cups in Nine of cups: Satisfying love.

Three of cups in Ten of cups: Happily in love.

Three of cups in Page of cups: A new relationship.

Three of cups in Knight of cups: Romeo. A wedding singer. A performer.

Three of cups in Queen of cups: Psychic circles. A celebrant.

Three of cups in King of cups: A bouncer. An alternative lifestyle.


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