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The Major Arcana and The Grand Tableau method

The Grand Tableau means the Big Picture and if you are familiar with the Lenormand card tradition you might have heard of the Grand Tableau method. The Grand Tableau is a way of reading cards where the cards fall in certain houses named after the cards to create a big picture for the reader to interpret. The houses hold energy similar to the card they are named after, and the cards that fall in the specific houses will, therefore, be read in combination with the houses they landed in. For example house 1 in connection with the Major Arcana is the Fool since the Fool is card number 1. The second house is the Magician and so forth. Let us say the Fool fell in the Magician’s position. That could be read as the beginning of a new talent or a new idea. 

Learn more about Major Arcana tarot card meanings here. 

You might want to look further into certain positions. Look at what card fell in the particular position AND where the same card fell in the Grand Tableau. The Grand Tableau is about reading the cards together. They give each other meaning. 

Tip to the reader: I always look for cards that fall in each other’s positions. For example, Empress falling in Star position and Star falling in Empress position. These synchronicities happen when we are meant to give those cards extra significance. Click on the cards to see the card connections. 

fool tarot card meaning

Fool: Beginnings

Magician tarot card meanings

Magician: Talents

HIgh priestess tarot card meanings

High Priestess: Intuition

Empress tarot card meanings

Empress: Abundance

emperor tarot card meanings

Emperor: Leadership

hierophant tarot card meanings

Hierophant: Tradition.

lovers tarot card meanings

6. Lovers: Love

Chariot tarot card meanings

7. Chariot: Victory

Strength tarot card meanings

Strength: Passion

Hermit tarot card meaning

Hermit: Teacher

wheel of fortune tarot card meanings

Wheel of Fortune: Destiny

Justice tarot card meanings

Justice: Balance

Hanged man tarot card meanings

Hanged Man: Delay

death tarot card meanings

Death: Endings


Temperance: Moderation

devil tarot card meanings

Devil: Obsession

tower tarot card meanings

Tower: Destruction

star tarot card meanings

Star: Hope

Moon tarot card meanings

Moon: Creativity

Sun tarot card meanings

Sun: Happiness

Judgement tarot card meanings

Judgement: Inner Calling

world tarot card meanings

World: Success

How to Read The Major Arcana Cards

Many tarot readers struggle with the Major Arcana cards. Do they represent specific situations or subtle universal influences? The Truth is; your clients want specific information. To achieve giving them specifics the tarot cards must be read in connection with other cards. By connecting the Major Arcana cards with other Major Arcana cards you will get specific information to assist your clients in the best way.

Remember: Similar to the Grand Tableau in the Lenormand card tradition; if a card fall in its own position it is intensified.