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Valentines tarot spread

Valentine is about secret admirers and sweethearts. It is a time to treasure each other’s company and to enjoy each other. Below is two spreads. Valentine’s secret admirer spread and Valentine’s sweetheart spread.

Valentine secret admirer.

The tarot cards for having a secret admirer are The High Priestess, the Fool, the Moon, and Page of cups.

Shuffle and cut the deck. 

Card 1. Do I have a secret admirer (yes/no). Positive card mean yes, Negative cards mean no.

Card 2. Who is my secret admirer?

Card 3. Which tarot card represents my secret admirer?

Card 4. Is my secret admirer romantic?

Card 5. Where did I meet my secret admirer? (pentacles can mean work, cups can mean hobbies, wands can mean activities, and swords can mean online).

Card 6. Will I find out about my secret admirer?

Card 7. Will I fall in love with my secret admirer?

Card 8. Final outcome between me and my secret admirer.

Valentine’s Sweet Heart Spread

This spread is for people who are in relationships.

Shuffle and cut the deck.

Card 1. The number 1 thing my sweetheart loves about me this valentines day.

Card 2. The best way to celebrate valentines day.

Card 3. What can I do to make my sweetheart happy this valentines day.

Card 4. In what way can I best express my love to my sweetheart.

Card 5. What tarot card best represents our sweetheart love this Valentines day.