Six of Pentacles Tarot Card Meanings

six of pentacles

Six of Pentacles Tarot Card
Meanings and Keywords:


Giving or receiving charity.

Being kind.

Showing off.

High personal status.

Earning a wage.

Sharing wealth. 

Giving of yourself to others.

Entertaining others.




Six of pentacles tarot card meanings upright

Six of pentacles tarot card meanings in a general reading

Six of Pentacles tarot card denotes generosity towards those who have less than you. It can also mean receiving generosity from others. Sometimes this card means earning a wage, or if you are a business owner, paying wages. This is the card for sharing wealth to benefit others and thus creating stability. It is a warm-hearted and kind card. Six of pentacles tarot card denotes being in harmony with money and being grateful for what you have. This is also the tarot card for people who give a lot of themselves to others.

Six of pentacles in the Vision Quest

In the Vision Quest, the Seeker is inside their own mind. In this card, the Seeker is paying attention to the parts of his mind that was suffering in Five of pentacles.

Six of pentacles in a love reading

In a love reading, Six of pentacles speaks of relationships that are supportive and kind in nature. The act of helping others is very important to the couple. If the Seeker is single then they will find love in situations where they are giving of themselves. They might find love when they help out in a charity.

Six of pentacles in a career reading

In a career reading, Six of pentacles tarot card signifies jobs where the Seeker supports others in one way or the other. Six of pentacles can mean the Seeker will have a financial advantage to help others such as having a business that employs people.

Six of pentacles as feelings

Six of pentacles as feelings denotes the seeker is feeling generous and charitable. They most likely feel very grateful and blessed and they want to give to others.

Six of pentacles as Personality types

Six of pentacles tarot card is someone very robust with plenty of energy. They care deeply about those around them and are very generous people. They show their spiritual side through good deeds, patience, and generosity. Six of pentacles people often come into your life when you need a helping hand, and they make supportive friends. They tend to be very loyal people.

Six of pentacles tarot card meanings reversed

Six of Pentacles tarot card reversed indicates a lack of generosity. There might be greediness rather than sharing of wealth. Cruelty instead of kindness. Sometimes this card shows up reversed when the Seeker is short of cash. There could be issues with earning a wage when this card is reversed.

Six of pentacles reversed as Personality types

The reversed meanings of the tarot cards often speaks of the Seeker acting out due to being under a lot of stress. This can bring out the shadow aspect of the person. 

This card reversed can speak of drama queens. When it is very negative, it speaks of people who don’t know how to give to others. It can speak of people who are showing you their worse self instead of their best self. Instead of being on the shoulder of giants, they could have had poor mentors in their lives. 

Six of pentacles tarot card meanings summary

Six of pentacles tarot card denotes harmony with money. When people are comfortable with who they are and what they have achieved they begin to show generosity and kindness towards others. This card denotes helping others less fortunate. It also indicates earning a living entertaining and uplifting others.

Six Of Pentacles Tarot Card Combinations

Some important tarot card combinations including Six of pentacles:

6 of pentacles + Strength: A strong leader. 

6 of pentacles + The Hanged Man: Earning a wage. 

6 of pentacles + The Tower: Cruelty.

6 of pentacles + The Star: The entertainment industry. 

6 of pentacles + The Sun: Helping children. 

6 of pentacles + Three of wands: A manuscript. 

6 of pentacles + Four of wands: A generous community. Gifts. 

6 of pentacles + Seven of wands: Wanting more than you are getting. 

6 of pentacles + Nine of wands: Being withdrawn. 

6 of pentacles + Page of wands: Eager to help. 

6 of pentacles + Four of cups: Counselling.  

6 of pentacles + Knight of cups: An entertainer. Big personality. 

6 of pentacles + Queen of cups: Healer. Natural therapy. 

6 of pentacles + Ace of swords: A speech. Public speaking. 

6 of pentacles + Five of swords: Taking advantage of the poor. 

6 of pentacles + Knight of swords: A modern Robin Hood. 

6 of pentacles + Queen of swords: Organising a charity event. 

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