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Tarot And Health

Health issues can be seen in Tarot.

Note. This is not a tool for self-diagnosis. If you believe to have any health problem, see a doctor. 

Fool ~ Unexpected health events such as accidents and pregnancies. Diseases that are out of our control. Fool is ruled by Uranus which rules power plants, technology, and electricity, and warns against health issues resulting from too much radiation.

Magician ~ An over-active mind, watch for illnesses with thinking, communication, learning difficulties, memory problems. Magician is ruled by Mercury which governs the senses, our respiration, and warns against issues with breathing. The Magician speaks of the mental states and how it affect the body.

High Priestess ~ Health issues involving hormonal imbalances. This card rules women, the uterus, ovaries, and breasts. High Priestess also signifies the stomach and nutrition.

Empress ~ Love conquers all and can heal us on every level. Empress also speaks of pregnancies. If poorly aspected it denotes laziness, sexual transmitted diseases, and stress from making poor lifestyle choices.

Emperor ~ Sports injuries, war injuries, injuries inflicted in anger, sharp objects harming us, isolation, injuries involving animals. Problems with head and face, blood and muscles. Start an exercise regime that will get your blood pumping and your muscles moving.

Hierophant ~ Nutritional deficiencies, lack of emotional support, inadequate medical advice. On a positive note, this card denotes a strong immune system that resists illnesses.

Lovers ~ Health issues of the skin, eyesight and hearing. Issues with any part of the body that comes in pair, such as eyes, ears, arms, legs, lungs, kidneys. Lovers connects things and speaks of the connective systems like veins, arteries, and nerves. There might also be communication problems. Take time out to rest and recuperate. Illnesses that last only a short time. Diseases due to too much emphasis on body image, such as eating disorders, obsessions, and plastic surgery disasters.

Chariot ~ Health issues related to genetics, mouth, womb and breasts. Ailments specific to women and pertaining to motherhood. Since Chariot is ruled by Cancer, a water sign, it suggests problems with edema, incontinence, food poisoning, food allergies and toxins.

Strength ~ Issues with overwork, exhaustion, unhealthy lifestyle and habits and intimacy issues. Strength rules the core parts of the human body: the heart, back, ribs, spine, and side of the torso. Problems with heart, circulation, spine, vitality and ribs.

Hermit ~ Problems with the intestines, lower stomach, gallbladder, and spleen.

Wheel of Fortune ~ This card governs the liver and its functions. Toxic buildup in the liver that can cause skin eruptions, low vitality, poor eyesight and allergies.

Justice ~ Ruled by Libra it governs organs in our core: lower back, kidneys, adrenals, ovaries and inner ear.

Hanged Man ~ This card rules drugs of all kinds and suggests issues with drug addicts, drug poisoning, over-medication or lack of medication. It also suggests sleep disorders, asphyxiation, hypnosis, memory problems, insanity, nervous breakdowns, delusions, schizophrenia, insanity, multiple personality disorders and anti-social behavior.

Death ~ It rules groin and elimination organs, it suggests problems with the genitals, anus, colon, gonads, prostate, bladder, urethra, pubic bone, and hernias.

Temperance ~ This card rules anything hot, fast and intense, it suggests a sudden onset of fevers, burns and intemperate behavior gone too far. Temperance rules exotic places indicating infections from a foreign land or person. Temperance also indicates sports injuries, problems with the hips, sacrum, coccyx, thighs, and sciatic nerve.

Devil ~ Issues with teeth, bones, joints and knees. Devil also suggests old age, colds, rheumatism, arthritis, aging skin, broken bones and chronic conditions.

Tower ~ This card suggests a sudden onset of symptoms, complications, infections, accidents and confrontations. Watch out for illnesses affecting the brain such as migraines, meningitis, head injuries and strokes. Be aware of your blood pressure. This card can also suggest an onset of menopause. If poorly aspected this card warns against intense emotional reactions affecting your health.

Star ~ Issues with ankles, legs, blood circulation, spasmodic complaints, nervous system.

Moon ~ Issues with mental health, alcohol, drugs, malnutrition, disorder of the lymph system, sleep issues, hidden diseases.

Sun ~ Sun burn, sun stroke, eyesight problems, skin cancers, vitamin D deficiency, heart disease, depression.

Judgement ~ Issues with man-made polluting, toxins, nuclear power, and waste.

World ~ Melancholy about aging and issues with aging. Stress from government agencies. Burdens and stress from carrying the worlds problems on your shoulder.

The pentacles get their health meaning from their astrological connection to Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn.

Taurus rules the neck, ears, lower jaw, throat, cerebellum, thyroid gland.

Virgo rules the intestines, duodenum, peyer’s patches, solar plexus, abdomen, parasympathetic nervous system.

Capricorn rules the knees, bones, teeth, skin, joints, hair, parathyroids, right side of the body.

Ace of pentacles ~ Suggest starting a diet, fitness program and taking supplements.

Two of pentacles ~ Jupiter in Capricorn can denote ailments of the skin. Two of pentacles in a health reading can also be a sign of weight gain and issues with teeth, swollen joints, arthritis. Two of pentacles can also mean the Seeker is run down and easily catches the cold/flu.

Three of pentacles ~ Mars in Capricorn can denote carbuncles, erysipelas, smallpox, chickenpox, measles, pimples, itch and other eruptive or inflammatory skin diseases. Three of pentacles in a health reading can also denote the Seeker is stressed at work. Watch out for exhaustion, flues, infections and accidents happening at work

Four of pentacles ~ Sun in Capricorn can denote dental problems, chills and bone sickness. These natives should add more calcium content to their food items so that they can have strong bones. Four of pentacles in a health reading can also denote digestive problems due to worrying. Flare up from diseases they suffered as children or childhood diseases plus knee problems.

Five of pentacles ~ Mercury in Taurus can indicate stuttering, hoarseness, and deafness. Five of pentacles in a health reading can also mean nasty head colds, respiratory issues, loss of voice, dulled sensory responses, breathing problems, unhealthy weight loss, and malnutrition.

Six of pentacles ~ Moon in Taurus can indicate neck and throat issues, as well as mumps, all kinds of sore throat and issues with esophagus. In a health reading, Six of pentacles can also denote thyroid issues.

Seven of pentacles ~ Saturn in Taurus can denote phlegm, diphtheria, quinsy, mumps, croup, decay of the lower teeth and choking. In a health reading Seven of Pentacles can also mean improper nutrition, starvation, eating disorders, neck injuries, stress disorders and depression.

Eight of pentacles ~ Sun in Virgo can denote issues with the small intestines, liver, and pancreas. In a health reading, Eight of pentacles can denote digestion problems, diarrhea, constipation, ulcers, irritable bowel syndrome, intestinal issues, appendicitis, pancreatitis.

Nine of pentacles ~ Venus in Virgo gives can denote a weakened peristaltic action of the intestines. Nine of pentacles in a health reading can also denote tapeworm and worms in children.

Ten of pentacles ~ Mercury in Virgo can denote to flatulence, wind colic, short breath, and nervous debility. Ten of pentacles suggest taking a slow and steady pace towards health goals.

Page of pentacles ~ Over-indulging. Neck problems.

Knight of pentacles ~ Issues with digestion and malabsorption of food, acute infections, and flues.

Queen of pentacles ~ A mineral rich diet is suggested.

King of pentacles ~ Take care of your skeletal system and your teeth, stomach issues.

The Cups get their health meaning from the astrological connection to Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces.

Cancer rules the breast, diaphragm, stomach, esophagus, taste, left side of the body.

Scorpio rules the bladder, urethra, genitals, ovaries/testes, prostate, sigmoid colon, pubic bone, nose, haeme.

Pisces rules the feet, toes, thalamus, blood fibrin.

Ace of cups ~ Watch out for people sucking you dry. Depression.

Two of cups ~ Venus in Cancer can indicate distended stomach, gastric problems, and nausea. Two of cups in a health reading speak of how the Seeker absorbs love. Inability to absorb love can give issues with the stomach.

Three of cups ~ Mercury in cancer can denote nervous indigestion, phlegm, flatulence, and substance abuse. Three of cups in a health reading can also mean depression and health issues from feeling betrayed or the fear of being betrayed.

Four of cups ~ Moon in Cancer can indicate cancer of the stomach, dropsy, obesity, bloating, digestive troubles, and epilepsy. Four of cups can indicate health problems due to unresolved issues with abuse.

Five of cups ~ Mars in Scorpio can mean excessive menses, scalding urine, renal stones, inflammation and ulceration of the ovaries and uterus, also of the vagina and urethra, enlargement of the prostate gland, venereal ulcers, and hemorrhoids. In a health reading Five of cups speak of health issues in relations to sexual organs, colon, prostate, rectum, bladder.

Six of cups ~ Sun in Scorpio can indicate renal calculus, genito-urinary and menstrual disturbances, uterine and ovarian affections. Six of cups in health reading can indicate problems with groin and organs of elimination.

Seven of cups ~ Venus in Scorpio can mean varicocele, venereal diseases, uterine prolapsis or tumors, painful menstruation and other female complaints. Seven of cups in a health reading can also mean abusive people and arguments causing health problems. Serious infections. Environmental toxins. Dangerous sexual encounters.

Eight of cups ~ Saturn in Pisces can indicate cold feet, rheumatism, and bunions. Eight of cups in a health reading can mean problems with prescription drugs.

Nine of cups ~ Jupiter in Pisces can indicate swollen, perspiring feet. Nine of cups in a health reading can also indicate too much celebration, excess living, hidden alcoholism, drug addictions, obesity, hidden liver issues, high blood pressure, high blood sugar levels.

Ten of cups ~ Mars in Pisces can indicate deformities or accidents of the feet, corns, bunions and perspiring feet. Ten of cups in a health reading can indicate unexpected surgeries (especially to the feet) and nutritional deficiencies.

Page of cups ~ Anxiety, groin problems, evil behavior.

Knight of cups ~ Problems with the feet, malnutrition, and addictions.

Queen of cups ~ Problems with the breasts, ovaries, uterus.

King of cups ~ Problems with the stomach and digestive system, unhealthy belly fat, hereditary illnesses, lifestyle habits learnt from an early age.


The wands get their health meanings from their astrological connection to Aries, Leo and Sagittarius.

Aries rules the head, the cerebrum, eyes, face, upper jaw, carotid arteries,  the front of the body.

Leo rules the heart, vena cava, back, spine, spinal cord, back, thymus gland.

Sagittarius rules the hips, thighs, ilium, femur, sacrum, coccyx, ischium, blood vessels, sciatic nerves, pituitary.

Ace of wands ~ A new approach to health. Getting your energy back. Exercise. Approach your body holistically.

Two of wands ~ Mars in Aries can denote a tendency to sunstroke, cerebral hemorrhages or congestion, inflammation of the brain, brain fever and delirium, shooting pains in the head, insomnia, and wounds in the head.

Three of wands ~ Sun in Aries can indicate aphasia, brain fever, meningitis, cerebral anemia or congestion of the blood, faintings and headaches. Three of wands in a health reading can also mean acne, hair loss, strokes, eye problems. Take care of your blood pressure. Remember to stretch before exercising.

Four of wands ~ Venus in Aries can mean migraines. Four of wands in a health reading can indicate that stress in the home is getting in the way of a healthy lifestyle.

Five of wands ~ Saturn in Leo can indicate a curvature of the spine and weak back. Five of wands in a health reading can indicate chronic fatigue, unhealthy weight loss, and anxiety.

Six of wands ~ Jupiter in Leo can mean a tendency to fatty degeneration of the heart, and poor circulation, palpitation and feverish conditions. Six of wands in a health reading can mean the seeker must use their common sense in health matters.

Seven of wands ~ Mars in Leo can indicate muscular rheumatism in the back, overheating of the blood, enlargement of the heart and palpitation, pain in the heart, inflammation of the pericardium. Seven of wands in a health reading can indicate the Seeker needs to look after their heart health. The Seeker might have issues allowing people to love them which can cause narrowing of the vessels to the heart. 

Eight of wands ~ Mercury in Sagittarius can indicate pain in the hips and thighs. Eight of wands in a health reading can mean injuries from exercise, arm, legs, shoulders, hips and thigh injuries.

Nine of wands ~ Moon in Sagittarius can indicate blood affections, hip disease, and, sometimes, a broken femur. Nine of wands in a tarot reading can also mean the Seeker feels under attack, emotionally and physically.

Ten of wands ~ Saturn in Sagittarius can mean contusions of the hips and thighs, sciatica, gout, and hip disease. Ten of wands in a health reading can also mean osteoporosis, teeth problems, and joint pain.

Page of wands ~ Issues with the heart, back and ribs. Exhaustion, incontinence, and fevers.

Knight of wands ~ Overindulgence in sugars, alcohol, and fatty food.

Queen of wands ~ Disfigurements, pimples, rashes, facial inflammation, eye problems. Watch out for poor outcome from plastic surgery, tattoos and piercings.

King of wands ~ Watch out for head injuries and issues with head aches, strokes, and encephalitis. Men worrying about going bald.

The Swords get their health meaning from their astrological connection to Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius.

Gemini rules The lungs, bronchi, trachea, shoulders, arms, hands, fingers, sympathetic nervous system.

Libra rules The kidneys, ureters, adrenal glands, skin, loins, lumbar region, back of the body. 

Aquarius rules The lower legs, ankles, circulation, pineal body.

Ace of swords ~ Confrontations causing health issues.

Two of swords ~ Moon in Libra gives a tendency to nephritis, abscess of the kidneys, uremia. In a health reading it can indicate Pain management, imbalances in adrenal hormones, lack of natural rhythms such as sleep pattern. Two of swords in a health reading encourages the seeker to seek balance between the body and the mind, and let go of resentment issues. 

Three of swords ~ Saturn in libra can indicate renal stones, nephritis, suppression of urine, malnutrition. In a health reading Three of swords can also indicate dealing with loss and grief.

Four of swords ~ Jupiter in Libra can indicate lethargy due to diminished adrenal secretion, renal abscess, diabetes and skin eruptions due to sluggish action of kidneys. Four of swords in a health reading can indicate health issues from inactivity.

Five of swords ~ Venus in Aquarius can mean a tendency to varicose veins. Five of swords in a health reading can also indicate unhealthy cravings towards sweets and unhealthy foods.

Six of swords ~ Mercury in Aquarius can mean indicate pains in the whole body, varicose veins and blood poisoning. Six of swords in a health reading can indicate it is time to disconnect to technology and reconnect to source, to the Creator of All that Is, to recharge yourself with healing energy.

Seven of swords ~ Moon in Aquarius can indicate issues with blood circulation, varicose veins and ulcers of the leg. Seven of swords in a health reading can denote the Seeker is dealing with a lot of stress.

Eight of swords ~ Jupiter in Gemini gives a tendency to blood affections and congestion of the lungs. Eight of swords in a health reading can indicate issues insecurities and social angst.

Nine of swords ~ Mars in Gemini can indicate pneumonia, bronchitis, cough, wounds or fractures, especially fractures of the hands and arms. Nine of swords can indicate that cruel behavior inflicted to the Seeker by others are causing health problems. Nine of swords also indicate emotional problems.

Ten of swords ~ Sun in Gemini can indicate burnout, chronic fatigue and bronchitis. Ten of swords in a health reading also mean back problems, lack of support, issues with pulmonary systems and hitting rock bottom emotionally.

Page of swords ~ Issues with legs and ankles, poor blood circulation, nervous tendencies. Accidents from not paying attention.

Knight of swords ~ Issues with shoulders, respiratory problems, nervous disorders. Problems with the connective systems in the body.

Queen of swords ~ Lower back problems, ovaries, skin disorders.

King of swords ~ Kidney problems, diabetes.