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The Zodiac Wheel Tarot spread

The Zodiac wheel is a great spread that looks at every aspect of your life.

House 1: Ruling Sign: Aries. Personality of the enquirer.

House 2: Ruling Sign: Taurus. Money and material goods. Financial situation.

House 3: Ruling Sign: Gemini. Short journeys, brothers and sisters. 

House 4: Ruling Sign: Cancer. Home life. Childhood.

House 5: Ruling Sign: Leo. Romance, fun, leisure and children.

House 6: Ruling Sign: Virgo. Health and Work. Day to day routine and work, health issues.

House 7: Ruling Sign: Libra. Partnerships. All partnerships including business and romantic ones.

House 8: Ruling Sign: Scorpio. Sexuality, shared resources, inheritance, and investments. 

House 9: Ruling Sign: Sagittarius. Travel and far horizons. Long distance travel, religion, and philosophies. Education.

House 10: Ruling Sign: Capricorn. Career, status, and direction.

House 11: Ruling Sign: Aquarius. Friends and social life. Hopes for the future.

House 12: Ruling Sign: Pisces. Secrets and hidden enemies. Where you are your own worst enemy.

When to use the Zodiac Wheel Tarot Spread

The Zodiac Wheel tarot spread is an excellent spread to use to grasp the life of the seeker on all different levels. I recommend you use reversed tarot cards while using the Zodiac Wheel. I also recommend to use at least 2 cards per position.  Look at where the reversed tarot cards pile up and ask yourself: Where do the blockages appear? You might find blockages in love life or career; perhaps even both. There might be blockages with family. Where does the energy of the Zodiac spread take you? These are the areas the seeker most likely will need to explore.