Two of Wands

Two of Wands tarot card combinations

The traditional meaning of  Two of wands tarot card is a manifestation of something very important to the seeker. Two of wands represents being clear about what you want. The seeker has the world in their hands and is strategically moving forward.

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Two of wands in the grand tableau

Two of wands in Ace of wands: Acting on your inspirations.

Two of wands in Two of wands: Butting heads. Being headstrong.

Two of wands in Three of wands: Learning a new language. Literary ambitions. Signing a contract.

Two of wands in Four of wands: Event planning. Networking.

Two of wands in Five of wands: Team building.

Two of wands in Six of wands: Making a successful decision.

Two of wands in Seven of wands: A philosopher. Defending your plans.

Two of wands in Eight of wands: Tourism.

Two of wands in Nine of wands: Protecting your investments.

Two of wands in Ten of wands: Working smarter not harder.

Two of wands in Page of wands: New enthusiasm. Youthful energy. Activism.

Two of wands in Knight of wands: Manifesting a new place to live. A new job offer.

Two of wands in Queen of wands: Intellectual pursuits. Business.

Two of wands in King of wands: A negotiator. Negotiating. The intellectual world.

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