Where in the World tarot spread

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This is the very first course I created. It is still the course I am most satisfied with.

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Where in the World (should I move, will I travel, is my soulmate etc) ~ Tarot Spread

This is a tarot spread that uses the Synchronicity of the cards, and not the card meanings, to determine Where in the World by the Tarot cards. There are several ways you can determine location, however, I find they can be a bit difficult. A while back, I made this list of countries, and what tarot cards represented them as a card combination. But what if you don’t get those card combinations? I needed to make a new system.

Do not worry about reading card meanings. Instead, do the following. Separate the major arcana from the minor arcana cards.

Where in the Word by the Tarot Cards.

Shuffle and cut the Major Arcana cards. Turn over the 1st card only. See what card it is. The list below will tell you what continent you are in.

Fool, Magician, High Priestess: Africa.

Empress, Emperor, Hierophant: Europe.

Lovers, Chariot, Strength: Asia.

Hermit, Wheel of fortune, Justice: North-America.

Hanged Man, Death, Temperance: South-America.

Devil, Tower, Star: The Caribbean

Moon, Sun, Judgement: Oceania.

World: Antartica.

Now you have determined the continent. To narrow it down further, pick up your minor arcana cards.

Africa: Aces are North-Africa. Pentacles from 2-king are Central Africa. Wands from 2-king are West-Africa, Cups from 2-king are East-Africa, Swords from 2-king are South-Africa.

Europe: Aces are Scandinavia, Pentacles from 2s-queens are the UK + Ireland, Wands from 2-queen are Eastern Europe, Cups from 2-queen are Western Europe (minus Scandinavia, UK, and Ireland), Swords from 2-queen are Southern Europe (minus Spain and Portugal), Kings any suit is the European portion of Russia.

Asia: Aces are North-Asia, Pentacles from 2-10 are Central Asia, Wands from 2-10 are Southwest Asia including Iran, Cups from 2-10 are Southern Asia including Afghanistan, Swords from 2-10 are East Asia, Court cards any suit are Southeast Asia.

North-America: Aces are Islands such as Hawaii, Bahamas, Jamaica, 2s are Mexico, Pentacles from 3-10 are the US west, Wands from 3-10 are US Midwest, Cups from 3-king are US North-east, Swords from 3-10 are US South-east, Court cards are US south-west.

South and Central America: Wands are Central America, Cups are Spanish native speaking countries of South-America, Swords are Portuguese native speaking countries of South America, pentacles are English, French, and Dutch native speaking countries South America including the Falkland island.

Oceania: Aces are Micronesia, 2s are Polynesia, 3s are New-Caledonia, 4s are Fiji, 5s are Vanuatu, Papa New Guinnea, and the Solomon’s Islands, 6s-Pages are Australia, Knights, Queens, and Kings are New Zealand.

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