Two of cups

two of cups tarot card meanings
Falling in love

Two of Cups tarot card

The traditional meaning of Two of cups tarot card is falling in love. Two of cups can denote a deep connection between two people.

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Two of Cups in the grand tableau

Two of cups in Ace of cups: Falling in love. Moving forward in a relationship.

Two of cups in Two of cups: Deep love. Dating.

Two of cups in Three of cups: A wedding. Engagement.

Two of cups in Four of cups: Prioritizing your relationship. Opening up to someone special.

Two of cups in Five of cups: Turning a page in a relationship. Sadness turning to happiness.

Two of cups in Six of cups: Meeting an old flame. Past love resurfacing.

Two of cups in Seven of cups: Daydreaming about love. Online dating.

Two of cups in Eight of cups: Finding love while on a spiritual journey.

Two of cups in Nine of cups: Satisfying love.

Two of cups in Ten of cups: Happily in love.

Two of cups in Page of cups: A new relationship.

Two of cups in Knight of cups: Romeo. An entertaining relationship.

Two of cups in Queen of cups: Psychic connection in a relationship.

Two of cups in King of cups: An emotional strong relationship.