Hierophant Tarot Card Love Meaning

hierophant tarot card meanings
Hierophant: Tradition.

The Hierophant Tarot Card Love Meaning

Is the Hierophant a good card to get in a question about your love life?

The Hierophant is all about commitment. When the Hierophant shows up in your tarot reading it denotes there is a deepening in your security in your life. If you are asking about your love life the Hierophant speaks of a commitment that will make you feel secure. The Hierophant signifies the type of relationship where two people meet to discover who they really are. They can become so dependent on each other that they don’t know how to live without each other. This is the type of relationship that has every chance to go the distance. The Hierophant is, in fact, a very good card to get in regards to love, especially if a commitment is important to you.

The Hierophant provides the structure and security to go after the things in life you always wanted. You are encouraged to go after your dream, but not on your own, you are sharing a dream with your significant other. Together you will manifest something of both spiritual and material value.

Learn the traditional meaning of the Hierophant tarot card.

The Hierophant denotes a relationship that is effortless and easy, especially in comparison to the Emperor relationship discussed previously. The Hierophant denotes two equal parts who become successful together.
The Hierophant often represents two people who are in a teaching/mentoring role and they are both passionate about sharing their knowledge with the world. They are two people who share a similar life purpose and have a special connection due to this. They encourage each other. They often end up travelling together, and they often stay very young at heart, always looking for a new experience to share with each other.

The Hierophant speaks of a non-resistance kind of relationship where you can relax. You share the same beliefs and values as each other and you don’t have to work so hard to impress the other person. You are winning even when you are not even trying. Your significant other can’t even imagine life without you, and you can’t imagine life without him/her. You are two equals who are best friends as well romantic partners.

The Hierophant often shows up in a reading when there is a wedding about to happen. If you are asking about your relationship the Hierophant denotes a secure and stable relationship.

The Hierophant tarot card Love Meanings summary

To sum it up: The Hierophant denotes a relationship between two ‘teacher’ types who end up being like one person. They can become very dependent on each other. They are often traveling, teaching, learning and sharing meaningful experiences. They are meant to go after a dream together. They share the same beliefs and values. This is a relationship that often ends up going the distance as they don’t want anyone else but each other.


  1. I asked about a relationship that fell apart due to external negativity and in which attempts at re-unification haven’t worked out thus far

  2. hy. i asked if he will return to me, i got the hanged man reversed and the hierophant reversed….can you help me understand it better pls?

  3. I asked about the outcome of a potential relationship. We are not together . I got the Hierophant and 6 of swords. Does this mean that a relationship will happen ? I am confused by 6 of swords is this telling me to forget it and move on?

  4. Hi, I feel like this person is very set in his ways, and you are quite different people deep down. They show me you need someone you can communicate with. They show me someone coming into your life soon that is a very strong communicator, and I feel like you will be taken by surprise and be very impressed with this person.

  5. I asked about love with a person I am interested in and received Hierophant as the likely outcome with Justice card right before it as what is going against for me. Other cards I had were Devil and The Tower as my fears and what is going for me. I am not sure how to read a 6 tarot card spread but anyone has an idea?

  6. Justice tarot card shows up when we are want to Master something, and we are trying to be perfect. I believe the cards are telling you to trust more, and to be yourself completely with the person you like. If you are yourself, then the outcome looks really positive for you two. The hierophant is telling you that you two are very compatible with your beliefs and values. Devil and Tower confirm the Justice card in that you are advised to let Go,and Be yourself. Don’t try and be the perfect person around your love interest, this person really likes the real you….:)

  7. I’ve got 8 of cups, ace of pentacles and the hierophant when i ask about a relationship. We have one night stand, but i really like him, as a person. I don’t know about him, because he ask for my number but i forgot, so we lost touch, but he lives in the same city, so i hope we meet again. But i don’t know how he feel about me …

  8. Hi!
    I asked about friend. We had misunderstanding and now he ignore me. And i wanna now is there still a chance to be friends again? I received king of swords, the fool and 6 od wands. Thank you 🙂

  9. Inger, please, don’t forget about me :))

    I’ve got 8 of cups, ace of pentacles and the hierophant when i ask about a relationship. We have one night stand, but i really like him, as a person. I don’t know about him, because he ask for my number but i forgot, so we lost touch, but he lives in the same city, so i hope we meet again. But i don’t know how he feel about me …

    Thanks so much

  10. Hi, I feel the cards are telling you there wasn’t enough time for him to develop any specific feelings, and this card combination can also mean he is focusing his attention towards work and study at this stage. But if you live in the same city, chances are you will meet again 🙂 Cheers, Inger

  11. Hello,

    i asked about a relationship. I’m single, but i really like this man who i met a month ago. He was interesting in me, but i was afraid to give him my number, stupid me :S. But we had some very good moments together :).
    I can’t stop thinking about him. And i got 8 of wands, 9 of wands and 3 od cups. Will we reunite again?

  12. Hi, the guy at work is leaving soon and I asked whether we would go our separate ways (as in not crossing paths again). I drew the Hierophant card. Does this mean there is some type of unfinished business and would you say we would eventually get together?

  13. Hello,

    I was asking the tarot for the results of a job interview and i got situation as it is ten of pentacles, course of action to be taken six of cups and new situation that will evolve seven of swords. What does this reading mean?

  14. Hi, Ten of pentacles and Six of cups indicate you will feel at home there. Seven of swords is a bit of a wildcard, as this card can indicate that you will end up going to the competitors of that company.

  15. Hi Inger. Would be very grateful to you if you could give me some advice. Am in a relationship with someone since 18 Months. But in the last 4-5 months we have broken up twice (for a month each time) and gotten back together again, because we are both head strong, stubborn and very sensitive. 3 days ago we broke up again. I asked the tarot if we would get back together again and if she loved me deeply and I got the Heirophant card. I’m very confused since i’m told this card means permanence and settling down, but we don’t seem to be anywhere near that. Can you help with advice on what the card is showing and what it means? Thanks, in advance.

  16. I believe the Hierophant is telling you to have faith in your relationship. The hierophant is a 5 in numerology, and the number 5 often feels a bit boxed in, and it wants more freedom. The Hierophant has freedom through discipline, and it focuses on having a purpose. You must find what it is that you have in common, that gives you meaning. Free yourself from the obligation of having drama in the relationship. This only occurs as you haven’t yet found what are both really seeking. Go deeper, and find that something special you can share together.
    Blessings, Ingie

  17. Hi Inger,

    I asked if me and my ex will be together again b’cos we broke up recently due to third party interference. I got King of Swords/6 of Cups/Page of Pentacles.

    Thank you

  18. Hello Inger,
    I asked what to I need to do to get my ex back after 10 years. 10 years passed and I still miss him. That was me who broke up with him. He is single now, we talked just once half of year ago, he lives in different state now. I know it’s immature but it’s very important for me. I pulled Death, 6 of wands and Ace of Wands (sex?). But Death?! Very confusing. Please help me.

  19. Hello Inger.
    I had asked about my current relationship which is very confusing and I wanted to get some answers. I got Tower as a near future card and Hierophant as a final outcome card. Does it mean that my current relationship will be over soon and I’ll meet another person or Hierophant card represent my cured guy? I’d really appreciate your help in interpreting these cards because this man means a lot to me but I don’t think that he feels the same. Thank you so much in advance!!

  20. Hi, Mary. I don’t believe it means your relationship will be over because the Tower in my experience often shows up when we are stirred up emotionally, but it is rarely as bad as what we think it is. The Hierophant as outcome card often mean you will find your ‘comfortable roles’ within this relationship, but it is important also to allow individual freedom, or conflict soon arises. The Hierophant operates foremost on trust 🙂
    Cheers, Ingie

  21. Hello Inger

    I asked the tarot about an old friend who I reconnected with and we go out from time. Even though we have been platonic I’m starting to have interest in him. I pulled the Heirophant card for a love tarot does this mean possible commitment or.marriage?

  22. Hi Inger, my parner and i broke up but he has been giving me mixed signals – he talks of things we could do together in the future and occasionally buys me the odd gift but also seems dead set on us not being together.
    In a celtic cross reading, i got the 5 of wands in the future position and then the heirophant in the outcome position… could u shed some light on the meaning of this reading please? Many thanks xx

  23. Hi Inger! I would be grateful if you could tell me will I reunite with my ex or is it over forever? Thank you!

  24. hi Inger

    I had a question if the person of my choice will make me his choice for marriage. i got the hierophant card. what does it predict?

    Thanks and regards

  25. Hi, Aman. The hierophant card is a card that symbolises marriage, so if you only pulled out one card, and it was the Hierophant, it could mean marriage. I would lay out more cards to see if the Hierophant is being supported by the other cards, which gives you more of a yes/no answer…:) Let me know what cards you get….

  26. Hi again Inger! I did estranged lovers spread and it said : main obstacle – queen of cups. Chance to reunite – the fool. How compatible are we – Prince of cups (that’s my card). Future influences – 6 of cups. Destiny of relationship – the moon, 10 of cups. I was using Crowley’s toth tarot deck. What do you think what will be the result? Thank you so much.

  27. Hi Inger, I have a huge crush on someone and did a three card spread. I pulled the Hierophant card for “the situation,” the Judgment card for “advice” and the 2 of cups for the “outcome.” What could this mean?

  28. Hi, Wed. There are a lot of cups which denote there are feelings there, however, I there are a lack of 2s, which often mean the seeker will end up with someone other than the person they are asking about….Could be why Queen of cups shows up in the block position.

  29. Hi Inger,

    I hope you can help me get a better understanding about two cards I’ve got in a love reading.
    It’s important to say, that the man I fell in love with says, that he doesn’t want anything serious. But when I asked the cards about his feelings towards me I got “The Hierophant” which I can understand is a great one in love readings? Then after that I asked “How’s the future going to be like for the two of us and our ‘relation'” and I got the Three of pentacles?

    Can you help me sum up, what this would mean?


  30. Hello, I’ve been asking a few times if a man will eventually develop “love” feelings towards me. I often pull Hermit and Hierophant combo, surrounded with other cards that varies, such as Temperance or Strength or world. I don’t do any spread, I usually just ask a question and pick 3 or 4 cards.
    The context is that we’ve been lovers for a short period of time, I fell pregnant and kept the child against his will. He stopped talking to me for 3 years. He came back in my life for his daughter and we started being lovers again with agreement he just wants to be friends because he’s not in love. 2 months ago he stopped being lovers and just wants to be platonic friends because he’s uncomfortable with the situation knowing I’m in love with him.

  31. Hi, Isabelle. You might have come together for the purpose of having the child….this could have already been pre-decided before you were born, and part of your destiny. If he is your soulmate, he will want to be with you. I would do the soulmate manifestation, and manifest someone who will be there for you 🙂 Here is the link to do the soulmate meditation manifestations: https://www.tarotingie.com/manifest-soul-mate/

  32. Hi Inger, I would really love some help from you on finding out about if my boyfriend and I will persevere and survive through all the hardship we’ve been going through. I’ve been having a really hard past year in my job and home situation and we have a really wonderful relationship. It’s been hard on the relationship since I’ve been going through issues of moving to the city we live in and changing my career and not being able to keep a job. It’s made it harder that I also haven’t had a real place to live because of that and he’s let me live with him since no one in my family will even help me. He’s the most amazing guy and we love each other so much, but he also wants me to live on my own, which I understand. It’s been stressful on the relationship and he doesn’t want to date me while we live together. I’m trying to get a place, but the amount of obstacles and stresses on being able to do that have been preventing me so far. He’s my best friend and I want to have the confidence and believe that I don’t need to worry about us being together in the future. If you could please help me I would very much appreciate it. Thank you and I enjoy your site so much.

  33. Hi, Misty. I had a look in the cards and they are showing me you working and enjoying it. They are showing me everything that is happening at the moment is actually to give you back control in your life. They also show me your boyfriend has some emotional issues at the moment, and he might not be coping very well in his life. I almost feel like you are there living with him now as a part of a divine setup so that he has more emotional support at the moment. The cards are also telling me that you are someone who is very capable and you will be able to get your life on track with ease. In numerology, you are currently in a 5 year cycle. In a 5 year cycle, there are always lots of twists and turns, and this year will fly quickly. Next year, you will be focusing more on your career. In about 3 months time you will know exactly where you stand with your boyfriend, and if you want to continue with the relationship. They show me you will make a very good decision that is for the best for you. 🙂

  34. Greetings and blessings to you. I got the sun and hierophant when I asked if my ex and I will reconcile. I’m lost. Your guidance is greatly appreciated.

  35. Hi, Dawn. The Sun is always a good card to get, and can mean you will have a very positive outcome. You can also try this tarot spread called Estranged lovers spread.

    Card 1. What is the main obstacle between me and …name of estranged lover.

    Card 2. What are the chances we will be reunited.

    Card 3. How compatible are we.

    Card 4. Future influences.

    Card 5, 6, 7. Destiny of relationship.

    Let me know how you go ?

  36. Hi Inger,

    I asked the cards about a man I like and what will happen between us. The first card is The Lovers, the second The Hermit and the third and last card The Hierophant.
    All Major Arcana cards, what does this mean for us?

  37. The Major Arcana cards mean there is a lot of destiny at play, and the relationship will flow in a certain direction. By the cards you get, there seems to be a strong connection between you.

  38. Hi , I did a spread , not formal , I kind of make them up sometimes, regarding someone I might have feelings for, not sure how he feels about me. The first card was the emperor, next the lovers, and then the empress. I drew two more cards , the heirophant and the world. I take this as very good but wanted a second opinion. Thank you.

  39. I used a full deck and only the majors turned up! Thank you for your response! I was asking about a specific person, things between us aren’t great but not unfriendly. Any input would be greatly appreciated!

  40. When Major Arcanas are showing up you will have to go with the Flow, and basically, have faith that everything will turn out great. I think also the cards are telling you that you have great communication, and this is the key to success in this situation.

  41. Hi Inger:

    I got the hierophant followed by the 10 of swords as how a man feels for a woman in a romantic sense however, I see nothing very romantic about this combination. Normally, I would see the hierophant as commitment, tradition, holding someone or the relationship at high standard sacredly, a traditional marriage card. However, when the 10 of swords came up,I was like ouch! So does this mean the male no longer hold this relationship at a high standard? Or as I read it committed to ending the relationship he once held sacred?

  42. The hierophant is shedding light on the Ten of swords…It could be that there is a need for a renewal, and the man is also feeling a bit old and needs to feel excited about life again…

  43. I picked heirophant and for his feelings for me ace of penticles. Is this positive as iv read the ace of penticles is not really linked to love more like? We have been a couple for a year and a half.

  44. Inger! Hello, and how are you? Many blessings and wonderful energy is being sent to you from this way! Update from 11/22/2016. My lost love and I are back together. He reached out to me on Thanksgiving. I was so happy, you couldn’t even imagine. I fell in love with him all over again. Thank you, and many blessings!!!!!!.

    p.s.The outcomes I get now are the World, Sun, and Hierophant. I pray all of those are good.
    Love and light to you!!!?

  45. Will we work out our relationship. He got angry for something he said was unforgivable. First card ten of swords, second five of swords, third wheel of fortune, four the moon five the heirophant. Im feeling that he is angry but we keep being pulled back regardless of the pain, the wheel of fortune makes me feel like we are meant to be together, the universe brought us there, and the heirophant makes me feel after we both grow and learn snd accept things abouy each other that we are supposed to be.

  46. Hi, Amber. This card combination suggests you two need to find a way to grow in this relationship. Work out what your individual goals are, and support each other in reaching them. 🙂

  47. Hi Inger 🙂

    I did a 3 card spread with specific questions regarding a love interest. I have an idea of the card meanings but I just wanted to get your opinion.

    First card – I asked if X person (man) was in a serious relationship and I got The Hierophant card. I clarified it and got the 6 of cups. I thought, “ok then he is in a committed relationship with someone from his past.”

    But then I got to the second card:
    I asked if this guy was happy in his relationship and I got the 10 of Swords! So how does this change everything in the meaning? Two positive cards and then a “negative” card. Are they breaking up? Is he tired with this relationship? A done deal?

    Third Card – I asked — is this guy going through a spiritual journey? what is he looking for? I got the Knight of Cups.

    Do you mind helping me trying to figure this out? Thanks!

  48. Hi Amber. Hopefully you can advise me. I did a 4 card spread that i found online “will my ex return?”, but idk if that was the right one because he was not really my boyfriend. About 2 months ago you recommended a spread and help me interpret it, which at that time looked promising, as u said then, he was starting to develop feelings for me. But He is so hard to read, one day he is hot another day he’s cold (plus i know he has other suitors) so i told him i give up, that i couldn’t deal with his inconsistent behavior towards me and i ended communication with him about 2 weeks ago. In the 4 card spread i did i got: 10 of swords as the situation, fool as the challenge, temperance as advice and the hierophant as most likely outcome. I want to know if there was any chance for him to return, for us to kinda start over or if i should just let it go. Thank you. Or should i do another spread for my situation to find out if he’ll contact me again? Thanks again and many blessings for 2017.

  49. Looks like you have given this man the opportunity to follow his feelings and develop a relationship with you, and since he is not committing to you, the cards I believe is telling you that you will meet someone who will make a strong commitment to you….

  50. Thank you for replying. It’s a little disappointing that things are not turning up how i wanted but i guess it’s for the best. I truly appreciate your answer. Best wishes.

  51. Hello Inger, I am single and I asked what this year will bring.
    I got the moon for where/when I could meet someone, hierophant for the courtship, the world for longterm outcome
    & for challenges 3 of wands.
    I feel very positive about this year because hierophant is a commitment card but it is weird that it is after the moon.
    Could i meet someone and be hit with intuitive desire? being lost and confused, rose colored glasses and then the hierophant? which is pragmatic? then the world as outcome which could mean a lot of things…. really confused

  52. Hi, Michelle. I feel like this is a relationship that will be mystical and romantic, and you will commit to each other very quickly 🙂 The world as outcome card often means you become each other’s worlds….:)

  53. Dear Inger,
    recently I had a relationship which the other side cut off abruptly before it actually grew into something more, I believe due to his commitment-phobia. After the breakup we met several times and got on vety well as friends. I still couldn’t get him out of his head, so I made a reading asking about the relatinship. The cards I drew were: Hierophant as the main card, for the past: King of wands, Strength, Three of cups, and for the future: Seven of wands, Star and World. What would you make of this?

  54. Hi,

    I just did a three card love spread. I got 7 of Cups for the Past, The High Priestess for the Present and I was being guided to take two cards next to each other for the Future which are the Queen of Wands and The Hierophant. My question pertained to Love and asked ‘putting myself in the position of the man I’m interested in, how does he feel about me. Afterwards i asked if there was anything else i needed to know about this situation and i drew 2 cards, the Ace of Pentacles and King of Cups. I’m curious on your understanding of this and would really appreciate greater insight to it.

  55. Hello Inger,
    I truly appreciate all that you do to help others, you have a wonderful soul 😀

    I have recently met a man, we have been on two dates and he has expressed interest in me physically but when I let him know that I don’t like to be intimate until I am ready he worried that he may have come off as pushy which I took as a good sign.

    I asked the tarot how he feels about me and the idea of a committed relationship? And I got The Hierophant, The Star and Justice.
    Please let me know any of your insights into this reading and I truly thank you for your time.
    From Tarah

  56. Thanks Inger. He’s not in another relationship to my knowledge, but he is in love with his past girlfriend and is sleeping around with a few girls. Could it refer to his past love or is it definitely someone in the present?

  57. Thank you – and guess what?? You read the cards I sent you correctly….He is secretly having something with another person! I found out that evening after sending you my question!! I was gutted, but now I feel a bit clearer and freer. Just hope that other person comes in quickly…

  58. Hi Inger! Omg I can’t believe you’re answering questions more than a year after your post. You’re such a gem 🙂
    I’m a beginner in tarot and recently did a 4 card spread about a guy I have a crush on. I got page of pentacles (situation), queen of pentacles (challenge), hierophant (advice) and four of wands (outcome).
    Any advice on what the spread tells you? Thanks!

  59. Hi, Jill. The cards are saying you are ready for commitment and you need to find someone who can commit and give you the life you always wanted. If the guy you have a crush on is the right one for you, then he will be communicating clearly that he is interested in you too 🙂

  60. My guy and I 2 years dating on and off.. told him I want to live in same cities and be my boyfriend. I told the cards I only want to be with him…. what is he thinking in a love reading. I got this card. He’s not telling me what he thinks but we still are communicating a lot.

  61. The Hierophant indicates the time is right either to make a deeper commitment or let go and be with someone who can commit. If you tell him you want a commitment, he will give it to you if he truly loves you.

  62. Hi Inger
    I asked the cards if my ex and I would get back together. It was a heartbreaking ending but he ended us. I drew the heirophant card.

  63. Hi, don’t blame yourself for this breakup. The Hierophant is telling you that you will meet someone who wants to commit to you and only you. If this person is your ex, then you will know soon.

  64. Hi Inger.
    I am curious for some advice about the king of swords. Did a one card reading for a friend, she found herself in a relationship with a man who had a partner already, he lied to her. She has been considering whether to tell the lady he lives with about the relationship. He claimed she was his ex and it was only financial why hes stayed, although he didn’t wanty friend to meet his family. Is the king of swords an indication that yes she should tell his ex because maybe she is not his ex afterall.
    Thank you

  65. Hello Inger, I did the estranged love reading suggested in this post and pulled:
    1. 3 of wands
    2. 3 of cups
    3. Knight of swords
    4. 10 of cups
    5. Knight of cups
    6. Page of pentacles
    7. Queen of pentacles
    I would love some insight on how you would interpret that combination. I feel with the 3 of cups in position 2 it is definitely saying there will be a reunion. Also thank you so much for this site I have been learning so much, especially with the write ups for the major arcana love readings ❤

  66. Hi Inger I did a lovers tarot spread this is what I got
    Present situation- Ace of cups

    Your world- Two of pentacles

    Your lovers world- Wheel of fortune

    Nature of issues- Six of pentacles

    Obstacles- Death/rebirth

    Lessons & signs- the chariot

    Your hopes fears & desisires- two of wands

    Your lovers hopes fears & desires- 9 of cups

    Challenges- the fool

    Outcome- the hierophant

  67. Hi, Yen. These cards indicate your lover is on the path to his destiny as far as his life and career is concerned. He already has a solid foundation of who he is, what he wants, and where he is going. You might be at a crossroad where you are afraid of making the wrong decision. Follow your intuition. You are now meant to make an intuitive decision and follow the path that is dearest to your heart. I also feel like your lover is scared of getting hurt in personal relationship. This relationship will transform you both to become more secure, and it looks you could have a traditional and secure relationship. If there is distance in the relationship at this time then communication is at the heart, and when you get to talk about what is at the heart of the matter, this will bring you closer. You are meant to communicate about deeper things, and let each other close to each others hearts. Strength and love will keep your union strong and lasting. Be patient 🙂

  68. Card 1. What is the main obstacle between me and …name of estranged lover. 3 of wands. Miscommunication.

    Card 2. What are the chances we will be reunited. 3 of cups. Yes, there is a chance.

    Card 3. How compatible are we. Knight of swords. When it is good, its good, and when it is bad it is bad 🙂

    Card 4. Future influences. 10 of cups. You seem to be able to come together through your spiritual connection.

    Card 5, 6, 7. Destiny of relationship. Knight of cups, page of pentacles, queen of pentacles. There seem to still be a strong connection between you. There is a spark there.

  69. Hello Inger! I have asked the tarot and my spirit guides to help me find out the feelings of a guy I have been seeing for almost a month know. He is such a kind person and we give each other equal energy and are both emotional people. On both occasions I have gotten the card Queen of cups and the Hierophant when I have asked how he feels about me. I also got the Queen of pentacles as the outcome card. Are all these cards together positive for us?

  70. Thank you so much for taking the time to interpret the cards I got! I was having a hard time applying each card for the designated spots expecially because there were so many court cards. The guy in question I believe him to be my twin flame. Due to alot of insane syncronicities (incidents, birthdays, home addresses, phone numbers, our names, some pretty awesome unexplainable signs, telepathy, even our lives have followed the same path , we had so much in common, things i have never had in common with others, instantly we connected (we met online initially) and had phone conversations that initially lasted for 6+ hours.) I feel like he is the male version of me And yet somehow my strengths are his weaknesses and vice versa. He could articulate my feelings better than me and vice versa. The minute i first heard his voice on the phone it literally felt like some dormant spark inside of me lit on fire, (never felt that sensation before) then it felt like de ja vu…and it wasn’t because he had an attractive voice lol because i actually thought his voice was funny lol not what i had expected from his pictures. I’ve never connected with anyone so deeply before in my life.. It almost became that this level of deep understanding of one another caused each of us to become frustrated because (at least in my case ) I felt very vulnerable… it was scary to me that he could readily see my true feelings well before i was ready for him to know them and i feel he may have felt this vulnerability as well . When i first saw him in person i knew i loved him…. giving him a hug for the first time was like reuniting with a long lost love and that first date an observer would swear we were in love for years…. we went on two dates that day lol one in the afternoon and he called me later that night and invited me to go see a movie. i love him very deeply, so much so that past relationships where i thought it was love i now know it wasn’t because how i feel for him is much deeper…much stronger and could never compare to any other “love” i thought i knew in the past…. i knew it was very special when we first met, i remember saying to myself , i cannot believe he is for me… after all the failed and emotionally abusive past relationships and heart breaks this amazing specimen of a man was for me..but i was so filled with fear and then doubt because of self worth issues… i tried to ignore the signs that affirmed what i knew about us belonging together because i didnt want to get my hopes up and i allowed worry and fear of loss to overcome me.. i had led myself astray in the past holding on to an emotionally absuive relationship, so i was having a hard time trusting my judgement… i felt i wasn’t ready for something that felt so deep with such great potential to shatter me if it failed …. i had just let go of a 9 year relationship 9 months before meeting him.. and had just began dipping my toes into dating..we dated for 6 months and then he left. He said he loved me but couldnt give me what he felt i needed and deserved (in a nutshell) that was the first time he had said he loved me, when he was leaving. And since (its been 6 months now) I’ve literally been stuck in the darkest space of my life…. im tired of being stuck… im tired of being sad … im so blessed in life but i feel hopeless… my heart has been broken into a million tiny little pieces and im trying so hard to get it together, i turned to tarot for answers and often get the death or the tower card to describe where i am at in life more recently ive been getting the magician and chariot. And id also often get the star card when id inquire about him… I know i need to love myself and find my self worth but i keep being afraid he will never come back … I keep feeling like if only we had met when i was healed more from the past maybe things would have turned out better…. i keep telling myself if its meant he will come back but then my doubts creep in and ask me how do i know that expression is even true… no one has ever understood me the way he did….no one has ever made me feel so comfortable with just being myself without judgement. And now i feel like a fool because surly if it was so deep for me it must be so for him and surly all the syncronicities sent to me in my darkest moments telling me now is not the time he will come back and we are meant to be must mean something but then if that was the case how could he just walk away and not look back? I just dont want to lead myself astray.. Anyways i have no idea why i just poured my feelings out… i suppose to say the stuff about a spiritual connection and a strong connection in our reading gives me some hope because it is true. I once asked tarot if there was hope for us and got the star card… since then id often pull the star card in my daily (what should i know about today ) readings … this whole experience, starting when i first met him, flipped the switch of magic on in my life… never before have i known this world to be so filled with so much beautiful magic and for the first time i felt this deep unconditional love from the universe pouring down on me, even now as i am in this very dark place I feel the universe holding my hand and letting me know it will all be alright, just be patient. I know this time is here for my growth but it doesnt seem to ease all of my fears and doesn’t make it stop hurting.. and then i become afraid my fears are what is possibly delaying him coming back or maybe preventing him from ever coming back. I wish i could just let it go… and be at peace…

  71. Dear, Anna. This has been a hard for you, no doubt about it. However, I do feel that you are awakening on a spiritual level, and you will soon have joy and happiness in your life as a result of everything you now learning about yourself, what you really need and want out of life and relationships. Often times such intense connections, even though they don’t work out, often lead us to great realization and enlightenment. Even now you are feeling like you are in a dark place right now, as you have said, for the first time in your life, you have been awakened to the magic and the beauty of the Universe which will ultimately open up the path and lead you to bliss and happiness.

  72. Hello Inger! I love and admire that you have been replying to all these comments! I would love some insight too, if possible 😀

    I did a relationship spread (this one: http://psychiclibrary.com/beyondBooks/relationship-tarot-spread/), where my results were (all up-right):

    My view of him – 10 of wands
    His view of me – 8 of pentacles
    My needs – The Star
    His needs – The Fool
    Current state of relationship – The Empress
    The path I would like – The Emperor
    The path he would like – 5 of pentacles (?!)
    Aspects to consider – 10 swords
    Question outcome – The Hierophant

    Essentially, I have known him nearly my whole life via family (our parents were close friends) however we lived on opposite sides of the world with basically no contact. 1.5 years ago, I moved to the country he lives and I currently work for him/ his business. He was in a long term relationship which he ended about 6 months ago, and we have since essentially been friends with benefits. (Not that I was exactly the cause of the breakup, I do believe my “role” in his life did perhaps “speed it up”…). I deeply care for him, however I don’t know how to proceed… Next week, he will be leaving this country for 2 months, only to return for another 2 months or so, to finally permanently move to the new country (something he’s planned to do for years).

    When I consulted the Tarot, I basically asked what I should do with myself and he – what I should do over the next 2 months, where this is all leading, does he genuinely care for me, is there a future with us or do I need to make it without him etc. From one side, I have a strong pull to be with him, however there are circumstances which make me hesitant/ confused – such as the fact he is moving, that he also has a child, that we work together, that our families are friends… etc. And also the fact, that when we first “got together” 6 months ago, he did say that given he has been in long relationships most of his life, he is not looking for anything serious from anyone – that he needs “him” time – but at the same time, that he cares and feels a type of “symbiosis” with me.

    It’s all rather confusing, and because I value him so much as a friend too, I don’t want to scare him away through trying to pursue something more. But perhaps my fear of losing him/ not having that extra “step” from friendship makes me self-sabotage anyway… Or maybe I’m way ahead of myself and there’s not even anything for me to chase! Aaaah any insights would be greatly appreciated!!!

    All the best, beauty, and light to you!! x

  73. Hi, I do feel this person will go on his adventure (the Fool) which is what he needs now, and then I feel like he will return. He wants to be ‘tested’ (5 of pentacles) to see what he is made of. I feel like once he has done this, he will have more inner peace. The Hierophant suggests you have a strong chance of coming together in a stable and secure relationship.

  74. Hi Inger. I did a reading about a guy I had a short relationship with. I got the Hierophant as an outcome clarified by the Emperor. I also did Estranged Lovers Spread and I got:
    1. The Lovers
    2. Nine of Cups
    3. Knight of Pentacles
    4, Seven of Swords
    5. Six of Pentacles
    6. Nine of Swords
    7. Judgement
    Do you think we will reunite? It is been a while, but I can’t stop thinking of him.I date other guys from time to time, but it only gets worse.

  75. Inger, Thank you so much for the message you sent it really honestly helped me feel more at peace with where I am❤ I do feel an enlightenment is taking place within me and maybe that’s why its been so hard and so scary. I really feel as if I resonate strongly with your words, i teared up reading your message when i saw the notification in my inbox it was perfect timing and what i exactly needed to read. I would really love and appreciate your thoughts or interpretation on the first tarot love reading i did for him and I a couple of months ago (which had also been the most synchronistic reading I’ve ever seen so far ) it was a heart shapped one I saw in a doreen virtue book:
    Situation between us (lovers )
    Strengths of relationship (strength )
    Current challenges (the tower)
    His hope for the relationship (the magician)
    My hope for the relationship (9 of cups)
    How he views me (knight of cups [im a water sign])
    How i view him (page of pentacles [ he is an earth sign and 2 years younger than me])
    How i am impacting the relationship ( ace of pentacles)
    How he is impacting the relationship (five of swords)
    How he can help me (queen of wands)
    How i can help him (three of wands)
    The outcome (the star) my question was if we belonged together i believe or something along those lines
    Thank you so much for everything honestly, lol this will be my last question but this particular spread always amazed me because of how near perfect that cards were positioned (especially the strenght in the strenght position)

  76. Card 1. What is the main obstacle between me and …name of estranged lover. The Lovers. There could be another person involved in this as well, possibly creating a love triangle.

    Card 2. What are the chances we will be reunited. Nine of cups. There is a good chance you will be reunited.

    Card 3. How compatible are we. Knight of pentacles. You are compatible. You share the same values and beliefs.

    Card 4. Future influences. Seven of swords. Secrets and not wanting to share information.

    Card 5, 6, 7. Destiny of relationship. Six of pentacles, Nine of swords, Judgement. There is a chance to resurrect, however, this is also a relationship that can cause you some worries and concern.

  77. hiii i got a hermit heirophant and the strength card in my relationship reading.. what does it mean?? does it mean a commitment and marriage along the way and does the strength card mean a power of love? and the cards werent reversed in my reading.

  78. Hello Dear,
    my question was: What are his feeligs towards me, according to this day. The result was: Wheel, Charriot, Hierophantus. Thank you for your help! Janine

  79. I don’t know why my messages and responses don’t show up unless I post another message. Anyways, I want to thank you for sharing all those additional links and information.

  80. Hi! I recently did a reading about someone I am interested in. My questions were “What does he think of us after the talk we had”, “is he the one I am supposed to meet in July”, and “what is the outcome of us in the future”. The cards I got were Six of Swords, Three of Wands, and The Heirophant. They all came upside down but my deck is not supposed to be read that way. I wasn’t see if that made a difference.

  81. Hello Inger, Great post! I have used a relationship spread, I recently ended my long term relationship due to not seeing much of my partner as they always so busy with work and i felt it was getting pointless, we also fell out over lack of other things in the realtiosnip. I did however, leave the door open. imjsut anxious to know if thy will see the light and appreciate what perhaps we can have. We are both struggling being seperated. I dont use reversals. I drew:
    present situation: 9 swords
    my world: Acce Cups
    My lovers world: Temperance
    nature of issue: Queen of cups (always me in readings)
    obstacles: 6 pentacles
    Lessons & signs: Page of cups
    my hopes fears desires: King pentacles
    my lovers hopes fears desires: 7 cups
    Challenges: 8 pentacles
    Outcome: King wands (theyare always usualy queen wands in readings)
    My take on this is that we are indeed both struggling, but am wonering if i am still to be ptient to wait and hear something (king pentacles) or if i am to take the initiative (King wands) As it was me who was very clear at the time of breakup and i aired my needs for us both, i am reluctant to do any begging, and they are the most stubborn person alive being aries. its been two weeks since ive heard a thing.
    Many thanks….

  82. Hi Inger!

    I am still very much in love with my first love. We are not together. He lives on the other side of the world and is married. I asked the tarot if we’ll ever get married at some point in the future and got The Hierophant, Knight of Cups and The Devil. What could this mean?

  83. This card combination means there is a strong karmic connection between you that could lead to a potential commitment. The best thing for you to do know is to let go and let God. Ask the Creator to bring you your Primary soulmate in a harmonious way.

  84. Thank you for responding!! Funny you said let go and let God, cause I asked the tarot what my future would be with him if I just let it go and move on with my life and I got Justice and The Lovers. Any insight on that?? Thanks again. You’re awesome!! ?

  85. I feel there is a soulmate connection between you and Justice with the Lovers card confirm this 🙂 I feel if you let go and move on, it will actually be really good for you, and your connection with this person will still be a soulmate connection. I do think holding on to much is stopping you from being together. I feel like this is a lesson you are learning in this lifetime about letting go and trusting, and loving yourself and your life. When the time is right for you to be together, you will be.

  86. I honestly have felt this all along in my gut. Thank you for your response. It truly gives me peace in knowing that my instinct about what I should do is correct. Thanks again. Blessings.

  87. Dear Inger!ask about my secret Love (who is in a relationship) that;must we have to meet in the Futurama;where the answer was the sun.than i asked that what will happening when we meet.the answer was the moon&the hierophant.whats your opinion about this two?

  88. Hi Inger, Good day. I’ve just got to know this girl and did a tarot spread, I asked what will be the outcome of our relationship and received the following reading: (All Upright cards)

    (1) How you feel about yourself – The Hanged Man
    (2) What you want most right now – The Emperor
    (3) Your fears – Wheel of Fortune
    (4) What is going for you – The High Priestess
    (5) What is going against you – The Tower
    (6) The likely outcome – The Hierophant

    Your advice is very much appreciated.
    Thanks. Paul

  89. Hi. These cards speak of a strong connection between you, and it can turn into a deep commitment. Just don’t let fear ruin what seems to be such a strong connection 🙂

  90. Hello Inger, 🙂

    I have been single many years.
    I asked my guides about my future man / relationship and received the hierophant.

    Looking for a little clarification on its meaning for my question.

    Blessed be

  91. The Hierophant often shows up before meeting someone who is ready to make a commitment. The Hierophant often signifies a traditional relationship such as marriage.

  92. Hi Inger, How are you doing?
    I did a spread asking where my love life was going between now and the next 12 months and I got these cards from a celtic cross card reading? I am not involved with anyone at this time. I do have suitors but only one that I really like but that is not quite moving anywhere. I don;t know if this is talking about me or someone else as I am a Leo with a Scorpio rising. I also keep getting the King of Cups as my love interest when I ask who will this be in the future.
    1. King of Cups
    2.The Star
    3.Knight of Pentacles
    4.The Queen of Cups
    5.The Six of Swords
    6. The Queen of Pentacles
    8.The Moon
    9.The Page of Pentacles
    10. The Hierophant
    I was confused as to what this means for me in terms of love and romance in the future…Help! Lol

  93. Hi. I feel love is available to you, however, you are not focusing on it the right way. You could be afraid of getting hurt and therefore are holding off letting the right person in. I feel you already know this person.

  94. I believe you are right….I’m terrified about getting hurt again….but I’ve been working on it at least…… I feel as if I do know this person already…… I have an older Cancer man that keeps at me but I’m not attracted to him like that at all….Thank you for your timely response I really appreciate it.?

  95. And I have an Aries that I like but he’s not pursuing like I feel he should and I started distancing myself as a result….he’s the one I really want… I also believe he is attached.

  96. I have a question, if you please. I did a spread for what I should do about a crush I have (I do not know this person as a friend, however – just random emails with a colleague exchanged prompted by me but now nothing).

    Card 1 – the situation: Judgement
    Card 2 – Do not do this: 9 of swords
    Card 3 – Do this: The Hierophant.

    All upright.

    Is it telling me that the situation is unbalanced but to not despair (I have definitely had those 3am nights awake thinking about it) because ??? it’ll balance out in the end? How? Marriage? That’s a bit far down the line, no? Do I wait for him to come to me (traditional)? I don’t know what The Hierophant means in terms of what I should do or an outlook.

  97. Hi Inger I have fallen for a mutual friend, I don’t know if I should approach her, if it’s the right time. I did a reading asking what will be the outcome between us and I got the following cards upright:








    What does it mean? Is she the one?
    Hope to receive your advice. Thank you.


  98. Hi Inger… I’ve met someone a month ago, we’ve met only three times up to now – the distance, timing, work etc. are a but on the way… we, well it’s difficult to explain, but let’s call it euphemistically, we like each other a lot, on both sides it’s felt somehow – I’m a bit more emotional than him, don’t really know what is in his head, but let put it on the side – I made a spread for the relation, several cards, but want to mention the last three… the strength of the relation 4 of cups, the weakness 9 of wands, and the possible outcome/future The Hierophant. I don’t understand the 4 of cups in it, but how would u interpret the future in this case. Would greatly appreciate your opinion. Thank You, Eric.

  99. Hi. The Hierophant indicates stability and that is also the strength of it which is indicated by 4 of cups. There is healing needed as indicated by 9 of wands, and this is why stability and security are so important in a relationship right now.

  100. Hi Inger…I’ll call this post “A Tale of 2 Guys”!

    Guy #1- met him on a business trip about 17 months ago. He is a Leo, me a Gemini, and we had an amazing 2 day fling (no sex). I thought that would be the end of it, but he insisted that we keep in touch, even though he lives in the U.K. He did a fairly good job of keeping in touch with me for the first 2 months, and then basically dissapeared. After that I would get an occasional Happy Holidays text from him checking in, and that’s it. He is coming to town next week on business, and asked me out to dinner. I agreed mainly because I would like to hear his explanation, and I do still have some sort of feelings for him. I did a 3 card spread asking. What does the future hold romantically for me and Ċhris?

    2 of Wands
    10 of Cups
    The Hierophant- clarified by Temperance

    Guy #2 Is a guy that I dated 18 years ago. We have recently tried to reconcile, but due to his immaturity and arrogance, that ended 2 weeks ago, and he no longer contacts me. I feel like he may be my soulmate, but suspect that it would never work. I asked the cards. What does the future hold romantically for me and Daryl?

    Ace of Swords
    King of Swords
    The Lovers

    Can you please help me interpret these 2 spreads. I am very confused about both of these men, and don’t want to get hurt.Thanks!

  101. Hi, Etta. I feel there is a lot of flow in this situation and you will soon get to know this person better which will make take a lot of the pressure you are feeling off you. 🙂

  102. Hi, Kendra. I would love to do the numerology on you and these two guys to see who you are most compatible with. The cards indicate you are quite compatible with Chris, but you might have a lot of different opinions on things. If Daryl is immature and arrogant, then why put yourself through more heartache. The lovers do speak of a soul connection between you and that is why it is so hard to let go of him.

  103. Thanks so much! I only have the birthdate for one of them, but would be interested in scheduling a reading with you to gain more insight.

  104. Good day Inger, I just did a reading regarding the girl I’m interested in, what will be the outcome:

    Card 1. The Past – Ten of Wands

    Card 2. The Present – Ten of Swords

    Card 3. The Near Future ( three months from now) – The Tower

    Card 4. Immediate Situation or Me – Four of Cups

    Card 5. Present Situation & Surrounding Energies – Page of Swords

    Card 6. Hopes & Fears Surrounding the Question – Queen of Swords

    Card 7. Outcome – The Lovers

    Clarifier – Six of Wands

    Does it mean she is currently evaluating me, the waiting will stop? the situation will change for the better and she will accept me, there will be deep commitment? Please enlighten me.


  105. I suppose she prefers quality exchanges on the mental plane, thoughts.. not romantic gestures? More realistic person I suppose

  106. Hi, Paul. There are some spiritual lessons attached to your connection and I feel there could be some ups and downs, however, the outcome card, the lovers speak of a potential for a relationship between you. There is a spiritual connection between you. There is a big fear of getting hurt which can cause some drama, and this is what you will be working through.

  107. Hi Inger,
    I did a tarot spread for relationship with three cards (I’m using Dreaming way tarot):
    1. The devil (How does he see me?)
    2. The empress (What does he need in this relationship?)
    3. The Hierophant (Relationship outcomes)
    I can see that this person sees me as sexual attraction, maybe he also karmic feelings about me. But for the Empress and Hierophant together, I may interpret that there will be commitment for this relationship, further a traditional marriage will occur?
    Could you help me out with the combination of these three cards?
    Thank you so much, Inger!

  108. Hello Inger, please help, I got the Hermit as outcome regarding my relationship with her, 1 year from now what will be the outcome… The rest of the cards looks good, but the hermit as outcome? I’m confused..








    God Bless. Cheers

  109. Oh I forgot, I did a clarifier after that, I asked will our relationship develop into deep commitment and marriage, I got The Star.

  110. Hi, Andrew. Do you and your love interest live very different lives? The reason I ask is because there are no pentacles showing up and in a love reading it can mean that your routines are very different and your lives don’t align up which can create a delay. The Hermit often speaks of a relationship that takes a long time to develop and this can be the reason why.

  111. Hi Inger 🙂 I’m not quite sure what you mean by different lives.. but I suppose so, she is a teacher from another country, sometimes she has to travel to different local affiliate schools to teach, she seems quite busy.. While I am planning to setup my own health business, my time is more flexible at this moment I would say. We did talk about my plans, and she is very interested to join me 🙂

    What’s your suggestion? Do you see strong possibility of our relationship developing into something strong, possibly marriage?

  112. Yes, I think if you could spend more time together than yes your relationship could develop into a deep commitment. The cards indicated the block was that you lived very differently and this could just be a temporary thing.

  113. Hi Inger, got a tarot deck to try out for myself after visiting your website 🙂 I did a 10 card relationship reading, what does the cards reveal about the possible outcome of my relationship with a girl I like, we are working on doing something together, but right now we are just friends, we have not meet up for a while now:

    This reading was done today:

    Card 1. The Current Situation – The Hermit

    Card 2. What is Crossing Me – Two of Pentacles

    Card 3. What I should Aim Towards, Goals – Seven of Swords

    Card 4. Distant Past – Five of Pentacles

    Card 5. Recent Past – Seven of Pentacles

    Card 6. Future Influence – Ten of Pentacles

    Card 7. The Seeker – Six of Pentacles

    Card 8. Significant Other Influencing the Situation King of Cups

    Card 9. Surprises and Hidden Influences – The Star

    Card 10. OUTCOME – The Chariot

    But I still don’t see what it means…Much earlier I did a 6 card reading as below:

    Card 1. The Past – The Lovers

    Card 2. The Future – Nine of Cups

    Card 3. Me – The Hermit

    Card 4. Present Situation and Influences – Knight of Pentacles

    Card 5. Attitudes & Fears Surrounding the Question – Death

    Card 6. The Outcome – Ten of Cups

    Please advise. What is it trying to say?

  114. Hi. I feel you are holding back because you are not completely sure if you are compatible or not (death as attitude/fear). You are also getting a lot of pentacles, so security is important for you, and you probably wants to be completely sure before you move forward. Sometimes you will have to move ahead (chariot) and see what happens. There is a strong spiritual connection between you so I feel you will be in each other’s lives for a long time.

  115. Inger, I just viewed your tutorial “How to time when you will meet your soulmate with the Tarot cards” and tried it. I was thinking of her in my mind and asked, if she is my soulmate when will our relationship develop into committed love:

    After shuffling I looked at the bottom card, it’s Queen of Swords. Next I proceed to lay out the top card one by one in the following order:

    (1) 4 of Wands
    (2) 2 of Cups
    (3) Page of Pentacles (4) Ace of Swords (5) 9 of Swords (6) Strength (7) Chariot (8) 9 of Wands (9) 4 of Pentacles
    (10) 6 of Wands (11) Justice (12) 8 of Pentacles (13) 7 of Cups (14) 7 of Swords (15) Moon (16) 5 of Cups
    (17) 8 of Wands (18) Temperence (19) The Emperor (20) Star (21) Ace of Swords (22) 10 of Pentacles
    (23) Judgement (24) 10 of Wands (25) King of Cups (26) Hierophant

    Does the appearance of 4 of wands + 2 of Cups + Page of Pentacles (court) for the first few cards mean that she is the one, my soulmate, thus our strong spiritual connection?

    The Pentacles (8 of pentacles?) could mean we’re working together?

    But only a few cups start to appear later on # (13), # (16) & # (25) cards; So, does it mean our relationship and feelings has already start forming but maybe slow, but it will develop into solid commitment (#26 – Hierophant) which is around 26 months time. Is this how I should read it?

    Hope I’m doing it right…..

  116. Hi, Roy. I feel there are some issues with her and this could take a toll on you. I would ask the cards about your soulmate, and not have any specific person in mind, but instead, trust that the cards will show you. Trust is an issue with the lady in mind and I feel you will always have doubt if she is the one, even if you were to be in a relationship.

  117. Hi Inger, Thanks very much, will do it ask you advised 🙂 will trust the cards. Yes, you’re right, her behavior is taking a toll on me.. I’m lost..don’t know how to proceed 🙁 Btw, you mentioned about trust issue, what you mean is, she may have difficulty trusting me or I may doubt her? Sincerely appreciate your time and advise. God Bless


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