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Basic Tarot card meanings

Tarot Basic Cheat Sheet This is a sneak cheat post that you can use to remember the basic tarot card meanings. Major Arcana cards basic meaning Fool: Upright: The unknown Reversed: Delays Magician: Upright: Innovation. Reversed: Misunderstandings. High Priestess: Upright: Intuition Reversed: Manipulations. Empress: Upright: Fertility Reversed: Neglect Emperor: Upright: Authority Reversed: … Read more


Justice Tarot card combinations The Traditional meaning of Justice tarot card is Justice. Justice represents fairness, equality, cause and effect, and your Divine Right. Learn more about Justice tarot card meanings here.  Justice in the Grand Tableau Justice in Fool position: New law. New justice. New moral. Letting go of guilt. Justice in Magician … Read more

The Hierophant

The Hierophant tarot card combinations The traditional meanings of Hierophant are faith, traditions, rituals, and ceremony. While the Emperor speaks about the structure holding our society together; the Hierophant speaks of our spirituality keeping us ethically and morally together. Learn more about the Hierophant tarot card meanings here.  The Hierophant … Read more