Who are the Lyran star seeds

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I asked the Tarot cards to tell me the truth about the Lyran star seeds mission on earth. If you are a Lyran star seed, I hope you find this information helpful.

What are the Lyran star seeds mission on planet Earth (according to my tarot cards)

Lyran star seeds are here to help heal the collective. They are powerful manifestors and sometimes they surpress their own emotions as they don’t like to think about the more ‘heavier’ side to the human experience.

They try and avoid the harsher realities of life and many become very abundant materially speaking, and they use this abundance to keep themselves safe. One of their lessons in their earlier years is to learn to trust that the Universe has their back. This lesson combined with accessing their own heart space help them to become powerful coaches or healers of both themselves and others.

Lyran star seeds are incredibly intelligent and they are often way ahead of their peers form an early age. This can make them feel like outsiders and seek out their peers that are in alignment to their own ideas and values.

Lyran star seeds enjoy being around happy-go-lucky and confident people. They love seeing others succeed.

Many Lyrans learn to have a very non-resistant relationship with the outside world and this assists them further in their ability to manifest success on this planet. They are often very logical and straight forward with many different interests and hobbies.

They are the happiest when they can turn their playtime into work time, and many have careers that they find incredibly fulfilling.

When they align their passion for fun and adenture with their life purpose they become amazing leaders. They are here to accept the ups and downs of life without losing their happiness and ability to create a fun and playful environment.

Lyran star seeds are very supportive of others and are many are seen in careers where they help other people succeed. Lyrans often excel as life coaches and motivators.

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