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Minor Arcana Tarot Card Meanings

Minor Arcana tarot cards denote the things in your life you are in control over. These cards speak of the day to day living and choices we make.

Suit of Cups

The Suit of Cups represents the element of Water and it’s astrological signs Pisces, Cancer and Scorpio. The suit of Cups cover your emotions, subconscious, creativity, love and relationship, spirituality and humanity. Cups speaks of your ability to laugh and cry. If there is a lack of cups in a reading, then there is a lack of emotional connection to the subject you are asking the tarot about.

Upright Card Meaning:

ace of cupsAce of cups is the card for new love, compassion, joy and creativity. If this card shows up with Ace of Pentacles it often means moving in together in a relationship.

two of cupsTwo of cups is the card for being in love and being in a close relationship, There is real intimacy in the relationship, and you know and understand each other on a deep level.

three of cupsThree of cups is the card for celebration, going out with friends, having a good time and being part of a community. This card often shows up when someone is getting engaged or married.

four of cupsFour of cups is the card for contemplation. It often shows up when the querent is dissatisfied about something and doesn’t fully notice what they are being offered.

five of cups Five of cups is the card for regrets and disappointment, especially in love. A relationship might not have turned out the way you would wish.

six of cupsSix of cups is the card for sensuality and pleasure, memories, innocence, nostalgia and childhood. Sometimes this card shows up when someone from the past is on their way back into your life again.

seven of cupsSeven of cups is the card for daydreaming, illusions, wishful thinking, and fantasies. This card usually shows up when you have plenty of choices and need a vision to make them a reality.

eight of cups

Eight of cups is the card for turning your back at something to go and follow your dream. The day-dreaming that happened in Seven of cups has materialized in a vision that the querent is going to pursuit.

nine of cupsNine of cups is the card for getting what you want and having a wish come true. This card speaks of abundance and satisfaction, and also about being proud of what you have achieved.

ten of cupsTen of cups is the card for total spiritual bliss experienced in your relationship, home and family life. This card is about being in alignment with your true nature and everything in your life is in harmony with your higher self and purpose on this planet.

page of cupsPage of cups denotes a young person with a gentle and sensitive nature. This is someone who lives in wonder and can be quite naive at times.

knight of cupsKnight of cups denotes a person on a quest to declare his love. This is your knight in shining armor. He is a singer, poet, and writer. He paints and creates wherever he goes. He is artistic and incredibly lovable.

queen of cupsQueen of cups denotes a woman who is highly intuitive and sensitive. She is in touch with her emotions, her subconscious, and the universe. She is compassionate and cares deeply about her life and those in it.

king of cups

King of cups denotes a warm, honest and generous man who is kind and fair. This is someone who is in control over his own emotions.


 Reversed Card Meaning:

ace of cups reversedAce of Cups reversed indicates blocked creativity and blocked emotions. Access to the subconscious mind and psychic ability is also blocked.

Ttwo of cups reversedwo of Cups reversed indicates being afraid of love and relationship. The seeker might be dreaming of love, but when it comes down to actually having one, the fear of rejection and abandonment gets in the way.

three of cups reversedThree of Cups reversed can indicate celebration gone wrong, bitching, jealousy and competition.

four of cups reversedFour of Cups reversed indicates the seeker has become unseated and is avoiding something and/or someone important.

five of cups reversedFive of Cups reversed indicates disappointment in love and emotional matters. The two cups that still upright spill out when this card shows up reversed which denotes the seeker might be emotionally totally drained, usually by relationships.

six of cups reversedSix of Cups reversed indicates a difficult childhood and haunting, even disturbing childhood memories. Memories of all kinds can be an issue when this card shows up reversed, even memory loss.

seven of cups reversedSeven of Cups reversed indicates the seeker’s imagination is blocked. Daydreaming has turned into thoughts of fears and anxieties.

eight of cups reversedEight of Cups reversed indicates the seeker has given up their dream to surrender to a reality that is uncomfortable, loveless and miserable. The seeker might have surrendered their life to please someone else, sell their business to work at a job they dislike.

nine of cups reversed Nine of Cups reversed indicates that the seeker is not going to get what they wish for. Family and friendship might be falling apart. There are disintegrating and separation, often due to lifestyle choices.

ten of cups reversedTen of Cups reversed indicates disruption in the harmony, something or someone is making it hard to maintain the love. The seeker might be pretending everything is still wonderful in the hope that it will continue forever.

page of cups reversedPage of Cups reversed indicates someone who is hard to motivate, they are feeling sad and bring down others with their gloomy nature. They might promise a lot, but deliver little if any.

 knight of cups reversedKnight of Cups reversed indicates a person who is walking away from a relationship and/or a creative venture. The emotional state of the seeker might be far from romantic, instead it is more likely to be cynical and uses their insights and intuition to make others hurt as much as they do.

queen of cups reversedQueen of Cups reversed indicates someone with blocked psychic abilities and an emotionally unstable nature. This person might be very numb or even worse, has very dark feelings.

king of cups reversedKing of Cups reversed indicates someone who is blocked expressing their feelings, is unable to motivate and be motivated. This is someone with a selfish streak, often born from fear of rejection. 

 What do the cups tarot cards tell us in a reading

Many cups in a reading indicate a happy and fulfilled time, where emotional satisfaction is high. You might also find that you feel very connected both to yourself and others, but most importantly to a higher consciousness. A reading dominated by cups denotes a time where you care deeply about your life and those in it. It is a time where you are able to go deep and discovering who you really are and what you want to do with your life, including who you want in your life. Healthwise cups indicate that there are programs and beliefs in your subconscious that can be changed to have a more fulfilling life. Cups are here to bring you back to your true nature.

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