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Find out ‘Who is your Soulmate’ with the Tarot

See a real ‘who is my Soulmate’ reading here. 

You can now book the ‘Who is my SoulMate’ reading aimed at single people serious about finding true love.

Fill in the form below to order your own ‘Who is my Soulmate’ reading. This is a 7 card layout that looks into every aspect of meeting and connecting with your soulmate, who is your soulmate, and destiny of relationship. You will also receive a ‘Where are you blocked’ tarot reading included in this reading, with the Command prayer to get rid of the block(s) if you have any.

Card position 1: Situation. This often describes how you are going about manifesting your soulmate currently. The cards here will let you know if you need to make any changes, and what changes will attract in your soulmate.

Card position 2: Hidden influences, what you really want. The cards here describe what you really want in a relationship and what is important to you in a relationship. These influences are often on a subconscious level and are affecting how you are manifesting your soulmate.

Card position 3: Past life connection with Soulmate. You have had many past lives with your soulmate. The cards here will talk about a past life that is affecting your life today.

Card position 4: How will you meet? The cards here will describe how you will meet; such as through other people, or by chance/destiny, travel, work, etc.

Card position 5: Where is your Soulmate? The cards here describe the environment where your soulmate currently is, and also how far away your soulmate is.

Card position 6: Who is your Soulmate? The cards here describes the personality of your soulmate, and also characteristic such as age and appearance.

Card 7: Destiny of relationship. The cards here will describe what type of relationship you will have. The cards will also describe what will be important influences in your relationship and how you can make your relationship as happy as possible.

Thank you so much for the insightful and spot on reading…And you remember the guy that you said would come in for me? With blond hair, tattoos, warrior? I have met him… :)…Thank you again!
Rachel, QLD, Australia
Your readings are very precious to me and I feel already more aligned. Obviously I will hear them again and again as I work on the guidance received. Please, accept my profound gratitude for the work you did that heals me, and my deep appreciation for your generosity and for going (a lot of ) the extra miles.
Annette, Greece
Hi Ingie!!
You’re Amazing! Everything you said was spot on, WOW!
I’m still absorbing, totally amazed
Thanks a million!