Who are the Sirian Starseeds

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I asked my tarot cards to tell me the truth about Sirius. If you are from this fascinating star family, I hope you find this information helpful.

The Sirian Starseed mission on planet Earth (according to my Tarot cards)

Many Sirian Star seeds undergo a profound spiritual awakening through believing in angels and spiritual masters, and from then on, connecting to their star group of origin.

Sirian star seeds are from an early age natural detectives. They feel sad when they see humanity compete so ruthlessly against one another. They dream of a better world where they can feel the love and support they often remember on a deep level from their own star group.

Sirian star seeds have a deep longing to connect back to their soul family. When they go on the spiritual path, this is exactly what happens. They awaken their gifts which often is in communication of some kind. Sirian star seeds often have a mission to help humanity connect and communicate on a broader scale. They are often both technically savvy and spiritually gifted at the same time.

Sirian star seeds thrive when they are on the vision quest and they get to delve deep within their own psyche. The journey within is the most rewarding journey for this star seed group. They therefore become excellent councillors and healers, but they undergo a lot of self examination first.

Sirian star seeds are here to learn to trust in their own soul and to know how to commit deeper in their own personal relationships. They are here to learn to be light hearted and have fun. They are here to learn to grab opportunities and to be spontaneous. Sirian star seeds often experience some struggles in regards to self-worth.

They overcome this limitation by investing in themselves and train themselves to become self-disciplined. Self-discipline is of upmost importance to this star group. If they don’t have self-discipline, they can fall victim of drama and self-destructive behaviour.

Sirian star seeds are quite cerebral and they have similar qualities to both the Arcturians and Andromedans. Sirian star seeds often turn to spirituality when they are faced with adversity. Without self-discipline, they can become very dramatic and overly emotional.

Similar to the Andromedans, they benefit extremely well from the vision quest which basically is the journey into their own subconscious mind. This helps the Sirians regain control in their life and they find meaning when they learn to manifest and change their reality with the power of their thoughts and connection to the quantum field.

Sirian star seeds often have lessons in regards to self worth and money and therefore they are often guided to have their own businesses and investments.

Sirians learn in unusual ways and many struggle in traditional learning environments. There tends to be a tipping point in their lives where they suddenly ‘gets it’ and their lives flow in easier ways from then on. When they learn to disconnect from ‘the struggle’ and accept that they can have beautiful lives, they grab opportunities with joy and enthusiasm.

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