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The Fool Tarot Card Love Meaning

Is the Fool a good card to get in a question about your Love life?

The answer is both yes and no, depending on whether you are the Fool or if you have given your heart to one. The positive about the Fool is that he is so happy about his life, something that denotes a happy time for you in regards to relationships. You are optimistic about love, are in a romantic state of mind, and therefore you will attract love into your life. However, the Fool is so impulsive and at times irresponsible, resulting in relationships ending as quickly as they started.

If you get the Fool as a final card in a love question you must keep your wits about you because this is what the Fool is capable of when it comes to love and  relationship: The Fool can betray you and start a whole new life with someone else as soon as you turn your attention away from him/her. Let’s say you go on a holiday to see long-lost loved ones and when you return your partner, the Fool, is long gone and lost.

The Fool people haven’t got their own personality and will be very influenced by the people they are around. The Fool people believe in destiny and will change their minds about what and who their destiny is with. They often believe they deserve better and are often seeking new experiences. The Fool often runs from one relationship straight into another. The Fool is rarely single. The Fool is a lover of freedom and wants to escape relationships when they get serious, even if it is into another relationship.

The Fool is deep down confused when it comes to who he/she is and therefore doesn’t know exactly what they want. The Fool knows how to say all the right things, but he/she doesn’t always do the right thing. The Fool is like a child trapped in an adult body. You will have to be the mature and responsible one. Even after many years together the Fool never really grows up. You can never change the Fool. They can only change themselves.

The Fool will only stay interested in you for as long as they wonder if they have won you over not. They lose interest once you give yourself over to them. If you are the Fool, you might be in love with the idea of love, more than in the actual person. You might even lose interest when the relationship develops and becomes more serious. The Fool reminds us to question our motives. What do you want in a partner? What is important to you in love and in life? Are you blindly in love or do you see the person for what and who they are, and are you capable of loving them unconditionally.

Fool Love Meaning

To sum it all up: In questions regarding the heart, The Fool indicates a superficial love relationship, where one party might get exactly what they want while the other part feel unloved and unimportant.

The Fool travels from relationship to relationship and then it suddenly hits him/her. They out of the blue start to reflect back to that one time they actually were in love with someone and they had a real relationship, they had everything they ever wanted, but they were too immature to realise it. Regrets start to build up, and the Fool wants to travel back in time and do it all over again with the one they loved and let slip away through their carelessness. There is a warning when the Fool turns up in a reading because you can learn from the mistake the Fool made. If you are the Fool you can learn to grow in the relationship you are already in and cherish what you already have.