Musical Talents in Tarot

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How to Discover your Musical Talents in the Tarot Cards

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Tarot Cards that can denote Musical gifts

Eight of wands ~ A beautiful singing voice.

Hanged Man ~ A unique voice.

Empress ~ A unique voice that can be developed.

Emperor ~ Talent to learn any instrument.

Magician and Knight of cups ~ Tend to pick up musical instruments easily.

Nine of cups ~ Talents in reading music.

Eight of cups ~ Talents in composing music and often very spiritual music.

Six of swords and Queen of cups ~ Talents writing amazing song lyrics.

Page of swords ~ Talents making electronic music.

Temperance ~ Talents in electronic music and mixing it with natural instruments.

The Fool ~ Talents in electronic music and DJing.

The Star ~ Talents using technology and often natural gifted using electronic music.

Two of wands and Judgement can represent Wind instruments.

Two of swords can represent keyboards, organs, and pianos.

Two of cups can represent other String instruments, especially guitars.

Three of swords can represent the violin.

The Chariot and sometimes the Devil card represent drums.

Page of cups ~ Eager to learn music. This card can mean music will be easy to learn and remember it is never too late to learn.