Hermit tarot card love meaning

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Learn the traditional meaning of the Hermit tarot card here. 

Is the Hermit a good card to get in a question about your love life?

The Hermit is the card for letting go of old baggage, and to move forward free from emotional attachments to the past. The Hermit denotes a new beginning in your love life.

You have turned a corner and you are letting go of an old way of life. The Hermit is someone who gives from his/hers soul and is only interested in deep, soulful, and meaningful relationships. This is someone who will connect with you one on one, and the relationship is doing great as long as it is just the two of you. When life is busy this relationship might suffer. The Hermit can be your rock, but only when he/she is actually there. The Hermit in a love reading denotes a relationship that will be tested a bit before it reaches a comfortable level.

You might feel like you want to elope and disappear from the rest of the world. The trick is to keep the relationship going during the mundane day-to-day life. When you are tucked away far from the mainstream way of life you are as close as ever, but when life catches up with you what happens then? Often the magic seems to disappear. This is only an illusion. You are two old souls who believe you cannot live an ordinary life. Why put restrictions on yourself? Learn to make ordinary moments extraordinary. Once you have mastered this, the Hermit denotes a partnership where you feel like you are one person, not two, so deep is the connection seen in the Hermit.

Hermit tarot card in a love reading

The Hermit wants to stand out and be on the top of the world. The Hermit stirs people up and makes them take action. You might feel drawn to activism while in a Hermit-relationship. It is like the two of you against the rest of the world. The two of you want to reject everything that is common and mainstream. Because of this, the Hermit can denote a relationship that suffers financially. You might even feel drawn to live in a remote part of the world. The Hermit almost always denotes letting go of an old way of life in search of a deeper meaning.

If you are single and looking for love, the Hermit will show up as a mentor in your life to teach you about how to be more connected with yourself. Once you have mastered this you might not feel the same way about relationships, or you can only be with a certain type of person. Integrity is perhaps the most important aspect of the Hermit. This relationship will be of high integrity. You rather spend time alone than with people with low vibration. The Hermit is most happy when he/she can write, ponder about life, read about philosophy, and spend time in nature. The Hermit is a deep thinker who has done it all. To be satisfied the Hermit has to up their game. If you want to be with the Hermit you cannot afford to be too self-centered. The Hermit will see straight through you. If you are in a relationship with the Hermit you might lose a few friends. If you are the Hermit then you must attract someone who can walk alone with you free from longing back to the comfort of our society. The Hermit denotes a relationship that will grow stronger over time.

The Hermit tarot card Love Meaning summary

To sum it up: The Hermit asks you to get rid of emotional baggage that makes you want to be in a relationship. When your mind is clear you might feel different about who you want to attract as a partner. Your relationship will be of high integrity and you will feel most comfortable when it is just the two of you.

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