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When will it Happen Tarot spread ~ A layout to help with timing of events.

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When will it happen tarot spread

This tarot spread will help you when you want to time events, as this card will tell you how your energy is moving towards the event you are asking about.

Card 1. How am I moving towards it? A positive card here denotes you are moving forward in a good way.

Card 2. How much do I influence the timing? This card will tell you how much you can influence the time. Sometimes we can influence the timing of events by our actions and also our inner life. Other times, it is more set in stone. Major Arcana cards here could be an indication that the timing of events is more difficult to change.

Card 3. What is the best thing I can do now? Here you get input from the cards what is the best cause of action to have what you want, and maybe even have it sooner than later.

Card 4. Should I share my plans with others? Sometimes sharing your plans with others can block your manifestations. However, sometimes sharing your plans with the right people will enhance your manifestations.

Card 5. Should I collaborate with others? In this card position, you will see if collaborations will be beneficial.

Card 6. What decisions will I be facing? Some decisions will be easy and some will be hard. This card position reveals what decisions you will have to make to manifest.

Card 7. What do I need to safeguard? This card position describes what it is you need to keep safe. It could be your reputation, your family, your assets, your knowledge etc.

Card 8. Conclusion. The conclusion card ties it all together, and it also speaks of where you are at in your life when the manifestation become a reality.

Tarot spreads can aid in manifestations.

A good tarot spread can aid you in your manifestations. This is the purpose of this tarot spread. Instead of asking: Will it happen, you are asking: What do I have to do to make it happen? This is a more positive way of living. You are a co-creator in your life.