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Learn how Tarot can be used to predict geographical locations

tarot and geography

Where will you end up, go on holiday, travel to and explore? Find out for yourself and for your clients with the Tarot and Geography guide

Method 1& 2:

Lay the cards out in the Celtic cross. Look especially at the 10th card. If it exists in more than one category, look for other cards in the spread, especially card 3,6 and 9 and see if there is a second and/or third card that exists with the 10th card to narrow it down.
Spread out all 78 cards in front of you. Pick out two and two cards until you have a card combination where two of the cards fall in the same category from the list below.
You can also check out the Tarot and Location tarot spread.

Close your eyes and ask Source to connect you with the list below. Your subconscious mind who is connected to Source will start working with the Law of Synchronicity to answer your question.

Africa ~ Star, Hermit, Ace of cups

Justice, Devil, Queen of pentacles (Northern Africa)

Six of cups, Page of swords, Page of pentacles (Western Africa)

Eight of pentacles, Nine of swords, World (Central Africa)

Ace of wands, Six of pentacles, Five of pentacles, King of swords (Eastern Africa)

Four of wands, Three of wands, Two of pentacles, Ten of cups, King of pentacles (Southern Africa)

Europe ~ Ten of wands, King of cups, Two of swords, Nine of swords.

Eight of cups, Page of pentacles, Hierophant (Scandinavia)

Eight of wands, Three of cups, Ace of swords (UK, Ireland and Scotland)

Two of pentacles, Page of swords, Five of wands (Eastern Europe)

Two of pentacles, Knight of wands, Four of cups (Western Europe)

Sun, Justice, Page of cups, Fool, Nine of swords, Four of swords (Southern Europe)

Six of pentacles, Moon, Nine of pentacles (Mediterranean)

Asia ~ Two of cups, Star, Queen of wands

Page of swords, Two of swords, Four of pentacles (North Asia consisting of the Asian portion of Russia)

Seven of swords, Eight of pentacles, Five of cups (Central Asia)

Four of pentacles, Empress, King of cups (Southwest Asia including Iran)

Knight of pentacles, Page of pentacles, Ace of swords, Ten of cups (Southern Asia including Afghanistan)

Knight of swords, Emperor, Lovers (East Asia)

Two of pentacles, Seven of pentacles, Eight of wands, Ace of swords (Southeast Asia)

North America

Four of pentacles, Nine of pentacles, Two of swords (Canada)

Hierophant, Two of wands, Four of wands (U.S)

South America ~ Two of cups, High Priestess, Fool.

Eight of pentacles, Moon, Eight of wands (Brazil)

Emperor, High Priestess, Two of swords (Argentina)

Hermit, Death, Knight of wands (Peru)

Five of wands, Moon, Six of cups (Chile)

Five of wands, Ten of pentacles, Ten of cups (Colombia)

Hermit, Four of pentacles, Hanged Man (Ecuador)

Hermit, Page of pentacles, Ten of cups (Venezuela)

Lovers, Page of cups, Eight of cups (Bolivia)

Knight of swords, Devil, Lovers (Uruguay)

Queen of cups, Page of cups, Knight of Pentacles (Paraguay)

Wheel of fortune, Knight of wands, Seven of cups (Suriname)

Wheel of fortune, Two of pentacles, Eight of cups (Guyana)

Star, Eight of swords, Ace of cups (Falkland Islands)

The Caribbean ~ Two of cups, four of pentacles, Emperor

Antarctica ~ Ace of swords, Six of pentacles, Five of wands. 

Oceania ~ Four of cups, Devil, Lovers

Lovers, Two of pentacles, Strength (Australia)

Three of swords, Strength, Six of wands (NSW)

Eight of wands, Ten of pentacles, Queen of wands (QLD)

The World, Eight of swords, Four of pentacles (NT)

The Fool, Page of wands, Eight of swords (WA)

Knight of cups, The world, Six of cups (SA)

Five of pentacles, Wheel of fortune, Four of swords (Vic)

Nine of pentacles, Five of pentacles, Knight of swords (Tasmania)

Eight of wands, Six of pentacles, Four of pentacles (ACT)

Five of swords, Fool, Knight of wands (NZ)

Five of swords, Ace of swords, Ace of pentacles (Micronesia)

Six of pentacles, Four of wands, Ten of cups (Fiji)

Lovers, Three of swords, Page of pentacles (New Caledonia)

Seven of pentacles, King of wands, Six of cups (Vanuatu)

Lovers, Eight of swords, Fool (Solomon Island)

Nine of pentacles, Six of pentacles, Seven of pentacles (Papua New Guinea)