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The Soccer world Cup 2014

Who will Win?

I am up before 5 am on a Sunday morning to watch the world cup in Soccer. I am thinking ‘Who will Win the World Cup 2014’? Of course I have the Tarot cards close by….I start shuffling the cards. The first card I pull out is Nine of Wands. That tells me the team that will win has an outstanding Goal Keeper. Perhaps the best in the world. The world’s best Goal Keeper in the cup is Manuel Neuer which takes me to Germany! Will Germany win the World Cup in soccer 2014? I need more clues. The next cards I get are the Ace of Pentacles and Three of Swords which tell me the goal keeper the tarot is referring to has an injury. I Google Manuel Neuer. He has just recovered from a shoulder injury! This confirms my Nine of Wands card who pointed the finger at Manuel. I will pay extra attention to Germany. Go go go!!!! I always look at the bottom card in the deck. Three of Pentacles stares back at me. Team work describe the team that will win the world cup. I find a picture of Manuel with the words: Feels like Team Spirit. I feel even more confident that the Tarot is showing me Germany as the winner of the Soccer World cup 2014.

But I want to check for more clues. I run the Numerology on Manuel Neuer. He is born  27 March 1986 which makes him a 9 Life Path plus he is born on a 9 day(2+7=9). He also looks a lot like the 9 of wands tarot card ( I used the radiant Rider Waite deck). Manuel Neuer is in a 1 year cycle which promotes winning and becoming number 1!!! I do believe Germany will do very well if not winning the World Cup. You might think I am German writing this (many people mistake me for being German). I am actually Norwegian, so I can assure you I am unbiased when I say I believe Germany will win. Now let’s see how right my prediction is. Only time will tell.