Who Are the Blue Avian Starseeds

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Blue Avians are a group of benevolent, higher-dimensional beings who are highly evolved and intelligent. These beings are often described as bird-like, humanoid, and blue in appearance.

I channelled this information with the help of my tarot cards as I wanted to get direct confirmation about this fascinating star group. If you are a Blue Avian Starseed, I hope you find this information helpful.

Mission of the Blue Avian Starseeds (according to my tarot cards)

Blue avian star seeds are here to help assist humanity release their deepest and most suppressed traumas. The Blue avians are aiding in the rejuvenation of humanity and giving humanity a spiritual revolution. This star seed group understands the inner workings of our minds and how to heal it.

They understand that humanity needs balance and humans also need to believe in themselves again. The Blue avians are here to assist humanity regain their self-esteem and confidence, to give them ‘wings’ so that they can soar high once again.

Blue avians are here to overcome feelings of self-doubt and worthiness issues so that they can understand how these conditions manifest itself inside the human mind. By being on the ‘inside’, doing time as a human, they can give feedback to their Soul group about how to help humans evolve from being enslaved and oppressed.

The Blue avians are here to help humanity move past our own limitations. They are masterful teachers and they can understand complex systems of psychology, synchronicity, astrology, and philosophy.

The Blue Avians often reach a high level mastery during their human experience that motivates and uplifts others. Their ascensions often come as a complete surprise as they have some level of spiritual amnesia before they begin their soul ascension on this planet. They are able to unveil themselves and assist others in the unveiling of their own spiritual potential.

The Blue avians often bring a message of letting go and forgiveness work, seeing the deeper truth of situations, and to understand how the mind operates during and after trauma. They are thus able to help people with complex PTSD issues.

The Blue avians feel protective of humans and assist humanity wherever there is a humanitarian crisis. They make it very obvious where help is needed so that resources can be allocated and not wasted.

Blue avians are sometimes in the midst of these humanitarian disasters to speak about them in a way that opens up peoples’ hearts. They assist humanity in opening up the channels of wisdom and compassion.

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