Basic Tarot card meanings

Tarot Basic Cheat Sheet This is a sneak cheat post that you can use to remember the basic tarot card meanings. Major Arcana cards basic meaning Fool: Upright: The unknown Reversed: Delays Magician: Upright: Innovation. Reversed: Misunderstandings. High Priestess: Upright: Intuition Reversed: Manipulations. Empress: Upright: Fertility Reversed: Neglect Emperor: Upright: Authority Reversed: … Read more

Alligator Spirit Animal

Alligator is represented by Four of Swords Tarot Card Alligator Spirit signifies patience and regeneration. Alligator Spirit protects from manipulation and teaches how to bid your time for best result. Alligator Spirit gives you the Power to Survive. Alligator Spirit teaches to be mindful what you consume; physically, spiritually and intellectually. Alligator helps … Read more

Elephant Spirit Animal

Elephant is represented by King of Cups Tarot Card Elephant Spirit signifies being loyal, especially to family. Elephant Spirit helps you understand yourself better, and to help yourself before you attempt helping others. Elephant Spirit aids those in the medical, science and research field. Elephant Spirit teaches how to learn and retain knowledge, … Read more

Hare Spirit Animal

Hare is represented by the High Priestess Tarot Card Hare Spirit represents intuition and jumping between the Spirit realms. Hare helps you shapeshift during your journey so that you don’t draw unnecessary attention to yourself. Hare brings luck and prosperity. Hare teaches you how you can adapt swiftly and be independent. Hare people … Read more

Orangutan Spirit Animal

Orangutan is represented by Six of Cups Tarot Card Go back to the main Spirit animal page here.  Orangutan Spirit shows up in your life to help you come to peace with yourself and with your past, especially mother related wounding. Orangutan helps you with self-love and self-appreciation. Orangutan Spirit teaches you to … Read more

Lynx Spirit Animal

Lynx is represented by Seven of Wands Tarot Card Go back to the main Spirit animal page here.  Lynx Spirit signifies the ability to gaze into other dimensions. Lynx can hear your thoughts and taste your intentions, giving them the advantage position in life. Lynx Spirit teaches you how to grow spiritually while in peace and solitude. … Read more

Hedgehog Spirit Animal

Hedgehog is represented by Two of Wands Tarot Card See more spirit animals here. Hedgehog Spirit signifies enjoying life without taking things to personal. Hedgehog encourages you to follow your curiosity and start making plans. Hedgehog teaches you how to look after yourself in the big world. Hedgehog also shows up when it … Read more

Buffalo Spirit Animal

Buffalo is represented by the Magician Tarot Card See more spirit animals here. Buffalo Spirit signifies having everything you need and then some. Buffalo Spirit brings abundance and gratitude, stability and emotional well-being to your life. Buffalo helps you with all kinds of mental tasks, as Buffalo represents using your head in … Read more

Butterfly Spirit Animal

Butterfly is represented by Judgement Tarot Card See more spirit animals here. Butterfly Spirit signifies changes that feel like they are beyond your control. Butterfly helps you transform gracefully. Butterfly Spirit comes into your life to bring your beauty and prosperity. Butterfly helps people forgive themselves. Who you are now is not the … Read more

Lizard Spirit Animal

Lizard is represented by Knight of Pentacles Tarot Card See more spirit animals here. Lizard Spirit signifies the ability to manifest a new and desirable future. You are encouraged to choose the path that honours your true nature. Lizard assists in grounding you to Earth and prompting a change from the inside out, starting with … Read more