Temperance tarot card love meaning

Temperance tarot card love meaning

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The Meaning of Temperance in a Love reading

Is Temperance a good card to get in a love reading?

The Temperance tarot card is a card that speaks of heavenly love. It is an amazing card to get in your reading and it will brighten an otherwise negative card reading if it appears anywhere in the reading.

Temperance in a love reading speaks of two people who differences bring out the best in each other. Temperance speaks of young love that will have to survive changes both internal and external. It is the kind of love that will transform you from the inside out. Temperance speaks of a relationship that heals. This is the kind of relationship you need if you are low on self-esteem and self-worth. Temperance will teach you in a gentle way to love yourself.

If you are single and asking about love then Temperance is a very good card to get. It represents someone who will love you deeply. Temperance in a relationship reading denotes two people who both believe in relationships and know how to have a relationship.

Learn the traditional meaning of Temperance tarot card here. 

Temperance asks you to seek within and work hard to achieve your potential. You might at times feel you are in the cold, especially financially, however, if you persist then abundance will be yours. Temperance is a card that asks you to be of service. In a love reading, it can often mean that you are of service in the relationship. Be there for your other half. Listen to your partner. Be the partner you would like to be with. The rewards will be endless because your partner will in return be everything you need and more.

Temperance in love also means that you keep your common sense while in love. There is a practical side to this relationship. One might be supporting the other to be really successful. It might even be one of your callings in life to be the other person’s rock.

There is an invisible force that seems to hold this relationship together. Even though the couple is opposites they share some fundamental beliefs that make them bond together on a deep spiritual level.

Temperance tarot card love meanings summary

Temperance in a love reading speaks of the healing powers of deep love. You will fall in love without losing your head. This card often describes a relationship between two people who are opposites and who bring out the best in each other. There is a transformation in the relationship from weak to strong, and from insecure to confident.  

22 thoughts on “Temperance tarot card love meaning”

  1. Hello , thank you for your post Inger, I like wery much your interpretation on temperance card  I have problem understanding what temperance coud mean in my reading I whoud be so grateful for any insight, advice ..I fell in love with a gay on internet, he was unfair with me because he didn’ t told me he was in a relationship.After we met for real, he said he will broke up with her, in fact he didn’t , he lied to me..was so depressed, because my feeling for him was so..deep..honest..Had a tarot reading the questions it was what will happen in my love life , will ever be with him???? or will be another man in my life?? The cards was : hermit, 3 of cups reversed, temperance.Shoud I understand was only un affair for him, had no feelings and is unlikely to be anything more in the future and that I can meet a man who is prepared to offer me more like marriage by having patience..Thank you so much for any insight..Blessing

  2. This man is a teacher in many ways because he is showing you what you need which is someone you can trust who can commit. He is teaching you this by being the opposite. I can see great love coming into your life in about 11 months time :)

  3. Yes it can, but one person might want it more than the other, at least in the beginning. Temperance means there will be healing in this relationship and creating a financially secure foundation is also important.

  4. Hi am in love with some one so so much. But he for some reason has decided to break off on family reasons and now we are cut off. We both feel the soul connection, while i want us to be so much and am not able to lose hope. He kind of has just disappeared saying this is the best for us. Can you see any hope for us? Any future as i sm under pressure to get married by parents. Or what is the theme now focus on marriage or career?

  5. Hi! can i get your opinion on the sun as feelings for someone else, clarified by reversed temperance? i feel thrown for a loop. thank u!

  6. I got the temperance , the emprss and the queen of cup in asking about how he feels about me? Is that a good sign? Thank you so much.

  7. Hi Inger, is “Baldur” in the norse gods and goddess deck equivalent to Temperance?? if so, i got this card in your free oracle reading. my question involved a love interest; is this a good thing?

  8. bless you sister and everything you do. i’ve been working with my tarot for some years now. And my bond to my deck is incredible. I’ve met someone, and this one is my twin flame. i’m a lion and she’s a aquarius. we are the yin and the yang. The way we developed is crazy insane. I cant explain the way i’ve heard and grown under my 3 years together with her. She on the other hand also grown but i feel something’s missing. we been of and on since the beginning of the relationship. She’s the runner and that makes me the… So it happened again but this time, tham its hard even talk about it. i feel like really can understand hear but in the same time its hard for me to know what to do. She kissed another man and well its not that bad i think if she learned something of it. I mean we all need to do “mistakes” to know what we want. I forgave her and it’s not like I gave her another chans, i asked her what she wanted to do, and yeah the kiss involved dancing at a rave whit a lot of drugs.She told me she learned the lesson… 2 vecks later it happened again, not the kiss but the drugs and she told me she slept at the mans place nothing happened but she felt something. The days after she told me she needs to let me go and she wanted me to let her go. she cant take it anymore she don’t want to hurt me and that she thinks the soul contract between us is don. I didn’t know what to say, i guess i accepted it. I told her i Love her and that i wish her all good. Its like one week from now I feel like i’ve grown so much and today i feel truly blessed for everything that happened. I learned the lesson of attachment, it comes with suffering. But still something deep inside is calling her name, and i dont know why. The last ting she told me was i dont know what you are for me and what i am for you anymore. So today i did it i asked my tarot cards. Tre cards and the question was as follow:who am i for X? The tree cards I drew was from aleister crowley thoth tarot deck: 1 Art 2 princess of wands and 3 knight of swords. im so confused right now, I trus univers and what ever happens happens. but stil I just feel this woman and i can make so much light working together and spread the love around the universe. Shes going tru som typ of kris and i accept that and whatever she needs to do ima let her do it. place sister if its not to much, place help me understand. Bless you and everything you do <3 //Cyrus Farhadi Namaste <3

  9. Hi. Often the ones we feel the strongest connection to comes from our deepest subconscious wounding and when this happens we often learn how painful love can be. This is why you feel so deeply about this person. I do strongly feel you will heal from this, however, I do feel there could be one final hurt or disappointment from her that will be painful at first, but then it will release you. The cards show me you need to aim ‘higher’ in the future. They show me the Empress as the personality type that will suit you really well. A strong, abundant, self-reliant, confident woman who most importantly is emotionally mature. Being with an immature person will be soul destroying for you who I sense wears your heart on your sleeve and thus you must protect yourself from people who act this immaturely. Most importantly, you must not blame yourself for her behaviour. There is nothing you could have done to change her. She is who she is, and no one can change her other than herself.

  10. Her behaviour was very immature and you deserve a lot better. Aim for the Empress energy in women you date because I feel your soulmate has a lot of confidence and she will also be financially secure. That is what I am picking up.

  11. Well I feel like it’s time to let go, I think the only thing hurting me is my ego. Cus my ego don’t whant to see her whit somebody else, noway after everything I’ve tried to do for her and me.

    But my egos getting smaler and my soul is getting stronger.

    Tank you so much sister! I hope I Caddo you somting good I’m the future. Actually im working on opening a spiritual based health center in Sweden. Maybe one day I can help you reach even further even more people then you do right now.

    Namaste sister you truly are a piece of art #lightworker

    Btw if you do have Instagram please let me know. My name is Cyrus and on Instagram ctylus69 born August 20 and that makes me a ?

  12. I will not wait for love cus I am love. I will today promise myself to engage n the greatest relationship in life. My relationship to me.

    I’m actually crying when I’m writing this. Im not scared and I don’t feel lonely. But it hurts me to core.

    Bless ya’ll and tank you sister ? ❤️ ✌️ ? ?

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