Are you a Crystal child, Indigo child, or Rainbow child

Am I a Crystal Child, Indigo Child, or Rainbow Child ~ Tarot Spread If you feel stuck in an energy pattern, this Meditation could be helpful. This meditation includes Emotional healing and Belief Work. This meditation also includes Curse Clearing, Entity Clearing, and Clearing of Oaths to Poverty, and to Self-Sabotage, and Negative Thought Loops. This [...]

Toxic Person Spread

Toxic Person Tarot Spread Some people are just mean and toxic. This spread investigates why they are mean and why it affects you so badly. This person could be a relative, colleague, spouse, a friend, or an acquaintance. Understanding why someone is the way they are, often makes us impervious to their behaviour, or at [...]

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The Star Tarot Spread

The Star Tarot Spread Find out how to make your dreams come true. The Star tarot card is all about hope and making your dreams come true. Make your dreams your goals and never stop dreaming of good things to come. If you have experienced ill-health, it is even more important to make [...]

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