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Lenormand card 12 birds


Birds Lenormand Card Meaning

The meaning of the twelfth Lenormand card, birds, is a couple. Birds also signify a group and conversations.

Birds Lenormand Card In The Grand Tableau.

Birds in Rider position: Joining a new group. Meeting a new couple.

Birds in Clover position: A lucky couple. A fortunate group of people.

Birds in Ship position: Couple going overseas. Group travelling together.

Birds in House position: A real estate. A couple of houses. Family unit. Neighbourhood.

Birds in Tree position: Group health. Nature.

Birds in Clouds position: Confusion with a couple. Confusion with a group of people.

Birds in Snake position: Deceitful gossip. A group who lies.

Birds in Coffin position: End of a group.

Birds in Bouquet position: Happy couple. Gift from a couple.

Birds in Scythe position: Group decisions.

Birds in Whip position: Couple arguing. Debating.

Birds in Birds position: Bigger groups. Several groups.

Birds in Child position: Couple with a child. A group of children.

Birds in Fox position: Colleagues. A couple working together.

Birds in Bear position: Power couple.

Birds in Star position: Sharing a dream with a group. Common interest. Interest group.

Birds in Stork position: Changes to a couple. Changes to a group.

Birds in Dog position: A pet bird. A friendly group. A friendly couple.

Birds in Tower position: A political party. A legal group.

Birds in Garden position: A public group. Workshops. A public couple.

Birds in Mountain position: A couple facing obstacles. Obstacles within a group. A difficult conversation.

Birds in Crossroad position: Conversation about a decision.

Birds in Mice position: Stressful group. Stressful conversation. Conflict in a group.

Birds in Heart position: Couple in love.

Birds in Ring position: Couple getting married. Verbal contract.

Birds in Book position: A secret conversation. Studying communication.

Birds in Letter position: Mail about or from a couple. The conversation about documents.

Birds in Man position: Conversation about a man. A men’s group.

Birds in Woman position: Conversation about a female. A woman’s group.

Birds in Lily position: Elder couple. A group of retirees.

Birds in Sun position: Successful couple.

Birds in Moon position: Romantic couple.

Birds in Key position: Important conversation.

Birds in Fish position: Business negotiations.

Birds in Anchor position: A stable couple. A long-lasting couple or group.

Birds in Cross position: Difficult conversation. Grief counselling.