Toxic Person Spread

Toxic Person Spread

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Toxic Person Tarot Spread

Some people are just mean and toxic. This spread investigates why they are mean and why it affects you so badly. This person could be a relative, colleague, spouse, a friend, or an acquaintance.

Understanding why someone is the way they are, often makes us impervious to their behaviour, or at least thicker skinned.

Card 1 + 2: Why is this person toxic?

Card 3 + 4: Why is it affecting me so badly?

Card 5 + 6: How do I break free from this person (if you don’t want to break free from the person, you can change the question to ‘ how do I break free from the behaviour of the person’?

Card 7 + 8: What is my spiritual lesson in this situation (or what is this person teaching me through their behaviour)?

Card 9+10: What is the other person’s spiritual lesson?

Card 11 + 12: Most likely relationship/situation outcome with this person.

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