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What does my Soulmate Look Like ~ Tarot Spread

Split the deck into minor and major cards.

Step 1. Use only the minor arcana cards.

Shuffle and cut the deck. Lay out 6 cards all up in the following manner.

Card 1. Hair color.

Card 2. Height and body type.

Card 3. Eye color.

Card 4 (lay on top of card 1). Hair color.

Card 5 (lay on top of card 2). Height and body type.

Card 6 (lay on top of card 3). Eye color.

Use the lists below to get your card combinations and read the 2 cards together.

Hair color:

Pentacles: Brown hair, Cups: Blonde hair, Swords: Black Hair, Wands: Red hair. 

Pentacles + Pentacles: Brown

Pentacles + Cups: Light Brown

Pentacles + Swords: Dark Brown

Pentacles + Wands: Gingery brown

Swords + Swords: Black. This combination can also mean balding or bald.

Swords + Cups: Dark hair with highlights or could be grey hair

Swords + Pentacles: Dark Brown to black

Swords + Wands: Auburn to dark hair

Cups + Cups: Blonde

Cups + Pentacles: Dark blonde to light brown

Cups + Swords: Arctic blonde or grey.

Cups + Wands: Warm blonde. Amber.

Wands + Wands: Red hair. Copper hair.

Wands + Cups: Red hair with blonde streaks or light red hair. Can mean going grey.

Wands + Swords: Dark red hair.

Wands + Pentacles: Warm brown hair.

Height + body type

Swords: tall, Wands: Average height to tall, Pentacles: Average height to short, Cups: Short. 

Swords: Thin (Skinny), Wands: Athletic, Pentacles: Muscular (bulky), Cups: Chubby. 

Swords + Swords: Very tall and lean

Swords + Cups: Tall and a bit chubby.

Swords + Pentacles: Tall and muscular.

Swords + Wands: Tall and athletic

Wands + Wands: Average height to tall and athletic.

Wands + Cups: Average height to tall and chubby.

Wands + Swords: Average height to tall and thin.

Wands + Pentacles: Average height to tall and muscular.

Pentacles + Pentacles: Average height to short and muscular.

Pentacles + Cups: Average height to short and chubby.

Pentacles + Swords: Average height to short and thin.

Pentacles + Wands: Average height to short and athletic.

Cups + Cups: Short and stocky

Cups + Pentacles: Short and muscular

Cups + Swords: Short and thin.

Cups + Wands: Short and athletic.


Swords + Swords: Light blue

Swords + Cups: Grey to blue.

Swords + Pentacles: Green.

Swords + Wands: Blue

Wands + Wands: Dark Blue

Wands + Cups: Hazel

Wands + Swords: Blue

Wands + Pentacles: Amber

Pentacles + Pentacles: Dark Brown

Pentacles + Cups: Light Brown

Pentacles + Swords: Green.

Pentacles + Wands: Average height to short and athletic.

Cups + Cups: Grey.

Cups + Pentacles: Green hazel to green.

Cups + Swords: Blue hazel to blue.

Cups + Wands: Dark hazel.

Step 2. Use the Major arcana cards. Shuffle and cut the deck. Ask for a distinguishing characteristic.

Pull out one card. This card will tell you something about the person that is the person’s trademark in their personality.

Fool: Adventurous and carefree. Loves to take risks.

Magician: Perfect salesman/woman. Someone funny who always knows how to make you laugh.

High Priestess: Mysterious. A psychic.

Empress: Sensual. Beautiful. A homemaker who also has a great career.

Emperor: Organised. Powerful. Wealthy.

Hierophant: Religious. Takes spiritual practice seriously. Loves to pray and worship God.

Lovers: Romantic. Easy to fall in love with. Funny to talk to.

Chariot: Ambitious. Brave. Loves to travel. Owns a Cool Car.

Strength: Passionate. Loving. Strong-minded. Cares for strays (both animals and people).

Hermit: Loner. Studious. Introverted. Could be feeling lonely.

Wheel of fortune: Lucky. Always in the right place at the right time. Is always moving forward. Thinks Big.

Justice: Fair. Serious. Rarely smiles. Sees straight through you.

Hanged man: Always late. Takes his/hers time. In a dream world.

Death: On the gloomy side. Loves black colors and dark rooms.

Temperance: Angelic. Calm. Interesting to talk to.

Devil: Intense. Angry. May have substance abuse issues.

Tower: Chaos follows this person. Anger outbursts. Grief-stricken.

Star: Deep soulful eyes. Could have a tragic past. Likes night time.

Moon: Moody. Artistic. Looking for a mystery to solve.

Sun: Optimistic and happy. A sunny personality. Always smiling.

Judgment: Authoritive. A leader. Not to be messed with.

World: Worldly. Well-travelled person. Well educated and confident.