Who are the Orion Star Seeds

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I channeled this information with the help of my tarot cards as I wanted to know the essential information about this fascinating star group. If you are an Orion starseed, I hope you find this information helpful.

Orion star group’s mission on planet Earth (according to my Tarot cards)

Orion star seeds are here to create opportunities for others, especially for those who are at the ‘end of the road’. Orion star seeds are very optimistic about the potential of both themselves and others. They often learn the hard way about having good judgment as their optimism sometimes land them in trouble.

Orion star seeds are quite adventurous in regard to travel, entrepreneurships, and relationships. This soul group are here to wake people up to live their best lives and to appreciate each other and what life has to offer. They are often the life of the party and work hard to bring people together.

Orion star seeds are here to learn good judgement, and sometimes they learn it by having had poor judgement. They are passionate about protecting those who are still stuck in confusion and want to protect those who are easy to take advantage of.

Many Orion star seeds have ‘guardian angel’ energy and they are often drawn to humanitarian careers.

They feel very disappointed in humanity when they see abuses of power and they are ultimately here to awaken people to stand up for themselves. Their hopes and wishes to see humanity raise up against evil can leave them heartbroken when they see so many give their power away to harmful organisations, governments, and institutions.

Many Orion star seeds feel the pain of humanity on a deep level. Their wish is for humanity to learn to love themselves enough to finally say no and to stop giving their power away. When this doesn’t happen, they feel it deeply within their own soul.

They must learn to protect themselves from this disappointment and focus on those who are willing to step up and take responsibility for their own energy. Few can be as strong as the Orion star seeds when it comes to withstanding pressure and keep going against all odds.

This is ultimately what the Orion starseeds teach the world, not so much by saying it, but by living it.

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