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Minor Arcana Tarot Card Meanings

Minor Arcana tarot cards denote the things in your life you are in control over. These cards speak of the day to day living and choices we make.

The suit of pentacles:

The Suit of Pentacles represents the element of Earth and it’s astrological signs Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn. The suit of Pentacles covers money matters, home, career, business, property, trade, family, places, the body and possessions.

Upright Card Meaning:

ace of pentaclesAce of Pentacles symbolises a new beginning in your financial situation and an opportunity to deepen your security.


two of pentaclesTwo of Pentacles symbolises juggling with finances. You might have income from more than one source. Two of Pentacles also indicates investing money into different projects, or bartering.

three of pentaclesThree of Pentacles symbolises your work, especially where team work or listening to clients/customers are concerned. This is a positive card which indicates job satisfaction and taking pride in your work, but you must put in the effort to see results.

four of pentaclesFour of Pentacles symbolises the need for security and recognition in your life, to have control over your possession and to keep abundance and money increasing. This card shows stubbornness in the situation or in the querent.

five of pentaclesFive of Pentacles symbolises financial loss or hardship. It can also mean you are in a place where you feel there is no security and your health might be suffering. 

six of pentaclesSix of Pentacles symbolises generosity towards those who has less than you. It can also mean receiving generosity from others.

seven of pentaclesSeven of Pentacles symbolises a vision that will pay off in the future. You are planting the seeds so that you will be able to harvest a more secure and abundant future for yourself.

eight of pentacles Eight of Pentacles symbolise craftsmanship in regards to work. It can also mean doing an apprenticeship and/or learning a new skill.


nine of pentaclesNine of Pentacles symbolises luxury, financial security and being on a lavish holiday.



ten of pentacles Ten of Pentacles symbolises the type of wealth you get when you inherit something, being it your own retirement money, hand me downs, or possessions from someone who has passes away. 

page of pentacles Page of Pentacles indicates reinventing yourself in some way. It often denotes an opportunity to start something new, whether it is a creative venture, studying, business or a new job offer. Page of pentacles is not yet an expert in the field of choice but has a clear goal and dream to achieve.

knight of pentaclesKnight of Pentacles denotes being of service and doing the actual work (in contrast to Page of Pentacles who enjoys daydreaming about the idea rather than actual living it). Knight of Pentacles is comfortable with routine and is efficient and conservative.

queen of pentaclesQueen of Pentacles is someone with a down to earth and practical approach to life and situations. It is important to have work/home balance, in fact if you could work from home you probably would. This card takes enjoyment in material pleasures and success.

king of pentaclesKing of Pentacles symbolises a successful businessman or a person in a manager position. This is a stable and authoritative character, who is hard-working and dependable.


 Reversed Card Meaning:

ace of pentacles reversedAce of Pentacles reversed indicates financial losses and decrease in security. There might have been anticipation in regards to increased income and wealth which are not becoming a reality.

imageTwo of Pentacles reversed indicates the seeker is unable to juggle the demands of life. He loses sight of his finances and practical aspects of life.

three of pentacles reversedThree of Pentacles reversed indicates lack of quality in work performance.


four of pentacles reversedFour of Pentacles reversed indicates lack of something solid and dependable. There is nothing really reliable to hold on to.

five of pentacles reversedFive of Pentacles reversed indicates disorder and chaos. Not only is there no money, but there is also a lack of spirituality and friendship.

six of pentacles reversedSix of Pentacles reversed indicates a lack of generosity. There might be greediness rather than sharing of wealth.

seven of pentacles reversedSeven of Pentacles reversed indicates impatience and moving forward before the time is ripe. This card reversed can also mean unemployment.

eight of pentacles reversedEight of Pentacles reversed indicates tedious work with little gains. The seeker might be overdue for a promotion they deserve but are not getting.

nine of pentacles reversedNine of Pentacles reversed indicates loneliness and unhappiness. The home is neither secure nor very comfortable. The seeker might feel like a prisoner in their own home.

ten of pentacles reversedTen of Pentacles reversed indicates fortunes or legacies wasted or lost, or on a lesser note, delayed. There might be restrictive ties that become a burden.

page of pentacles reversedPage of Pentacles reversed indicates issues with learning and problems with studies. It denotes wasted talents, unrealistic ambitions and/or intellectual snobbery.

knight of pentacles reversedKnight of Pentacles reversed indicates sloppiness, bitterness and envy. This is someone who is sucking up to those who can help them climb the ladder to wealth and success, but will do nothing for those who haven’t got money or connections.

queen of pentacles reversedQueen of Pentacles reversed indicates poor taste and lack of sensitivity to other people’s needs.

king of pentacles reversedKing of Pentacles reversed indicates someone who is too conservative and who won’t take any chances. He is reluctant in making any changes in the way things are. He is likely to be a miser and a hoarder.

What do the pentacles tarot cards tell us in a reading

Many pentacles in a reading indicate a time where security is deepening and your roots are digging in deeper. You might find that you are earning more money and that people depend on you more. There are more responsibilities in your life, and the financial rewards are also greater. You might be expanding to have more comfort such as a bigger house, better car, nicer and more expensive things. If your reading is dominated by pentacles you are operating on the physical plane. Health wise it is important to exercise and eating well. You might be drawn to plant medicine and growing your own fruit and vegetables. Connecting with the Earth brings rewards.

The pentacles message is: The earth needs you. Stay grounded. Your efforts will be rewarded well.

Find out how the suit of Pentacles can determine what type of home someone lives in. 

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