Twin Flame Tarot Spread

Twin Flame Tarot spread.

Twin flame love spread

Twin flame signifies Two people with One heart and One mind. The tarot will tell you when your Twin flame is near.

Tarot Spread for Manifesting your Twin Flame.

Think of your Twin flame, shuffle and cut the deck. Lay out the cards in an 8 card spread. The number 8 represents your eternal connection with your Twin flame. It represents the complete harmonization of two souls becoming one, the non-dual, dual. 

Twin Flame Love Spread

Card 1. Am I Spiritually ready to be with my Twin flame.

Card 2. Is my Twin flame Spiritually ready to be with me.

Card 3. What Spiritually do I need to do to attract my Twin flame.

Card 4. What do I need to know about my Twin flame.

Card 5. Who is my Twin flame.

Card 6. Where in the world is my Twin flame.

Card 7. Will we meet soon.

Card 8. Destiny of the relationship.

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