Two of cups

Two of Cups tarot card

The traditional meaning of Two of cups tarot card is falling in love. Two of cups can denote a deep connection between two people.

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Two of Cups in the grand tableau

Two of cups in Ace of cups: Falling in love. Moving forward in a relationship.

Two of cups in Two of cups: Deep love. Dating.

Two of cups in Three of cups: A wedding. Engagement.

Two of cups in Four of cups: Prioritizing your relationship. Opening up to someone special.

Two of cups in Five of cups: Turning a page in a relationship. Sadness turning to happiness.

Two of cups in Six of cups: Meeting an old flame. Past love resurfacing.

Two of cups in Seven of cups: Daydreaming about love. Online dating.

Two of cups in Eight of cups: Finding love while on a spiritual journey.

Two of cups in Nine of cups: Satisfying love.

Two of cups in Ten of cups: Happily in love.

Two of cups in Page of cups: A new relationship.

Two of cups in Knight of cups: Romeo. An entertaining relationship.

Two of cups in Queen of cups: Psychic connection in a relationship.

Two of cups in King of cups: An emotional strong relationship.

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