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Virgo Moon Sign Compatibility in Love and Romance

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In love and romance, it is the couple’s moon signs that determine how well they will get on and if they will get their emotional needs met. In the list below, you can find out what the Moon sign compatibility is for Moon in Virgo. Virgo is connected to the Hermit tarot card. 

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Moon in Virgo

Moon in Virgo denotes a careful and often self-critical person who often deals with situations in a very logical and rational manner. A Moon in Virgo person often tries to live up to their own impossibly high standards of perfection and can be very detail oriented. Virgo Moon always wants to improve and is very sensitive to criticism.

Virgo Moon with Aries Moon

Virgo Moon with Aries Moon can be a difficult union unless they can compromise on their differences. Aries Moon wants to be impulsive while Virgo Moon wants to think things through. Virgo Moon can sometimes be too critical and upset the Aries Moon who likes to feel they are in charge. If the irritation between the two become too high, the relationship often ends with resentment as a final parting gift.

Virgo Moon with Taurus Moon

Virgo Moon with Taurus Moon is a very compatible match. They tend to be each other’s rock and best friends in life. They also enjoy a very fun social life together, and they might even end up feeling like they are one person, not two. Taurus Moon’s stable and secure demeanor feels comforting to a Virgo Moon who tends to worry. Sometimes, a Taurus Moon can end up hoarding and with a lazy and unhealthy lifestyle, which can annoy a Virgo Moon, but on the other hand, Taurus Moon helps a Virgo Moon let loose and have more fun.  They both enjoy working the earth such as gardening, woodwork, and clay work. These hobbies can bring this union even closer together.

Virgo Moon with Gemini Moon

Virgo Moon with Gemini Moon is a match that is often very passionate and romantic. This union seems to settle the forever curious Gemini Moon as they now have someone interesting to talk to. Fun, humor and stimulating exchanges are the trademarks for this relationship. Gemini Moon with Gemini Moon is a union between two people who are logical and at often uncomfortable with a display of too many emotions. Thus this union tends to last and last as they just become so comfortable with each other. Deep love seems to develop naturally between Two Gemini Moon people.

Virgo Moon with Cancer Moon

Virgo Moon with Cancer Moon is a very compatible union. Both are cautious and often conservative, as well as caring and supportive. Virgo Moon wants to help by being practical, while Cancer Moon is often more emotional and compassionate. They both love to be in a relationship, and they enjoy spending a lot of time together. Cancer Moon can teach Virgo Moon to be less critical and more self-loving, while Virgo Moon shows Cancer Moon how to be more loving through actions and devotions.

Virgo Moon with Leo Moon

Virgo Moon with Leo Moon is a match between two people who are like total opposites. Leo Moon is very dramatic, while Virgo Moon is quiet and reserved. Leo Moon likes to show off their feelings to get recognition by their partner, while Virgo Moon shows their affection in practical gestures. Leo Moon exaggerates while Virgo Moon is factual. Leo Moon loves to give and receive praise, while Virgo Moon criticizes, including self-judgement. If Virgo Moon can show more warmth and appreciation, this union can last. Virgo Moon needs Leo Moon to be less jolly as they can find it a bit pretentious and downright embarrassing. Virgo Moon can be too conservative for flamboyant Leo Moon.

Virgo Moon with Virgo Moon

Virgo Moon with Virgo Moon is a match between two minds who think alike. They share the same strength as well as the same weaknesses. They both tend to focus on problems and mistakes than success, so this combination can become double trouble. They do understand each other, however, they must learn to focus on the positives, and not worrying so much. If they learn to support each other in a positive way, instead of nagging each other, this can be a very fruitful and happy relationship.

Virgo Moon with Libra Moon

Virgo Moon with Libra Moon can be a challenging match and it will need some adjustments from both parts. Both want the relationship to be perfect but views what is perfect in different ways. Virgo wants perfection in the details and in the environment, while Libra wants perfect harmony and balance in communication and how you work together. Libra moon will often feel Virgo moon is controlling and too judgemental. Virgo moon can often feel they have to live up to very high standards of behavior and appearance. Both Libra moon and Virgo moon tend to want to be reasonable when dealing with problems. Virgo moon can have more extreme opinions than Libra Moon, and Virgo moon tends to want to correct others who they believe are wrong. Libra moon is more likely to see both sides of a situation and can understand others point of views. Virgo moon is much more stubborn, which can annoy Libra moon.

Virgo Moon with Scorpio Moon

Virgo Moon with Scorpio Moon is a union between rational and emotional. Virgo Moon tends to be careful and restraint, while Scorpio Moon tends to be emotional and dramatic. Scorpio Moon thrives on the highs and lows of emotional intensity, while Virgo Moon can often find it difficult to deal with emotionally intense situations. For this relationship to thrive, Scorpio Moon must work on not needing to stir up emotional storms as they make Virgo Moon very uncomfortable. Also, Scorpio Moon tends to criticize, something that often hurts Virgo Moon to the core.

Virgo Moon with Sagittarius Moon

Virgo Moon with Sagittarius Moon is a match between two very different people. Virgo Moon is precise, punctual, and orderly, while Sagittarius Moon enjoys taking risks and is not concerned with details. Sagittarius Moon often exaggerates, while Virgo Moon is very factual. Virgo Moon could really benefit from Sagittarius Moon’s unrelenting optimism, however, the way these two deals with life’s challenges are very differences, and Virgo Moon could, in the end, get tired of Sagittarius Moon’s unprecise manner. Sagittarius Moon could, on the other hand, feel Virgo Moon is too controlling.

Virgo Moon with Capricorn Moon

Virgo Moon with Capricorn Moon is a very compatible match as they both care about security, loyalty, work, and responsibility. They do tend to sacrifice their emotional needs so this relationship can become a bit dry, and they both can benefit from relaxing more and having more fun. Faithfulness is very much important to both Virgo Moon and Capricorn Moon so they feel very comfortable and safe with one another.

Virgo Moon with Aquarius Moon

Virgo Moon with Aquarius Moon is a match between two people who are very different. Virgo Moon enjoys routine while Aquarius Moon enjoys shaking things up, especially a shake-up against convention. Virgo Moon focuses on self-improvement while Aquarius Moon focuses on social improvement. Virgo Moon likes the conventional, while Aquarius Moon is unconventional. Virgo Moon is also more introspective and practical than Aquarius Moon. Aquarius Moon tends to think of humanity rather than the individual. To camouflage their differences they can end up trying to please each other too much, which can create a draining relationship. To make this relationship work, both need to be able to expand their perspectives and see things from the other person’s point of view.

Virgo Moon with Pisces Moon

Virgo Moon with Pisces Moon is a match that can be either really good or really bad, depending on what both parts are focusing on. Both can be moody and pessimistic, and they need to look for the positives and they need to learn how to work together. Virgo Moon is reliable and hard working, dealing with the physical, while Pisces can be unreliable, disorganized, and dealing with the more metaphysical. They both tend to be quite introspective. Once they learn to work together, they can have a very harmonious and smooth life.

Celebrities with Virgo Moon

Madonna, Jodie Foster, Natalie Portman, Nicki Minaj, Jack Nicholson, Sean Connery, Michelle Pfeiffer, Zac Effron, John Travolta, J.K.Rowling, Blake Lively, Matthew McConaughey, Michael Fassbender, Channing Tatum, Gordon Ramsey.