Introducing Erin Lynn ~ Akashic Record Reader Extraordinaire.

It is not easy writing an introduction to someone like Erin Lynn. I have never met her in person, yet I feel the most unique introduction has taken place. During a two-year period when my life came to a halt, I was granted the opportunity to explore things that would have otherwise gone unnoticed in my busy schedule. Two particular teachers came into my life who drastically changed my understanding of who we are as human beings. One was an Ascended Master that I met in the Astral light. The other one was Erin Lynn.

Erin Lynn is an Akashic Record reader who is discovering many new starseeds previously unknown to us. Most of us have heard of the Sirian and Pleidian starseeds, but how many of you have heard of the Awevls, Syrmas, or Nofs? These are only a few examples. Erin Lynn is adding a plethora of information about starseeds, as well as clearing up some misinformation. I thoroughly enjoyed reading her post, ‘The Truth About Venus.‘ Another example is her post about Walk-In-Souls, which explains in detail what it is and why it sometimes, although rare, occurs.

She provides detailed distinctions that reveal so much about our starseed origins. Her response to my question about life on Arcturus is a perfect example of this.

Her background in scientific research, combined with her starseed origin and psychic inclination, has endowed her with a truly unique skill set. Her awakening journey particularly intrigued me, as it is rarely an easy journey. It takes a very special and strong person to carve out a new path. The saying, “I stand on the shoulders of giants,” comes to mind, and I believe this is exactly what she is doing for many of us. It has been an absolute delight reading her starseed discoveries, and I am thrilled to present this Q&A to you.

My Q&A With Akashic Record Reader, Erin Lynn.

Q: I would love to hear about your spiritual awakening. How did you come to know about your starseed origin? Did you always know?  

A: I have always been able to see beyond the veil. It was very apparent to me that there was much more to life than what we see with our two eyes. My heightened psychic ability was always there but I pushed it away because it wasn’t useful to me at the time. My training was in scientific research, so there was no usefulness for spirituality or psychic awareness in that field. It wasn’t until I left my job, about 6 years ago, and gave myself some space and made the intention to open myself up to my abilities. Once I did that it all came forward intensely as if all I had to do was acknowledge my latent gifts. 

My sister, who is also a psychic, was talking to me about starseeds. I had heard the term many times before, but prior to that, I was never led to get my own Akashic Record read. The time was right and I sought out my own Akashic Record reading and that is when I found out about my Arcturian soul origins. It made total sense to me at the time and answered some questions on why I viewed life the way I did. Once I received that reading, I started automatically downloading information from the Akashic Record Library about those around me before I even knew how to access the information. It was my Spirit Guides’ way of pushing me in this current direction. I then asked my Guides if I had access to the Akashic Records and they took me immediately to a study room they had waiting for me in the library. It was a very seamless and easy process to begin this work. Obviously, I have a steep learning curve with this new information coming forward but it is all a apart of the journey. 

Q: What are your memories from Arcturus? 

A: I did not have any conscious memories of Arcturus prior to my Akashic Record reading. However, since then I have astral traveled to my home world and have learned that I have been physically traveling there throughout my life. However, my work has not led me too much to discover my own journey but instead help others to discover their journey.

Q: I don’t suspect I am an Arcturian starseed, but I would love to learn more about what life is like there. What is their family structure? Do families there bond similar to here on earth? Who are the Arcturians strongest allies and friends in the galaxy? 

A: A distinction should be made prior to discussing the details of life on Arcturus. Arcturus is the brightest star in the Boötes Constellation and is also called Alpha Boötis. The are approximately 92 celestial bodies in the Boötes Constellation. I am told about 13 of these bodies are inhabited with advanced life. For example, my soul originated on Izar or Epsilon Boötis and not officially Arcturus.

All these inhabited realms are different, but I am told that they are all further along on their ascension than Earth (e.g., in the 5th dimension or higher). Arcturus is simply a generalized term for any being or starseed soul that comes from that constellation. Most, if not all, of these inhabited realms will incarnate on Earth as starseeds.

Whereas, “Arcturian” is the universally used term in ET and spiritual circles it’s not exactly true. There are wide variations of life in the Boötes. Therefore, their worlds will look different as the beings themselves. Their cultures are also quite varied. I have not investigated all 13 realms in ‘Arcturus’ myself but I was told that blue is a predominate color amongst life forms there. All Boötes beings are either shades of gray/blue, bright blue, or purple/blue and everywhere in between. Some are humanoid and some are not, some are physical realms and some are non-physical.

Q: Any famous ascended masters from Arcturus? 

A: I am not familiar with any Ascended Masters that originate from the Boötes Constellation; Arcturus or elsewhere. However, I have been told that Archangels Metatron and Sandalphon were initially from there. I cannot prove this of course as I do not have access to their Akashic Records. These two Archangels are often referred to as brothers and are the only ones with human origins. Meaning they weren’t always angelic beings but had been elevated in status due to their selflessness in helping others and extreme benevolence. 

Q: Have you got a favourite planet besides Arcturus? 

A: I can’t say that I have a favorite planet as they are all fascinating in their own unique ways. Although, I find the planet Alphirk to be absolutely beautiful and especially the pink sky on their world. 

Q: Are our guardian angels starseeds from Ankaa?

A: No, although some might originate from there. There are countless benevolent soul groups out there that are helping those on Earth through this important transition. 

Q: Are soul family groups always of the same starseed origin? 

A: No, but these two terms get confused a lot. A soul family is different than one’s soul group of origination or starseed origin. A soul family is a group of souls from various galactic (and Earth) backgrounds who decide to have repeated incarnations together. This does not mean that if one is in the same soul family that EVERY lifetime is together, but there will be at least a few. A soul group of origination is where a soul had their first incarnations. This is important because it sets the soul up for what type of lessons and experiences they will pursue as well as the energies they will carry for an eternity. 

Q: Do you see yourself teaching? 

A: I consider what I do now a form of teaching, but on a wider scale. There have been times where people have asked me to teach them how to read the Akashic Records, but I have no idea how to teach others what I do. It Is not so much that I have a special technique that allows me to obtain this new knowledge but that the door is open to me because I am supposed to receive it and share it. 

Q: Would you consider a membership platform where people like myself can ask you questions (ie. once a month Q&A)? 

A: I’ve been guided to expand my YouTube channel and I am working on a book. I may begin live channelings with these new groups in the future where people can ask questions. I’d love to connect with someone who can help me set that up in a technical sense. I’m not particularly tech savvy. 

Q: The general information online about starseeds is not very detailed. Have you considered writing in details about the more well known starseeds, ie. Sirius, Pleidians, Andromedans, etc? 

A: It’s a possibility for the future. I do read for starseed clients who originate from all the well-known planets too. The Hadarians have previously reached out and I’ve written more about their history on my blog and had drawing made of them and their world. I’ve spent some time with the mysterious Procyons, a website blog with additional details has also been posted about them. Otherwise, the already established groups have not been especially chatty with me. However, the unknown realms in our Universe have kept me very busy. Currently, I have met and explored 61 new races and their worlds thus far and more are always coming forward through my client Akashic Record readings. My focus had been more on these unknown realms and I just can’t help but be very detailed in my approach. I prefer to have as much clarity as possible.  

Q: Is it possible to access your own records as many times as you like? 

A: Yes, you can access an Akashic Record many times, but you can only receive that specific information once per lifetime. Therefore, one needs to ask different questions each time they access the soul record. 

Q: Are there any questions you cannot ask the records? 

A: One can certainly ask whatever they wish, but you may not always receive the answer. Or get vague answers. Reasons for this could include if knowing a certain bit of information would be upsetting for you or you are not ready to know it for some other reason. Furthermore, some answers may be overly simplified because we are not knowledgeable enough yet about what we are asking.

I special mention to Hadar

Reading about the different starseeds has been quite emotional. Hadar’s history, in particular, is deeply moving. While I didn’t ask any specific questions about them, I feel this starseed group deserves special mention due to their history and our current Earth situation.

The other groups I feel a strong connection to are the Proxima Centaurians, Regulus (my favourite!), Ankaa, and Zavijava.

I am so grateful to Erin Lynn for sharing her gifts with us as an Akashic Record Reader Extraordinaire. Her Website:

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