Lovers Tarot Card Love Meaning

lovers tarot card meanings
6. Lovers: Love

The Lovers Tarot Card Love Meaning.

Is the Lovers a good card to get in a question about your love life?

The Lovers card is THE Love card. This card reminds me of the song Heaven by Brian Adams. This card often shows up when your relationship is protected by heaven. This card describes love on many different levels such as divine love, relationship love and self-love depending on the question and the other cards in the spread. The Lovers often shows up when you have got many options in love, and you will have to make a decision about who is the best partner for you. The Lovers speaks of a partner that is different to you in all the right areas so that you bring out new and exciting qualities in each other. This is a relationship where you will find out who you are and what you believe in.

The Lovers speaks of a relationship that always feels new. You feel like you’ve just met even after 10 or more years together because heaven is continuously blessing this relationship making you more and more in love with each other as time goes by. There is also a psychic connection between you. The Lovers denotes a holy relationship between two people who are destined to be together.

Learn the traditional meaning of the Lovers tarot card. 

However, there is a snake in the Garden of Eve. The Lovers are very attractive to each other and also to other people. When this card shows up there might be someone watching the lovers and thinking: I want what they have. Especially past lovers seem to feel ignored and abandoned when they see their exes happy with someone else. They might try and get into the garden where the lovers are, sneaking their way in to see why you are now looking so much happier than what you did with them. The Lovers card advises you to avoid playing games. Love is not a game, and if you turn it into one, you will lose even if you win. Because if you win, your lover loses, and thus you have lost as well, because you are one.

When your partner suffers, you suffer. When you suffer, your partner suffers. That is the price you pay to have the only thing worthwhile, which is love. Therefore, avoid playing games. Make yourself happy, as then your partner will be happy too. The Lovers denotes a relationship where two people meet who are less than who they want to be, but together they become everything they ever dreamed of and more. Suddenly they have the spark they lacked when they were alone.

The Lovers speaks of love so deep that not even death can it up. If one partner dies, the relationship still continues. The other partner rarely re-marries, and in some cases the other half dies soon after. We have all heard the stories of couples where one dies and then the other dies of a broken heart. Their desire to be together is too great and love ALWAYS wins.

The Lovers tarot card Love Meanings summary

To sum it up: The Lovers speaks of a holy relationship blessed by heaven. The longer you are together the stronger is the love, and the deeper you fall in love with the other person. Your lover is someone who complements you and together you bring out new and exciting qualities in each other. You will have the spark to create a dream you didn’t even know you had before.


  1. Hi, Gyspy. No it can also mean a romantic celebration in a relationship such as an engagement or wedding, or date night even 🙂 And in long distance relationships, this card means love letters and romantic phone calls 🙂

  2. Hi Inger! I will like to know what is the combination of the lover, ace of pentacle, and queen of cups mean in a love reading. I asked about a person in question to know if we have a spiritual connection. I will appreciate your response

  3. I got this card for my relationship and was told by the reader exactly what you say here. And this is also exactly how it is and has been between us from the word go. The phrase that comes to mind is “unbreakable bond” and “inseparable”.
    The other 3 cards were The Strength and Ace of Cups. I think I (we) found heaven on Earth 😀

    Thank you for all your wonderful interpretations. I’m loving them!

  4. Thank you so much for a wonderful website! Today l got a pendulum reading , which my question was; will l ever find true love? The answer was; yes. Tonight l draw a Tarot card for myself and it was The Lovers (l had no particular question in mind). What might this card indicate if one is single, or in a bad relationship?

  5. Hi, Gro. It means there is a lot of destiny at play in how you will meet and it will be divine timing. How the relationship develops will be up to you. You can either run away from it or commit to it.

  6. Hi, how would you interpret this please? hanged man (past position), ace of pentacle (current), lovers (outcome). Did this spread 1 month after breaking up with my ex (I work with him aswell). Does this suggest new love opportunity coming in or possible reunion with my ex?

  7. Hi, Tali. I feel you will rebuild your life again and I also feel you really know now what you want in a relationship. I recommend you write a soulmate ‘wish’ list where you put on a piece of paper what you want in a partner. What would make you really really happy? I feel there is a soulmate connection waiting as seen in the Lovers card, so now is a great time for you to prepare for your soulmate. 🙂 Get your mindset ready for a deep commitment with someone who will love and give as much as you do in a relationship.

  8. Hi Inger, the information here is so helpful and deepening my novice understanding of Tarot. Thank you. I wonder if you could please help me with this interpretation:
    I asked the Tarot about a relationship I’ve had with someone that was really passionate (we were in love), but also one of friendship. I haven’t been in touch with this person in years, and lately I’m wondering if I should contact them but I don’t know if they want to be in contact. We lost contact a long time ago and I’m not sure why. We met quite young.

    I did the three card spread where card 1 is the issue/situation, card 2 is the problem, and card 3 is advice.

    Card 1 was The Lovers
    Card 2 was The Star
    Card 3 was Strength

    I find it meaningful The Lovers was drawn to represent this issue. I’m thinking the overall idea is I should get in touch, but not expect this person to bring me inspiration in life, or heal past wounds. Do you think this is accurate?

  9. Hi, Kasey. I feel the Star denotes that you have both changed a lot since last time you knew each other. I feel there is no harm reaching out because then at least you will know….


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