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World Tarot Card Meanings and Keywords:

world tarot card meanings IMTarot
21. World

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The World tarot card meanings in traditional tarot stem from its connection to both Astrology and Numerology. The World tarot card can mean:


Structure and meaning.


The boundaries that direct us while we grow.

Travelling to another part of the world.

Teaching the world something you are an expert in.

Government Rules and regulations.



Doing what we desire most.





Symbolism in World tarot card

Symbolism is from Rider Waite Deck.

world tarot card meaning

Human head, lion, ox, and eagle

The human head represents Aquarius, the lion represents Leo, the ox represents Taurus and the eagle represents Scorpio. These four signs are the fixed signs in the zodiac. They also represent the four corners of the earth, the four elements and the four evangelists Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, and the angels represented in the tarot; Raphael (Aquarius) is upper left, Gabriel (Scorpio) is the eagle, Michael (Leo) is the lion, and Uriel (Taurus) is the bull. The world tarot card symbolises that we are viewing God’s throne.

The dancing figure

The dancing figure symbolises cosmic consciousness and the world soul.

Green wreath

The green wreath represents everlasting life. In each hand, she (the soul) holds a wand equal to each other.

2 wands

The two equal wands symbolise the pillars of duality. Now she is holding them in her hands while she is creating the supra-conscious, the third pillar.


The purple garment symbolises the balance between the stability of blue and the passion of red.

Infinity symbol

The red ribbon forms the infinity symbol, symbolising endless opportunities, rewards, and happiness.  

World tarot card meanings and Astrology

The world tarot card is ruled by Saturn. Saturn brings structure and meaning to the world, it knows the limits of time and matter. This way it brings definition to our lives. It rules our boundaries, responsibilities, and commitments. Saturn helps us understand the world around us through governments and their resources, discipline, structure, rules, and regulations. Saturn shows our sense of responsibilities and our limitations that define us and give us boundaries. The World card represents Saturn at the best, our duty, honour, work, discipline, and traditions; the boundaries that direct us while we grow.

World tarot card meanings upright

World tarot card meanings in a general reading

The World tarot card is the final Major Arcana card and it represents fulfilment and successful completion of a cycle. You know your place in the world, and your life lessons have made you smart and accomplished. The World shows up when the world is ready for you and wants what you have to offer. You might have to broaden your horizon and move to where your dreams will come true. This card often shows up when there is travel involved. Your sail just got some wind behind it, so make the most of it. The difference between the Fool’s journey and journeying with the World is that where the Fool is inexperienced and relying on beginner’s luck, the World has experience, wisdom, and knowledge. The World tarot card shows up to remind you that you mean the World to someone, and because of this, you are infinitely significant. 

World tarot card in a love reading

In a love reading, the World tarot card denotes a relationship that stays equally strong in both sickness and health. If the Seeker is single the World can mean finding love with someone from a different country.

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World tarot card meanings in a career reading

In a career reading, the World tarot card signifies careers in government, the natural resource sector, and politics. The World can also denote overseas jobs.

Is World tarot card a Yes or No in Tarot?

A most likely Yes.

The World tarot card meanings as Feelings

The World speaks of love that goes a long way back, and there is often a reconnection to the past. This is love that is strong because it has been challenged.

If you are asking about how someone is feeling about you, the World tarot card denotes the person feels you have a strong bond due to everything you have been through together.

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World tarot card meanings as Personality type

Confident, wise, worldly, and full of life experience, The World tarot card is someone with substance. They are not afraid to put in the efforts and get their hands dirty and they are often quickly promoted in their jobs. They excel in teaching/training positions. World tarot card is someone who is confident in most situations. Their positive attitude and skills often take them to overseas locations where they share their knowledge. At the same time they love to learn; in fact, they have to keep learning to feel alive. They are often very well-educated as well as having plenty of practical knowledge. World people can be relied upon, and are often in trusted positions in the workplace.

world tarot card meanings IMTarot
21. World

World tarot card meanings reversed:

The World tarot card reversed indicates staying at home secluded within the comfort zones. Ventures are abandoned and projects remain incomplete. The Seeker is unable to finish what they started. There is a false view of the world that often stops the person from getting involved and enjoying what the world has to offer. There is a fear of the outside world. The World reversed denotes stillness rather than movement, or worse, going backwards rather than forward and being stuck in the past.

World tarot card reversed as Personality types

The World tarot card reversed can speak of someone afraid of the world. It can speak of isolation and social anxiety. This issues can make it hard to communicate and finish what they’ve started. They often like to study, but when it comes to implementing their knowledge in the workplace they fear falling short. They are afraid of leaving their comfort zone. Around people, they feel awkward, even scared. The World reversed people talk themselves out of trying new things and meeting new people. Abandonment issues and anxieties are often underlying issues.

World Tarot Card Combinations

Some important tarot card combinations including The World:

The World(XXI) + The Fool: Travelling overseas. 

The World(XXI) + The Lovers: A worldwide romance. 

The World(XXI) + The Hermit: A master teacher. 

The World(XXI) + Justice: The legal world. 

The World(XXI) + The Sun: Self-realisation. 

The World(XXI) + Ace of swords: Language teacher. Learning and speaking a new language. 

The World(XXI) + Five of swords: A dangerous place. 

The World(XXI) + Queen of swords: Stepping up in your career. 

The World(XXI) + Two of wands: The world in your hands. Being offered something amazing. 

The World(XXI) + Five of wands: Gathering of different people and cultures. 

The World(XXI) + Knight of wands: Moving overseas. Travelling. 

The World(XXI) + Queen of wands: International teacher. 

The World(XXI) + Three of cups: Friends from other counties. Sometimes it can denote Army/military.

The World(XXI) + Seven of cups: Online connections from overseas. It can also mean career counselling. Teaching computer skills. 

The World(XXI) + Eight of cups: Blogging. Documentary making. 

The World(XXI) + Page of cups: The Hospitality industry. 

The World(XXI) + Ace of pentacles: Earning money overseas. Accounting. 

The World(XXI) + Three of pentacles: An international team. 

The World(XXI) + Four of pentacles: Accounting. International business. 

The World(XXI) + Six of pentacles: Overseas charity. 

The World(XXI) + Knight of pentacles: Government work. World politics. 

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World tarot card meanings summary

The World tarot card denotes accomplishments, structures, and meaning. The World speaks of what is truly important to the Seeker; what they are here to teach the World. In a reading, the World can mean the Seeker is about to travel to a faraway place. The Seeker travels to seek experience, knowledge, and wisdom. When the World shows up reversed the Seeker is afraid to make their mark in the world.

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