Wheel of Fortune Tarot Card Love Meaning

wheel of fortune tarot card meanings
Wheel of Fortune: Destiny

The Wheel of Fortune tarot card love meaning.

Is the Wheel of fortune a good card to get in a question about your love life?

The Wheel of fortune turns up in the Seeker’s life to expand and lift up the seeker’s experiences. It often shows up when you least expect it and it creates amazing changes you might not even be ready for. The Tarot says to prepare for the Wheel of fortune because if you don’t it can be a stressful experience. You might feel like you have been thrown into the deep end and you are unable to be the person you always dreamt of being. The Wheel of fortune will give you success, so get rid of your beliefs and feelings about being insignificant and small.

The Wheel of fortune is the card for beings successful, and in love, it denotes matchmaking done by the Universe. You will not be able to plan to meet your soulmate, it will just happen in the strangest of places. You will most likely meet through what looks like fate or destiny, rather than through other people. If you are already in a relationship then the Wheel of fortune denotes you were destined to be together. The Wheel of fortune tarot card love meaning is surely a very positive card. If you are single, it is only temporary. If you don’t want a relationship and the Wheel of fortune turns up then you might meet someone you will be unable to forget. The Wheel of fortune brings you people who you might not be able to turn away from. Fear of abandonment and commitment are all beliefs and programs that will have to be dealt with before the Wheel of fortune enters your life. Write down your fears on a piece of paper and burn it in a safe place. Imagine your fears dissolve with the flames and the smoke.

Learn the traditional meaning of the Wheel of fortune tarot card here. 

With the Wheel of Fortune ends an old way of life. A part of your life if not most of your life will be completely renewed. In regards to love, the Wheel of fortune tarot card says your partner will renew you. Someone will come and bring in a new way of life. Your partner might even be from a different country than you or you will move together to a new part of the world.
Most of the changes with the Wheel of fortune happens on the mental plane to bring in new people and events, even a new way to do your job. Sometimes the Wheel of fortune will push you in a completely new direction to put you around people you normally would never have met.
The Wheel of fortune describes relationships between soul mates who are destined to be together. This is the kind of relationship that will bring you the highs and lows of human emotions, and you will make great leaps forward towards a life you could never even imagine. There are plenty of adventures waiting.

Wheel of fortune tarot card love meanings summary

To sum it up: The Wheel of fortune denotes an adventure and action-filled relationship between two people who are from different places and/or environments. The Wheel of fortune brings people together who usually would never have met. The Wheel of fortune tarot card is the cosmic matchmaker and you will be meeting your soulmate through what seems like complete chance. In a relationship, the Wheel of fortune states your are destined to be together. The Wheel of fortune advises you to deal with limiting beliefs around success and achievements as the Wheel of fortune is always expanding and so will you under its influence.



  1. Hi Inger,

    I have a difficult relationship with a man.I have made everything for this relationship’s growth, for him, but he is like an incapacitated ……. grrrrr. Our relationship is blocked because of his helplessness…
    I asked the card about the next steps, actions of this man, toward me-our relationship.
    I got the Magician with the Wheel of Fortune.
    what do you think: is it a good sign for me?
    Thanks a lot!

  2. Thanks for the answer-
    we are not realy together, because he is married…it’s a ” we are still together just because of the children”-type of marriage. our relationship is now only a platonic thing, we make a creative projekt together, since last June. but there is a lot of passion, admiration, love maybe…yearning all the time…everybody thinks, we are together, if they se us together. thats why its so hard. he loves me, but he says, he is unable make the big step. I have made everything, so i gave up, it’s to painful now. that’s why i made the spread about his next steps, actions toward me, will he ever do something important because of me. that was the Magician with the Wheel. What does it mean?
    (and i asked for an advice- what too do now, break all contact with him?- and i got the Knight of Wands. but i don’t understand it, because i was active, i can not do anythign longer because of us! he should!)
    Thank you for your help!

  3. Hello! I had a reading done on myself in regards to my future with someone. I’m not dating him we are just friends. He knows I have feelings for him. I got the devil, the lovers, the wheel of fortune & the 6 of cups. These all sound like soulmate cards to me? I wasn’t to crazy about my readers interpretation of the cards . Any thoughts?

  4. Hi, Anna. You are right, they are cards that speak of a strong connection. You get a lot of the number 6, which means, a focus on relationships, and also wanting to settle down and create a beautiful home and family. The only issue is you also get a lot of Major Arcana cards which energies are hard to ground into day to day life. Currently, life is giving you time and space to think of everything you want in a romantic partner and in a relationship. Your friend is your teacher, and is showing you both what you want and don’t want. I would recommend writing a manifesting a soulmate list, and do a soulmate manifestation. If you friend is the right one for you, it will become obvious. If not, it will also be obvious 🙂

  5. Hi, Inger.
    I wad hoping you could give me some guidance. I’m a boy and met a gal. I’ve been getting the lovers card constant. The girl has turned my world upside down. A PLR session I explored, we’ve met before in another life, and are ti finish what’s been started. We come from different backgrounds and learn that much of our childhood traumas come from my mum and her dad, respectively. Since meeting her its been overwhelming, thankfully I left my baggage behind but at times it breaks my heart. She wont let me in. I told her what she means to me, I know she’s scared. Lady Justice has appeared a number of times, but now its the Wheel. I know its not my job to fix, but I crave her and don’t really know what to do

  6. Hi, Harry. The Wheel of fortune card is there to assure you that what is destined to happen will happen. And if you are truly soulmates, then you will find a way to be together.

  7. Hi! I’m kind of confused about a reading I did for myself. I’ve been talking/seeing this man for a year now but there’s no commitment yet. Lately we have been arguing A LOT and gotten in a lot of petty disagreements. He said “we” were over and I need to move on because he’s done. I did a reading to see if we would rekindle our “relationship” or “mend” or relationship and I got: the wheel of fortune, the heirophant, 7 of penecles, and the knight of penecles. Does that mean we will actually be more stable and finally I will have commitment? Thank you!

  8. Hey, I recently did a reading regarding a current situation I’m in. I think I found that one, but she just broke up about a month ago, and we’ve been friends for a little while now. We’ve gotten extremely close, and she recently came out to me about her feelings for me. Things were going good all last week, and then her ex messaged her. She said things were going to fast, I agreed, they were going to quickly for me too. We agreed to take a step back. But, I don’t know where we really stand at the moment. I can honestly say, that I am actually hurting. Anyway, the outcome of the reading was the Wheel of Fortune. Many of the other cards represented pretty much everything that I was and have been feeling.

    Is the Wheel of Fortune good? I feel that this girl is that one I’ve been looking for, and I’ve gone through some nasty relationships before, and this one just seems so right. Like it was meant to be, all the circumstances leading up to this point didn’t happen by chance.

  9. Hi , I drew the lovers the wheel and the world after a brief encounter that had left him in my thoughts I’m already in a relationship that has little or none intimacy what do you think ?? Blessings anon x

  10. Wheel of fortune is a good card to get because it means there is a lot of destiny at play. You just have to make room for each other in your life. Re-arrange your routine so that you have space for each other. It seemed you both spaced out a little bit when you said things were going too fast when in fact, things were going just perfect…. Let her know you want to be with her and only her.

  11. This card was drawn for me…tonight is the eclipse full moon. A powerful energy….
    I was with my man 7yrs we split for2. We were back together doing well. I worked on me no other men and finished school.
    Im an Lmt and also bartend. Im wanting to leave the bar. He left in oct…he never worked on him. Hes been through some things since….ive been doing me.
    Ive waited knowing hes the one. But he needs to want and fight for me for a change. What do you think?

  12. Dear Melis. Wheel of fortune is a strong card to get in love. It means you were meant to be together, and it explains why you got back together after 2 years apart. I do feel he is your soulmate.
    Love, Ingie

  13. Dear Ingie
    I have been in hard relationship for a while. We met about a year ago a falling in love so hard. I know he’s the one. We get along very well. But about 2 weeks ago he told me he want to try back with his ex because she want to try for their child. So i let him go. I really love him. We still keep contact and love but deep down I still wish him back to me. And I’m asking about us in next 6 months and the wheel of fortune appear. What do you think?

  14. The wheel of fortune often means the wheel is turning in your favour, and if it is meant to be between you and your ex, you will be brought back together. If not, you will meet someone else.

  15. Hello Inger,
    I just spreed cards asking if my ex will be back to me soon! And I have the star for me, the wheel for him and justice in between for us (XVII – VIII – X)
    I don’t understand
    Would you tell me what do you see in that, please. Maybe because it is for me, I can’t read.
    Thank you

  16. Hi, Lana. Justice can mean you are a part for a reason. At least for now. I recommend this spread:
    Card 1. What is the main obstacle between me and …name of estranged lover.

    Card 2. What are the chances we will be reunited.

    Card 3. How compatible are we.

    Card 4. Future influences.

    Card 5, 6, 7. Destiny of relationship.

  17. Hi Inger, we split up because I asked him to get married and he “wasn’t ready” so I asked him to think about but with us being apart. Its been 3 months now…

  18. Hi Inger,
    I m not very comfortable with this spread as I don’t know it but the result I got is this:
    1- V
    2- XXII
    3- XII
    4- I
    5-6-7- VI – II – XV
    It seems not very positive to me… 🙁

  19. recommend this spread:
    Card 1. What is the main obstacle between me and …name of estranged lover.

    Card 2. What are the chances we will be reunited.

    Card 3. How compatible are we.

    Card 4. Future influences.

    Card 5, 6, 7. Destiny of relationship.

  20. Hi Inger, I had pulled out Queen of Wands and Wheel of fortune in towards his feelings to me.. I don’t know how to interpret this.. is there another woman he might be falling for?

  21. Hi Inger , as to regards to feelings what does queen of wands and the wheel of fortune mean towards somebody?

  22. Hi Inger,

    You’ve forgotten me 🙂 I just dont understand the meaning of the hole spread, can you inlight me, please?

    Card 1. What is the main obstacle between me and …name of estranged lover. : V -The Hierophant

    Card 2. What are the chances we will be reunited.: XXII – the fool

    Card 3. How compatible are we : XII -The Hanged Man

    Card 4. Future influences. : I – The Magician

    Card 5, 6, 7. Destiny of relationship. : VI -The Lovers, II – The High Priestess, XV -The Devil

  23. Hi, Lana 🙂 Card 1. What is the main obstacle between me and …name of estranged lover. : V -The Hierophant. There could be different beliefs and values that make you think differently and see the world differently.

    Card 2. What are the chances we will be reunited.: XXII – the fool. The Fool. The Fool often means there is a new spark and new beginning, could be a respark in the relationship.

    Card 3. How compatible are we : XII -The Hanged Man. The hanged man. You might be thinking very differently, and have different ways of looking at the world.

    Card 4. Future influences. : I – The Magician. The Magician can mean you will reinvent yourself and have a new beginning in your life.

    Card 5, 6, 7. Destiny of relationship. : VI -The Lovers, II – The High Priestess, XV -The Devil. This card combination can mean you will have a reconnection.

  24. I just asked the cards if the guy in question will come to a social event. The wheel of fortune was pulled out. Would you say that that fate/destiny will have a part to play to bring us to meet again on that night? Is this is a good reconciliation card?

  25. Hi Inger, So I’ve been in a relationship for about 10 years… we’ve had alot of ups n downs. I’ve practically made it all about her. Im not sure if she sees the sacrifices I’ve made for her. Anyways A couple of months ago I met someone an she basically changed my life around in a positive matter. Their is a connection their on many levels that I’ve never felt before with anyone an I know she feels the same way as well. If I left this realtionship that I’m in it wouldn’t b because of her but because I’m starting to come to terms of what this relationship has been about. I’m curious to know what exactly is this female in my life, and the one I met a couple of months ago. We have a lot in common the one I met from a emotional, mental and spiritual level. I ask God for signs an I get them really quick. Than I flipped the card representing love an the wheel of Fortune card came out. I feel that in my relationship of 10 yrs she had taken me for granted an doesn’t show me or make me feel like de truly loves me.

  26. Hi Inger,
    I wanted to know exactly what the wheel of Fortune card means for love. I’ve been in a 10 year realtionship an I feel like it’s been one sided. I’ve made alot of sacrifices for her an this relationship. I feel like I’m being taken for granted. Our intimacy isn’t the same. Has not been for a while. We have had our ups an downs in our relationship. What’s confusing me is that I’ve met someone a couple of months ago, an we’ve connected on levels I’ve never connected with anyone. I’m curious to know what this all means. I wanted to know what exactly is it between me an this new person I met. So when I wanted to know about my circumstances this card came out for love card.

  27. Dear Cj. Life is too short to be unhappy in a relationship. Wheel of fortune can mean you have met your highest and best soulmate. Like you said, you feel a connection you have never experienced before. 🙂 That is a strong indication you have met someone very special.

  28. Hi,

    Can you give me some insight to the following:

    This is a fairly new relationship question. Normally after this guy is basically ignoring me for no reason after three awesome dates! I have no clue why. I cant move past it because the way we met was so random that i know at least the meeting was meant to be. Iam in the waiting phase and it sucks. Also feel sad because i feel like we could have had something great. I have gotten the suncard followed by the wheel of fortune card when i ask a question about the outcome. I dont want to read too much into them! Its so scary to think i will never hear from him again!

  29. Hi. I pulled some cards for you as well, and I got Hierophant, ten of wands, and Knight of swords. This actually creates an Arrow of change and doors opening, often in more than one area in your life. This connection will open up the door to a very deep relationship, and if you don’t hear from him, someone else will come in and offer you those things soon.

  30. Hi Inger,

    Thank you for all the wonderful insight you provide! I would love to get your opinion on a spread. I have been in a relationship for a year and though I love him, I just don’t feel I’m getting the emotional connection from him. He’s so distant. I’m getting tired of waiting for him to really be in love with me: So I asked for guidance on the best way to move forward with him, here’s what I got:

    Past: Temperance
    Present: Death
    Future: The World
    Claifier: Wheel of Fortune

    Thanks for reading this! I appreciate your help!

    Blessings xo

  31. Hi Inger,

    I asked about a guy I am dating (we are different ethnicities and met purely by chance and it was unexpected and have a strong connection). I asked if he was my soulmate in a make a wish tarot. I got reversed empress as my wish. Wheel of fortune as possible challenges and The Hanged Man as final outcome of whether the wish will come true. What do you think this means?

  32. Hi. The Death card often shows up in a relationship when a relationship either transforms completely or ends. The World shows up to tell you that you will make the right decision and this is confirmed by the Wheel of fortune as clarifier.

  33. Been in a difficult on off relationship for almost 2 years now and did a reading to see if things would work out.I had death reversed and judgement reversed also the seven of wands upright and wheel of fortune upright as the outcome. Does this indicate reconciliation? Thank you inger

  34. Hi, This card combination can mean that you will, but not yet. It will take some time still. Seven of wands is telling you to not be over defensive in regards to this person, and try if you can relax a bit more, especially about what happened in the past. I also would recommend you two change up your routine a little bit, even see if you get a chance to travel together.

  35. Hi Inger, my fiancée and I broke up 2 months ago because of infedility, they been together now. I was devastated. We have the same birthday April 12 but different year 16 years apart. We have the same mark on our face. My current reading indicate of Emperor, moon and wheel of fortune what is this means?

  36. Hi there. I asked the question if me and someone I was dating were meant to be and if he is still in love with me. We have been broken up for a little over a month but kept in touch and still in each others facebook. He is going through a very difficult time. His father is dying and it has been a slow torturous process for his father and him. Today a friend of mine and I did a one card spread tarot and When I asked the question if this particular guy is still in love with me and if we are meant to be together I got the “wheel of fortune” card. I had a tarot card reading done about a week ago as well and asked questions around this guy and I and the wheel of fortune card came up then too.
    So what does this mean. I’m not sure I’m interpreting it right.

  37. Hi Inger,

    I did a love spread and for “How the partner sees the querent” I got the wheel of fortune card.
    So how is he perceiving me? Does it mean he thinks I’m his soulmate or he thinks we’re destined to be together?
    I’m not quite sure how to interpret the card.

    Thanks in advance!

  38. Hi Inger,

    Thank-you for this website! I just did a true love spread and in the sixth position which is the “true love card” and indicates whether or not the relationship can be successful, I pulled the wheel of fortune.

    I was married and my last relationship was really draining/challenging. I just met this new man and so far, things feel good, but I don’t trust my judgment because I was obviously wrong with my ex-husband. I’m trying not to be too idealistic, so I wanted to do this spread to ensure I was approaching it practically. Do you think the wheel of fortune placed there is a good sign that this will be a relationship worth pursuing?

    Thanks in advance.

  39. Hi Inger,

    Can you please help me to interpret this relationship potential spread. I asked it in regards to someone I have admired for a few years.

    Situation This tarot card represents the partnership in general.- I got Wheel of Fortune

    Represents me in the partnership- Princess of Cups

    Represents Him in the relationship- King of Pentacles

    History-where the relationship/partnership came from – how it came to be- The Sun

    Future- where relationship/partnership is headed- 10 of Cups

    My expectations- Wheel of Fortune

    My fears- Page of Wands

    My contribution- Four of Cups

    Where I could improve- Four of Swords

    Partners expectations- The Star

    Partners fears- The Moon

    Partners contribution- Five of Cups

    Where partner could improve Knight of Pentacles

  40. Seems like this person has some heartache he is getting over….when he moves past this he will also have more abundance in his life and be happier overall…This person seems to currently have a lot of fears around intimacy and personal relationships. Possibly scared to get hurt.

  41. Hi Inger,
    Thank you for your response. I get the sense he is afraid of personal relationships and intimacy as well. I’ve also been afraid of those things. I lost my first love and partner in 2013 and he had a younger brother that passed when he was a child. My partner who passed had a sister that passed at a young age as well and so I remember how my first partner felt about that. His own parents sadness affected him and this may be the same case for my new love interest. He told me last year he only saw me as a friend…and I’m okay with being seen as that in the first place anyway coz I’d rather be his friend first than anything else.

  42. Hi Inger,

    I have been using your website every time I do my readings. I am a beginner so I don’t know how to connect the cards. I was doing a Past, Present, Future spread asking “tell me what I need to know about my relationship with N?” I got Past: 5 of pentatcles, Present: Ace of Cups, Future: Wheel of Fortune. I drew an additional card for the Wheel and got the Hierophant.

    So I have a crush on N and we are colleague. Based on my understanding, I felt unloved by him because of some silly things he did to me recently but I forgive him. The wheel + hierophant combo threw me off. Please clarify this for me. Thank you very much

  43. The wheel of fortune next to the hierophant is telling you that you will be soon in a committed relationship. If your colleague is the one, you will soon find out 🙂

  44. Hi Inger,

    I am trying to figure out how to move on from an ex and I really struggle with him and letting go, so I asked the cards why I can’t let go or what I’m missing. Can you help me decipher it or at least tell me if what I perceive is accurate? I just did a basic five card spread to give me an overview of everything so the positioning doesn’t really have any meaning. I’ve watched a couple of your videos to help as well…

    1st – the star: I interpret this as there’s more for me out there. That eventually this will be over and the healthy relationship that I truly desire will be there for me if I can let go.

    2nd King of pentacles reversed: this is where I start to get fuzzy because sometimes I can’t tell if he’s controlling or if it’s all in my head. This card feels like he’s controlling to some degree, right? Certainly materialistic and maybe controlling me financially? It’s true because I do depend on him for child support right now.

    3rd Knight of wands reversed: it feels like this speaks to his impulsiveness and restlessness in general. He’s all over the place up and down and I’ve always found it difficult to have a relationship with him because it’s almost like he’s two different people.

    4th Three of wands: I’m not sure about this one.

    5th empress reversed: this feels like he takes some of my personal power and uses it. Almost as if it fuels him and that’s why I feel so drained.

    I know this is a lot and I appreciate you sticking with me this long, but relative to him, I feel so chaotic and doubt everything I think or feel. I need help. An emotionally detached outsider to help me make sense of it. Thanks in advance.

  45. HI I was hoping you could give me some guidance! I was in a relationship for about 2 years i really really love him and it was very tough when we broke up but now we contact with each other like 2 friends and i want to ask when it comes bout reconcilation my cart: reverese lover the empror wheel of fortune and the chariot

  46. Hi Inger, so I met a guy about 2 years ago on an island. We were both there for two different reasons band neither of us was from there. But stayed at the same hotel. He approached me and I ended up extending my stay to spend more time with him. Two years later we meet up again in my hometown by accident. I just reached out to him randomly and he said he was in my hometown for only 2 days that his flight was rerouted. He said he will be back next month which is a planned trip and we will see each other again. I did a spread and this is what I got in this order..The Wheel, seven of fire, the empress, two of earth, two of water and then nine of water. I want to point out that we still live in seperate countries and I wanted to know if this would develop eventually into a relationship.

  47. Hi. There is an emotional connection for sure, and I feel you are both ready. I guess the only problem would be to find a way to be physically present in the same place as you are from different countries. This is what you must now figure out 🙂

  48. Hello Inger,
    I was hoping you could help me interpret the results of a reading I got. We live apart from each other and things ended abruptly about a month ago… I feel due to karmic lessons and pressure built up. There has been a ”pause” between us ever since with no communication. We both had high hopes for this relationship but there is absolutely nothing happening between us as the moment..mostly inner work I would say. The spread is as follows:

    How does he feel about me: 8 of pentacles in reverse + King of swords

    What are his intentions towards our relationship: 8 of swords and king of pentacles in reverse

    Should I reach out after the full moon energies have cleared : Wheel of fortune

    I feel he is guarded and am unsure of what to do. What is your impression on this reasing?
    Thank you!

  49. Hi Inger,
    I did a lovers tree. I’ve been on and off with this man for a year. We have an age difference and work together so a lot of outside pressure was on us. Our last breakup he confided in a female friend who liked him. Again we have been together and when we have an out he says he thinks our relationship is too hard even though he’s never had a connection like the one we have and he in love with me and always will be, but thinks he may like her because he thinks it would be easier…. So in the past was the upright magician card. In the future is the up right wheel of fortune. Can this mean we. Are destined to be back together?

  50. I am not so sure, and I feel it will be difficult to be working with him in the future. I feel you must learn to communicate properly or this relationship might not recover this time, and I also feel that you have disconnected from this relationship on an emotional level. Wheel of fortune is there to tell you that you will eventually end up with the right person.

  51. How would wheel of fortune and knight of cups read?
    I would definitley think it is a soulmate coming into my life but then again I dont know.

  52. Dear Inger,
    What an amazing person you are as you reply to all messages and truly get into peoples problems. Bless you!
    I would like to take a chance and ask you to interpret the reading. First, quick summary of my story: I fell in love with my work colleague, and I see he feels something towards. We live in different countries. But we work close. The way we met.. we weren’t supposed to be there, however things turned out in a way that we were forced to arrive to that place (work event). So now I’m craving him like mad, even though I’m in a relationship. Tough relationship. The cards I got were The Star, Wheel of Fortune and 2 if wands. Past, present and future. What can you say? Huge thank you in advance.

  53. This card combination means you were meant to meet this person and it will help you figure out what you want to do in the relationship you are in. If you are not happy, maybe now is the time to make changes. 🙂

  54. Inger, huge thank you for your answer. I wonder what did we meet for? Nothing’s moving forward. I am scared to show my feelings and he hides his. Lately even stopped calling me.. I think this is the end. Else he would have shown his interest. Sad.

  55. If he knows you are in a relationship, he probably just dont want to get hurt and involved in a love triangle….I feel you have to figure out the future of your relationship you are in and if you want to still be in this relationship.

  56. Hej Inger!

    I met a guy a few months ago. He has a girlfriend but it’s not serious. It seems to be mainly sexual. He’s a workaholic and a part time dad. I have two kids and still live with their father although we have decided not to be a couple anymore. Very complicated. He shows an interest and we have amazing flow when we talk. He was the one who started to flirt with me by looking and smiling at me, trying to get my attention, so in a way he started this situation. He’s a slow Taurus. I’m an impatient Aquarius that hates being ignored when he (often) doesn’t answer my messages. He’s very guarded and cold in his communication. But I can see that he looks at me in a special way that makes me think that he does have feelings. I’ve done a lot of readings for myself because I’m desperate to try to understand. It seems he’s conflicted and doesn’t know if he’s ready to leave his girlfriend for a complicated relationship with me, which I can understand. But I have the feeling that we should be together. In my last three card reading I got Situation as it is: Queen of Pentacles, course of action to be taken: five of swords and new situation that will evolve: wheel of fortune. Is there any hope for us, do you think? Thanks in advance!

  57. I think what you desire is more freedom in your life. I also feel this man is not being completely honest about where he stands in his relationship with his girlfriend. Five of swords speaks of you putting up strong boundaries around yourself at the moment. Wheel of fortune speaks of this situation is already taken care of and you will find that you are on your path to finding fulfillment in your life both in personal life and professional life.

  58. Hi Inger,
    My situation is as following:
    Me and a guy have been seeing each other since last year, but we didn’t go into relationship, because he does not want to lose freedom and doesn’t want to hurt me if he. We were and are very good friends.Recently, we meet each other almost everyday, and spent lot of time. We both feel we don’t have our own life anymore, and I kinda of feel lost myself. But at the same time, we really enjoy being together and just meet again and again. But things went not that well, we started to quarrel and I felt he started to take me for granted and I am very tired. I stuck in this situation of wanting to meet each other and feel too much pressure as well for some time. Now we decide to stop meeting for some time. He said all the time we should keep normal friendship, but all the time we have some intimacy attachment and relation between, obviously is more than just friendship. He doesn’t want me to meet anyone else but because he is not committed, so he also asked me to try to date someone, but when I started to do it, he tried to hold me back.
    I am very confused about our relation, and it seems he is also very confused what is his real feeling.

    I used Tarot to divine how is the future and about me and him, and got the card:
    Myself: Reversed Emperor
    Him: Fool
    Relationship: Reversed Wheel of Fortune
    Future: Magincian

    Can you help to give some interpretation about the card?

    Thank you so much

  59. Hi Inger, I asked about the future of a relationship between myself and my ex partner, we have recently separated after 10 years together. I got The Lovers, The World and Wheel of Fortune, I pulled clarifying cards of 10 wands, The Empress, 10 of Cups and 4 wands. I took this as all positive of a reconciliation leading to marriage. Although was stumped by 10 wands? What are your thoughts on my interpretation and the 10 of wands?


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