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The Easiest Way to Time Events with Tarot

Other Ways to Time Event With Tarot

One thing is to look in the cards and be able to predict what is likely to occur, another is to accurately time events using tarot. Timing events using Tarot is easy when you follow these simple techniques using either the suits, the aces, the planetary cards and/or the 6 year system.

You can use the four suits and the pages of the suits:

  • Pentacles ~ Years. 
  • Page of Pentacles ~ Autumn
  • Swords ~ Months
  • Page of Swords ~ Winter
  • Wands ~ Weeks
  • Page of Wands ~ Spring
  • Cups ~ Days, but only if next to a pentacle card.
  • Page of Cups ~ Summer

 We can hugely influence the outcome by our beliefs and ideas. The cards pick up on this as well. For example, someone recently asked how much longer they were going to stick at their job. This person had been thinking of leaving for some time. I laid out three cards. The cards that came up spoke of a holiday. The person was going on holiday for a month over Christmas and didn’t want to resign before then. The cards clearly stated that this holiday was significant and the resignation is likely to happen during this period.

The next 6 years tarot system

Another way to predict when things are likely to occur is to look at the next 6 years, I turn the cards over one by one with 12 cards in 6 piles, then the rest of the deck in the 7th pile  Each of the six first piles represent 1 year, pile one being the first year, pile two being the second year etc. Examine all the piles. Depending on the question look at the pile with the most favourable cards. For example if the question is about when will I get pregnant, then look at the pile that has the Empress, Ace of Wands or Ace of Cups and the Sun. Look at the combination that looks most favourable and notice what pile they are in. If the most favourable cards are in pile 4 then it is most likely to happen in 4 years time. However if it is not likely to happen within 6 years, the most favourable cards will be in the 7th pile. The 7th pile represents the long distant future (not just the 7th year)

To predict when something will happen in the next 12 month you can use the Aces:

Ace of Cups ~ First Quarter

Ace of Wands ~ 2nd Quarter

Ace of Swords ~ 3rd Quarter

Ace of Pentacles ~ 4th Quarter

If your prediction is when something will happen within the next month, you can use this method as well, each quarter will be about 7 days.

To determine the day you can use the planetary cards:

Shuffle the deck using only the 22 Major Arcana card and turn the cards over one by one. The first of the planetary cards to be turned over will be the answer to which day it is most likely to occur. 

Monday ~ High Priestess ( Moon)

Tuesday ~ Tower (Mars)

Wednesday ~ Magician (Mercury)

Thursday ~ Wheel of Fortune (Jupiter)

Friday ~ Empress (Venus)

Saturday ~ World (Saturn)

Sunday ~ Sun (Sun)

You can also use the tarot dates, cycles and seasons to time events.

Tarot is also connected to certain dates, cycles and seasons. Click on text to learn more. 

Yes or No tarot methods

You can also time events using yes and no tarot spreads. Learn the different yes/no tarot layouts here. 

16 thoughts on “Time events using Tarot”

  1. Hi Inger, I love your website and your tutorials. I was wondering for the six years tarot system which cards would you look for to indicate marriage and to indicate meeting your soulmate?

  2. For the six year spread I did, I got the magician and the 2 of cups in the first pile (so first year) and the lovers and the moon in the second pile (so second year)

  3. I also tried the other method you suggested and I got the ace of swords twice. First time, which means I already met him, then I asked when I’ll see him again and I got the ace of swords, which means in a year

  4. Hello Inger,
    I would like your help regarding timing a pregnancy for another person, as it is a personal matter that affects my life completely as it clarifies if my ex partner is the father!The person says she is 7 months to the father but 8 months pregnant to her friends.So the cards I pulled were the high priestess and then ten of wands. How should I interprete it?Is there a,specific method I can use? My interpretation was since high priestess is number 2 and ruled by the moon the answer is that the birth is in 2 lunar months…but my question was how many months she is…I hope you can help me with this. Another thing is that I pulled a card to check if this person is lying and I constantly get the magician as a card for her, could this mean she is a trickster?

  5. I feel the same.I used also tarot and appearance and again it seems he is not.thank you so much.I hope we are both right so my family will reunite again. Bless you and thank you for your help. Your work in this website is amazing as well as the webinars on youtube ?

  6. I absolutely love your work, you are a huge inspiration to me and I only hope that one day I can be as good a tarot reader as you. Thank you for sharing your amazing talent!

  7. Hi inger! I’m attempting to use the cards for timing for the first time ,asking when someone will contact me again. I don’t know how exactly to go about this, I got nine of cups along with the lovers.
    Am I doing it right or am I supposed to pull out more cards ? I’m not able to get a hang of it

  8. You can use the suit of swords from ace of swords to ten of swords. Ace of swords means very soon, two of swords, three of swords, four of swords etc to ten of swords mean further away in time the further up the suit you get.

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