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Temperance: Moderation

Temperance Tarot Card
Meanings and Keywords:

Temperance tarot card meanings in traditional tarot stem from its connection to both Astrology and Numerology. Temperance tarot card can mean:


Balance, harmony, and equilibrium.

Mixing different situations to create a better one.

People and situations complementing each other.

Finding the middle ground.

Enjoying well-being.


Getting your life together.

Testing the waters.

Communicating with higher powers.





Symbolism in Temperance tarot card

The angel could be Archangel Michael or perhaps it is Archangel Gabriel. The vessels in the angel’s hands represent the vessel that contains eternal life. The flowers are symbolising the goddess Iris who links God to humanity. Iris travels from one end of the world to another, into the depth of the sea and the underworld. She was known as the messenger, symbolising spiritual messages available to you. The angel’s feet, one on land and one in water, symbolise the unification of the external and internal, conscious and subconscious. It also represents testing the waters before jumping into the unknown. The red wings on the angel represent blood which symbolises life. The sun crown represents a connection to higher power. The triangle on the angel’s dress is an equilateral triangle and symbolise spirit, divinity, fire, life, prosperity and harmony. It can also symbolise God and the holy trinity. The square outside the triangle represents protection and stability. Temperance is ruled by Sagittarius in the Zodiac.

Temperance tarot card and Astrology

Temperance is ruled by Sagittarius. Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter. Jupiter is the planet for seeking knowledge through experience, long-distance travel, tolerance, expansion, and luck. There is a desire to understand other culture and aiming at long distance goals, as well as destinations. Jupiter is the planet for the seeker and when well-aspected denotes confidence and inner knowing, intuition, vision, good fortune and optimism. When poorly aspected it denotes fanaticism, recklessness, and intemperate behaviour has gone too far.

Temperance tarot card meanings upright

Temperance in a general reading

Temperance tarot card represents a balanced interaction between the elements to create something new and fresh. Temperance includes all the elements in such a way that it brings out the best of each substance. When the Temperance card shows up in your life there is great balance and strength between the different areas and people in your life that are working together. The outcome is beneficial for everyone involved. Temperance appears in your life to point out to you what is giving your life meaning and purpose. This card also says that you will achieve the best result by being moderate and humble. Temperance is also linked to the angelic realm so listen to the inner guidance as this is the messages from your guardian angel. Temperance assists with staying connected and balanced. It is a card for good timing and the ability to adapt to new situations and to work well with others.

Temperance in a love reading

In a love reading, Temperance tarot card signifies a relationship between two opposites who complete each other. If the Seeker is single Temperance means they will meet someone different who will bring out the best in them. They will fall in love without losing their heads.

Temperance in a career reading

In a career reading, Temperance tarot card signifies Humanitarian careers and management jobs.

Temperance as feelings

Temperance speaks of feelings that are creating well-being within the seeker. The Seeker needs to execute strong boundaries to keep their heaven within, or they could start attracting toxic people. Temperance speaks of love that brings the best out in the Seeker. It is not an intense feeling, more a feeling of being enhanced.

If you are asking how someone feels about you, Temperance can mean the person feels you are bringing harmony and happiness into his/hers life. They feel you are bringing something new into their life that makes their life a lot better. Temperance can also mean the person is feeling melaconic.

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Personality types in Temperance tarot card

Temperance tarot card is someone who is used to compromise and who has a patient and balanced approach. This is someone who has healing and psychic abilities. They often combine two totally different aspects of a situation to create something new and fresh. They are great at management, especially when it comes to managing people. This is someone who gets the best out of people. They believe in moderation and are aiming at long-term goals, higher education, and far away places. This is someone who lives their adult life quite different from how they grew up, often even in a new country with a different culture. They live by the rule; a marathon lasts longer than a spring, and pursue their goals and dreams in the same manner. Everything happens when it’s meant to, there is no need to rush it. Temperance tarot card people are excellent communicators and mediators.


Temperance: Moderation

Temperance tarot card meanings reversed

Temperance tarot card reversed indicates that the balance between two opposing elements to create a third goes terribly wrong. This card often shows up when two different people who could bring out the best in each other instead bring out the worst. There is no middle ground and at least one is left feeling exhausted and drained. Elements refuse to mix. The merging of groups and families do not work. Creating a new business by merging two smaller companies fail. The environment is toxic. There is a lack of substance to make the dream a reality. On a more personal level, there is hot temper and impatience, and an unwillingness to unify and mix in.

Personality types in reversed Temperance tarot card

Temperance tarot card reversed is someone who is going too fast, too far and is taking too many risks. They need to slow down and have a break. Someone or something in their life is driving them crazy, bringing out the worst in them. The way they are going they will burn out long before they reach any of their goals. This is someone irritable and angry, who just wants some peace and quiet, however, there is little of that around. They are too stubborn to change and is sticking with what is not working for them. Temperance reversed denotes someone who is ready for change but is too exhausted to make any decisions that will shake things up. They are very easily manipulated by others.

Temperance tarot card combinations

Some important tarot card combinations including Temperance:

Temperance + The Magician: The wellness industry. 

Temperance + The High Priestess: An angel intuitive. A psychic healer. 

Temperance + The Lovers: A balanced relationship. A relationship that heals. 

Temperance + The Chariot: Moving or travelling overseas. 

Temperance + The World: Higher education. Living overseas. 

Temperance + Ace of cups: Channeling spiritual information. The Arts. Spiritual work. 

Temperance + Four of cups: Contemplating.  

Temperance + Ten of cups: A happy and loving family. Spiritual family.

Temperance + Queen of cups: A Humanitarian. 

Temperance + King of cups: A diplomat.

Temperance + Three of pentacles: Long career path. 

Temperance + Ten of pentacles: Your soul family. 

Temperance + Page of pentacles: Post graduate degree. 

Temperance + Ace of swords: Speaking the truth. 

Temperance + Four of swords: Meditating.

Temperance + Six of swords: Anthropology. Learning from other cultures. 

Temperance + Eight of swords: Communicating in another language. 

Temperance + King of swords: A news reporter. Broadcasting. 

Temperance + Two of wands: A successful idea/enterprise. 

Temperance + Three of wands: Export/import. 

Temperance + Knight of wands: An overseas adventure.

Temperance tarot card meanings summary

Temperance tarot card denotes creating your own Heaven on Earth. Temperance speaks of opening the channels to your guardian angels and to the Creator of All to have inner peace while on Earth. Temperance tarot card shows up when health and well-being are of utmost importance. Temperance helps us create peace and harmony through the way we think and communicate.

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