Who are the Polaris Starseeds

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Polaris is a star in the constellation of Ursa Minor. Polaris is also called the North Star. Due to its positioning close to the celestial pole, it stays close to the same place throughout the earth rotation. It is therefore seen as a guiding light in the star as it is showing the direction of north.

I asked my tarot cards to tell me the truth about Polaris. If you are from this fascinating star family, I hope you find this information helpful.

The Polaris Starseed mission on planet Earth (according to my Tarot cards)

The Polaris starseed are the dreamers of the starseed groups. When they have a human incarnation, they ask all the big questions, and sometimes it is hard for them to take decisive action. They are here to learn to move past limiting situations without getting confused about all the options, but instead know what is the highest and best for them. Polaris starseed are often spiritual entrepreneurs and they make good public speakers.

They tend to jump in without too much planning. Instead, they trust that everything will work out great. There is often a very karmic reason why the Polaris starseed chose to come here. Polaris starseeds are here to practise tranquility among all the different and often opposing influences they encounter.

They are here to learn to ground themselves and to follow their dreams. They are often veiled to their highest calling in life as this is revealed to them when they least expect it. Polaris starseeds often work with groups who need emotional healing of some kind. Sometimes, this happens through the art world, and some become incredibly talented artists.

Polaris starseeds are very intuitive and they can feel other people’s pain but also their intentions. Polaris starseeds tend to be emotionally robust and they have the ability to become strong leaders. They often have boss energy without being threatening in any kind of way.

Polaris starseeds are relationship oriented and they often give a lot of themselves to their chosen partner. When they need to recharge, they ‘disappear’ into their own world where they are one with they star family once more.

They are here to master their energy and to be in flow, to have fun, and to connect to their star family.

Polaris starseeds are both driven and independent. They are spiritually gifted and they often develop a very close relationship to their guides. Many become channellers and their messages often show up in drawings and music lyrics.

Their main mission on Earth is to overcome co-dependancy and be a force of good for those who are lucky to have them in their lives. They are here to challenge outgrown structures and beliefs and create opportunities outside harmful and oppressive institutions.

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