Yggdrasil, the Runes and Runic Psychology

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Yggdrasil, Runes and Runic Psychology explained and how to work with the runic energies:

The Tree of life outlined in Kabbalah and the Nine worlds of the ash tree Yggdrasil have been referenced to each other.

It is easy to see why:
sefirot on the tree of life



These are no ordinary trees, they are symbolic of the cosmic forces we exist under, of vibrational planes of existence. Yggdrasil is the Norse Tree of Life where the highest of worlds are Asgard, the land of the aesir gods. Ljossalfheim is home of the light elves. Vanaheim is the home of the Vanir gods who are the gods of the natural world and fertility. The most important world for humans is in the trunk of the tree, and it is called Midgard. This is the world of the humans. Muspellheim is the place of cosmic fire and Nifelheim is the place of cosmic ice and fog. Jotunmeim is the home of the Giants. The lowest world is Hel, the realm of the dead, guarded by the Goddess Hella.

How to work with the Runes:

Yggdrasil is a map that mystics have used to travel between different planes of existence. One can hardly mention Yggdrasil without mentioning the Runes. The Runes is an oracle said to have been discovered by Odin himself as he hung from a windy tree for 9 long nights. The runes is a system of 24 letters that store magical energies. Each letter can be carved or painted on wood, rocks, clay or bones to create a set that can be used in divination the same way we use the Tarot. The only difference is that the Runes have a stronger tradition in working with the psychology and magic/spells to evoke changes within a person.

Runic Psychology:

The Runes can be used to explore the inner mysteries within each of us. The runic version of the Self is very holistic and self-discovery and self-realisation are vital parts of working with the Runes.

fFehu ~ Your relationship with Money, which often comes from feeling worthy/unworthy.

u Uruz ~ Strength and Vitality. To increase strength and vitality release hatred, resentments and grudges from your emotional makeup.

th,þThursiaz ~ Your Will and resistance. Never give up and never surrender. To create a strong will remove regrets from your emotional makeup.

aAnsuz ~ Knowledge is power. Invest in yourself to gain wisdom, knowledge, and power. Power must be executed in a fair manner.

rRaidho ~ Reason and accountability.  Let go of victim paradigms.

kKenaz ~ All aspects of creativity. Connect with your soul who wants you to create.

gGebo ~ Hospitality and giving gifts. Be of service.

wWunjo ~ Joy. Find your joy. It is part of your life purpose.

hHagalaz ~ Crisis and sudden change. How strong is your faith?

nNauthiz ~ Need. Put in the effort to succeed. Discipline is the key.

iIsa ~ Stillness and silence. Concentrate. Be fruitful, but first master being still.

jJera ~ Results and rewards. Plant seeds that will be well harvested in the future.

ï,eiEihwaz ~ Increase in personal power. Avoid gossip, be disciplined and finish what you started.

pPerthro ~ Meaningful coincidences.  What are you manifesting?

zAlgiz ~ Communicating with the divine. Let go of toxic emotions to become more psychic. Practice psychic abilities daily.

sSowilo ~ Individuality. Work on your fears of being your true authentic self.

tTeiwaz ~ Self-sacrifice. What are you willing to give up to have something better and more sustainable?

bBerkano ~ Rebirth and becoming. We outgrow ourselves all the time.

eEhwaz ~ Teamwork and partnership. Let go of your abandonment issues.

mMannaz ~ The human potential. Are you reaching your highest potential? Do something positive every day.

lLaguz ~ Your imagination and your dreams. It is a part of who you are.

ŋInguz ~ Sacred space. We all need a place where we can just be; to create, to be with our-self, to be our-self.

dDagaz ~ Opposite ideas. Develop understandings rather than opinions.

oOthala ~ Your ancestors. Honor your ancestors, but let go of their limitations and fears.

Click on the rune letters to learn more about the specific meanings behind each Rune.

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